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April 17, 2011

A Farewell Favor?

At this point I assume that the folks over at One Life to Live are sitting down to figure out exactly how this show is going to end, and I'm totally still in the "bargaining" stage of grief (a cable network? webisodes! Me, me, I'll start a collection!) so I'm just going to make one quick public suggestion.


Please? They're both single and available and in need of a match-up (I am officially burying my head in the sand about the clearly impending nonsensical reunion of Natalie and John). And look!


They can smile and be in the same room together! So cute. Not a whole lot of big collective smiling going on between Natalie and John (or anyone and John), and Cris needs a legitimate story (and I'd rather not see a Cris-as-interloper storyline where he poaches another man's wife), and these two still have chemistry in spades.





Otherwise, really, I could go on and on about how Rex might want to stop announcing Shane's suicide attempt to everyone in town or how I'm looking forward to Clint not being an asshole or the writers giving Marty at least one small moment of dignity before she leaves or how completely insanely freaking amazing Kassie DePaiva was in Thursday's episode and how nuts it was to hear Tea said that our current Todd "makes love like" the old Todd (when half the damn point of the Todd/Tea saga was that he couldn't make love), but I'm still just too sad and angry about the cancellation and about how wretched Brian Frons is at PR. I'm still working on how to get back to normal since we do have, what, around 180 episodes to go? One hundred eighty. Not near enough.


Hey, I have nothing against this idea! It won't happen, though, Louise. Sorry. At this point, I'll settle for John and Natalie as long as they just stay together and don't have any major drama and keep most of his relationship assholeism off my screen.

Also, total YES to KdP's stellarness. It's not surprising, but still commendable. But, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, JPL was kind of impressing me on Thursday and Friday. Yes, I want to slap him for standing at his front door and announcing to all and sundry that Shane tried to kill himself, but all in all I thought he was pretty good, at lest for JPL.

Honestly, I know I'm not going to love all the endings, and we won't get all the returns we want, but can I say that I'm relieve we have Ron writing the end instead of some other writer *coughGuzacough*? I have faith that he can manage to end everything on a generally happy note.

I'd be fine if they cut down on the number of shows a week if it meant they weren't cancelled but sadly I doubt that will happen. At least I have some British soaps and I"m diving into the telenovelas since soap operas seem to be going extinct. Someone really should start a petition or something.

I half expect Rex to go on MyFace and announce to everyone that Shane tried to kill himself. If I had booze I could have gotten drunk since he said it a billion times.

I would definitely love to have Cris and Natalie end up together rather than John and Natalie, but we know it's going to be John and Natalie.

And ITA about KDP. She was awesome with Jack, begging him to feel sorry and then her horror at realizing that Jack really wasn't. I really am excited to see how she responds to RH's return and how they deal with Jack (if he is Todd, which he has to be, otherwise it would be completely stupid for him to come back for a few months in a new role).

Like Bourgeois Nerd, I know I'm not going to be satisfied with everything, but for me, as long as Ford isn't Ryder's father and leaves town in shame, I think I'll be pretty satisfied.

I would also be thrilled with Cris & Natalie, but have resigned myself to her ending up with John. The idea of going another round with them is totally exhausting, but I know that's where we're going. I just hope that since we're coming to the end they'll decide to dial down the major drama and can write John as a half-way partner instead of the relationship disaster he's been up to now.

Louse: I share all of your sentiments about the impending BS that will go down now that OLTL is heading towards its finale (specifically Jolie and Clint's redemption.) But the episodes airing for the next month were taped before the announcement, so the writers are probably not going to modify their s/ls too much. At least OLTL has until January whereas AMC only has until September to wrap it up. Ugh.

Regarding Friday's OLTL, I have loved Natalie and Cristian since he returned in 2006. David Fumero vastly improved as an actor and I can nver figure out why he is not featured more. I mean, he is talented and gorgeous. Anyway Natalie has tons more chemistry with Cris or Brody over John. I say: leave John with Kelly for the endgame.

Rex continues to be a buffoon, so I do not enjoy his scenes. JPL is ugh although I enjoyed his quieter moment at the end of the episode. Can Clint be more of a bastard? I mean telling Rex he was a poor father was just low and unnecessary. Clint is the last one to talk about anyone's fathering. The Clint/Rex scenes would have been good had Clint been more compassionate instead of a detestable bastard. His hatred of Rex still makes no sense to me.

Andrea: I agree with you 100% about Ford.

When the John character first came to OLTL, I loved him. I loved him with Natalie. After the Evangeline fiasco, I've been completely against anyone with John at all. He's horrible. He even sucked with Blair. BLAIR. I didn't know anyone couldn't work with her.

Endgame should be Cris and Nat but like everyone else has already said, it won't be. Le sigh. I also would love to have Kevin back (Dan Gauthier only) along with Real!Joey (Nathan Fillion).

Oh, no. Do not want. But it is sad that Cris will probably end up alone at the end. Too bad they couldn't bring Evangeline back for a one-day stint. I'm surprised they never brought back Rosanna for Cris. What's one more Delgado?

"His hatred of Rex still makes no sense to me."

What is supposed to be up with this? Clint does favors for Echo, who's at fault in this whole fiasco, and treats Rex like crap. Rex is an idiot, but that's a general thing with him. Does Clint just have a bug up his behind because Rex is so close to Bo?

