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April 28, 2011

Ain't Too Proud To Beg (For An Emmy)

Luke: You couldn't confront me one on one?
Tracy: Some of us have tried. All of us are concerned.
Luke: All of us? Does that include a perfect stranger? Who is this clown?
Calvin: I'm Calvin Blaine, an interventionist. Your family asked me to help.
Luke: Well, Calvin Blaine, they have wasted your time. I ain't going to be interventioned.

If soap opera episodes had titles, today's General Hospital would surely be titled "The One That's Going To Win Us The Outstanding Daytime Drama Emmy" and the DVR description may well have read "Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Julie Marie Berman and Jane Elliot pad their Emmy reels". Well, not exactly--the GH powers-that-be would never let Jane Elliot wind up in contention for an Emmy on account of, you know...the olds.

Luke's intervention was, to be sure, an elaborately choreographed bid for at least four Emmys. You could practically hear the producers staging it. "Voice breaks, anger, someone gets choked up, bloodshot eyes...anguish! Tears! Tears! TEARS! Fade out. And the Emmy goes to...US. Boom! Roasted!". But even if they had ulterior motives, I can't deny that it was a pretty fantastic 60 minutes of television. The performances were outstanding, the writing was shockingly good and there were flashbacks. An intervention with flashbacks--some from a golden era!--is right up my alley, so I have no...very few...only a handful of complaints!

Some observations:

  • I really enjoyed the way the episode was set up and how, when each participant was confronting Luke, it was shot with just the two of them. Although it could have been hilarious to see the reaction shots from the rest of the group. Like, Sonny? You know he'd be zoning out with boredom at some point and Carly would be filing her nails.
  • Speaking of, why was Carly there?!
  • Also, WHERE WAS BOBBIE?! I should not be surprised by her absence, because they never mention her and didn't bother to include her when her granddaughter had cancer for four minutes and her nephew's son was killed, but STILL.
  • Also also, LAURA.
  • While I am asking for absurd things, where was Liz? Or at least an explanation for why she wasn't there.
  • I really did love all of the flashbacks.

    I wish we could have seen more of them, especially the aftermath of Nikolas's shooting.
  • I love when Julie Marie Berman gets a chance to remind us that she can do more than screech, or moon after Dante--she was amazing today, I thought.

    "You were more than self-destructive, you were suicidal. That scares me. You're not my dad. You've been replaced by a man who doesn't care about me, or anybody else. Least of all himself." It had me sniffling. 
  • George Stephanopolous and his news brief about the horrible destruction in the south interrupted Ethan's part of the intervention and I have to be honest: I kind of didn't mind.
  • It was so hilariously in character that Sonny interrupted with a (very polite) "I'm sorry, I know I'm supposed to wait my turn..."
  • And it was so hilariously/sadly Port Charles that the start to Nikolas's anecdote ("Remember when I got shot in the neck?") isn't at all unique.
  • Carly was the intervention's designated Tough Love participant (and she also told Luke later that if he didn't get help, he was no longer welcome at the Metro Court, so maybe she wasn't totally pointless).

    She began her statement with "I'm going to give it to you straight", which always makes me think of Parks and Recreation (lots of things make me think of Parks and Recreation) when Nick Newport, Sr. confronted Tom: "Tell it to me straight: are you a Chinese?"
  • Jane Elliot is so, so good. And it makes me so, so angry that the show doesn't give her anything to do.
  • Jonathan Jackson is just...I know, okay?
    That I gush and that I am a borderline (?? It's still borderline, right?) hysterical fangirl, so obviously we all knew this was coming, but: !!!!! He was so, so good. When he started crying in earnest and said "I don't want a fake, diminished version of you! I want you! I want my dad. I don't want to walk through this nightmare without that man", I just...to say I teared up is an understatement.
  • Sometimes, I like to imagine how things would be different if Greg Vaughan were still playing Lucky. I think it's safe to say that he would not have been a part of the intervention at all. Or if he was, Calvin Blaine would have needed to interpret the big words for him.
  • When the group started to make their ultimatums with Luke, telling him what would happen if he didn't stop drinking, I could not stop laughing at his reaction to Nikolas.
    Nikolas: If you don't get help, my doors are closed to you.
    Luke: Ouch. That hurts.
  • I can't believe that they didn't find a way to include Jason, or mentions of his mercy and wonder. You're slipping, Gooze!


You know the only thing this episode did for me is remind how much i can't stand Luke Spencer....and for how long I haven't been able to stand him.

I immediately thought of you when I realized Bobbie would not be joining her brother's intervention.

Julie Marie Berman is on fire this week. Her response to Luke is so spot on. I keep thinking, THAT is exactly how I would be/feel if my father were an alcoholic.

I didn't watch I confess... I knew the acting would be stellar but I have been watching JJ and TG cry and scream at each other for 3 weeks now and I just couldn't take anymore, especially knowing this will make absolutely no longterm or probably even short term change in Lukes behavior. I was also totally baffled that the person most impacted by Lukes drinking, Elizabeth, was not going to be included and yet Carly was?? WTH.

I kept wondering who wrote this and just how did they keep Guza out of the office. I also found myself wishing it could have been longer so they could have spent more time on Nikolas and Carly.

It's a shame you missed Ethan's part, I thought Nathan Parsons did so well at looking shattered, especially when Luke basically turned on him.

And you know, really, it wouldn't be such obvious Emmy bait if the writing was this stellar all of the time.

Powerful show and they didn't need bombs, guns, special effects or props.

i love this blog so much!

"And you know, really, it wouldn't be such obvious Emmy bait if the writing was this stellar all of the time."

AMEN, Cindy!

Why in the FREAKING HELL was Carly there and NOT LIZ. You remember Liz. The mother of the child LUKE KILLED. That load of garbage of including Carly but not Liz makes me not give a flying fig about this crapervention.

Here's my thing about Jonathan Jackson: he is truly one of the best actors on daytime, but sometimes I want him to take it down juuuuust a notch. A smidgen, if you will. And maybe a little visene wouldn't hurt.

I'm with crimson151. Though the performances recently have been amazing, there's a lot of histrionics. I wish they'd tone it down in at least some of the scenes - Tony Geary, especially, is at his best when he holds back a bit.

"I kept wondering who wrote this and just how did they keep Guza out of the office."

Guza apparently wrote it. I know.

Guza is capable of writing episodes well. What he's not capable of is running a good show.

Actually, I do remember back before Guza and Pratt had left several years ago (I believe to help start Desperate Housewives), they were a formidable writing team.

So that leaves me wondering:

1. Is Guza nothing without Pratt? (Ugh)

2. Are they now Frons puppets?

3. Are they just both seriously burned out?

I didn't watch even though I knew there would be powerful performances. I just can't stand Luke Spencer anymore.

I'm on the Luke Spencer hate train. I missed the episode because I couldn't stomach an entire hour devoted to Luke no matter how good the acting.

Thanks for the Parks and Recreation shout out! Love that show. If only Port Chuck was as awesomesauce as Pawnee.

love your blog--didn't watch. I am sure it was very powerful but why can't we have a wonderful shows more.

With GV, there'd be less snot on my screen than JJ. And as someone else said, Lucky cries when the weather is not to his liking, so it's hard to get invested in his copious tears.

Jake's dying is about everyone but Liz and Cam while Aiden is too young to know what is going on.

I didn't watch either. I knew it would probably be emmy worthy, but I just couldn't bring myself to watch Luke's intervention when he should be sitting in a jail cell for killing a child--the same child who's inheritance he stole.

I know it's a sacrilege to say but I also feel that JJ could tone it down just a little, he can sometimes be a bit over the top. I appreciate his fantastic ability to cry and emote but sometimes I feel like he's doing "Stage" acting on the small screen, you just don't need to project quite that much.

Tony should take Luke to Amsterdam with him and stay there. I didn't watch the intervention because I haven't watched in over 2 1/2 years. When Tony Geary started to rewrite his character and tell us what he sold us for 25+ years was not what we really watched, that was it--I left. I do not take insults to my intelligence well, Tony. That I read Carly was there...Carly? ... not Bobbie? not Laura? not Liz? I gave up on TG during that awful "MY WAY" heart attack schtick. That was so bad, I couldn't watch it so I stopped and never came back. Sad. I once loved the character of Luke.

Could we stage an intervention for Guza and for the show? Because I am tired of this fake, diminished version of General Hospital. I want the good version of General Hospital that I grew up with and loved.

I love JJ and I am so glad he is back. He is one of the precious few reasons I still tune in, but even I wish he would take it down a half a notch sometimes. I think he's been hanging around with Tony Geary just a bit too much.

I was able to watch this epi last night, after being without power for days. Those tornadoes were so tragic it's unbelievable.

The performances were good. I had a hard time getting past the fact that Carly was there (yeah technically she's a Spencer, but when has she ever cared about that or Luke?), but there was no Bobbie and no Elizabeth. Ridiculous.

This was actually one episode in which I forgot Jason Morgan or Michael even exist. Imagine that. Those days are few and far between.

lovely to see that the show still has it when it wants to. Lovely recap <3

What was Sonny doing there with Bobbie absent? Not that I watched or anything, but, LAME.

I wouldn't want to be at the intervention of the man who killed my child; I would have no desire to help him, regardless of our past history. I could care less if he drank away the rest of his life, so I don't find the absence of Liz to be strange.

I do like that Sonny was there. For a while, the show forgot that Luke and sonny were friends, so I am happy to see that they are more consistently showing this. I haven't watched this episode but will have to watch it online now that I have read your review.

If you hate GH and Guza Jr., why the [...] do you watch? You have free will!

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