Count me as another one who does not get Clint's overwhelming hatred for Rex. If being a "money-grubbing opportunist when you came to town" is a deal-breaker, then sorry, Natalie should also be unlovable to him. I'm forced to chalk it up to FTSOTP (For The Sake Of The Plot) and then just let it go, because it doesn't make sense. I used to try to think it was because he's Icko's kid, but then Clint's actually being nice to Icko now so that won't wash, and furthermore, if disliking your bio-kid's biomom disqualifies you, then he should hate Cord too.

And telling Rex his parenting sucks right after learning that Shane tried to commit suicide is a low blow, even for Clint.

As for John, if we're voting, I wouldn't subject even Kelly to him long term, as disgusted as I am with her, so I vote for John + Nobody as the end game, with Natalie totally cutting him off from Liam even after the truth comes out, since John couldn't be bothered coming around and now Liam has bonded with Brody (or any other specious logic--I really don't care), and John hurling himself off a cliff or something (preferably with every woman he's ever dated cheering him on).

[italics]Clint is the last one to talk about anyone's fathering.[/italics]

But Clint WAS a good father, to Kevin and Joey (another man's sons) and to Jessica (despite the Tess retcon). The only reason Clint hates Rex is because the show demanded it for the umpteeth retcon of Rex's paternity to work.

Cris and Natalie were my fave couple when I first watched the show and it never made sense to me that they've been so separated since. But unfortunately, I fear Natalie is heading right back to John. Maybe they can bring Layla back at the end for Cris?

And while we're putting wishes out into the universe re: the last few months...how about bringing Kish back? C'mon, Ron, go wild!

I have recently been rewatching old clips and I'd forgotten how good Cris/Nat was back in the day. I wouldn't object if it happened, but really I hope the writers just end with mostly everyone happy. It's one thing to watch your favorite characters suffer when you know they'll geta reprieve later but I am not into the show ending with people dead or miserable.

My one wish above all is that Roger Hogarth is the real Todd when returns and he and Blair finally get married with no lies between them. Todd and Blair's story in 1994-1995 was what got me hooked on OLTL when I was a teen and Blair remains my favorite soap character to this day. I can't imagine that the endgame wouldn't include reuniting one of their most popular supercouples, but...they just better!

C: I get your point about Clint being a good father t his other children but beyond his mistreatment of Rex he has also paid an employee to reconfigure his daughters' paternity test (not to mention what he did to Nora and David.) Still, you are right about the writers retconning Clint to tell the story of Rex's paternity (as if anyone gave a damn!)

by by show sucks is not real show i am bailing

I am truly heartbroken this show is coming to an end...feel like i lost a good friend as ive been watching as often as i can since i was a teen (almost 30 now)...I have a few wishes to add
im not one for violence but can the fictitous fords all be killed off in a car crash in one fell swoop?
Can roger howarth be revealed as the real todd and the other an imposter, as he seem to brought more depth and tortured soul as opposed to total tool/sociopath...That being said can Tea and imposter Todd go off into sunset and Blair and "Real" Todd reunite in a wedding for the umpteenth time?
Can Viki and the softer slightly gentler (but still saucy) Clint reunite with Dorian as her matron of honor?
Can brody be father to both babies and push john out of the picture as ive had enough of his self righteousness...Tess be Jess once and for all, be with Brody, and Nat raise the baby with Chris or even have Jared come back from the dead (why not? its the finale)...
Just some random thoughts amidst my sadness *tear* Suck it Frons. Or "CHEW IT!"

@Barbara: There are about 15 petitions out there and a protest at ABC in NYC on April 26th, though I still haven't heard exact location or time. Louise, have you heard anything about it?

OMG, yes, I just watched Thursday's epi last night and KDP had me crying and swooning all at once, she was so damn good with her desperation to know Jack felt remorse. GOD! How can these assholes put so many amazing actors out of work? Today's epi (Monday) was nonstop soapy OTT excellence! I was crying half the episode. SO GOOD! Really hate ABC/Disney right now...

Hoover is pulling their advertisements from ABC.

This is from the Protest ABC Across America Facebook page:

Jessica Alinovi Confirmed on Hoover's facebook page To Our Loyal ABC Soap Fans
by Hoover on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 5:21pm
To all the loyal ABC soap fans,

I want you to know from me personally that we hear you loud and clear. My wife and mother are both passionate viewers of All My Children and One Life to Live, as are many of my colleagues here at Hoover. We were and are as disappointed with this news as you are.

In fact, we will discontinue our advertising with ABC this Friday, 4/22. We're making every attempt to pull our spots from these programs sooner.

Because we feel that’s not enough, we also want to help get your voice heard with ABC. So, we’ve set up a special email address, SaveTheSoaps@Hoover.com, to help pull together the mass emotional outpouring of support for our beloved ABC soaps and get it to our contacts at ABC. Please, send your emails to us at SaveTheSoaps@Hoover.com, and we’ll get every, single last one of them to ABC.

We’re 150% committed to doing what matters most to you – so if there’s anything else we can do to help or you have any ideas, please email this address, and we will respond to you personally.

Thank you for standing up for what matters to you! We need more of that in this world.

Brian Kirkendall
Vice President of Marketing


it works thank you hoover greed will save your soap disney will back down frons days are number he be a great fall guy

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