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April 27, 2011

And Hilarity Ensues...

Yesterday's One Life to Live was... well, it was a hell of a mixture of good-bad and bad-bad. All of it hilarious. Shall we review the range of amusements?

- We got the return of Eddie Ford's weird "I'm super-evil" accent. If you drop your r's and go a little Southern, it signals that you're truly cruel!

- We had dopey, simple James doing his best imitation of Lenny from Of Mice and Men.


- We had Starr being all bad-ass staking claim on her... "man." While downing a glass of milk at her mother's bar.

- My favorite, we were treated to Echo and Niki's catfight:




    I love thinking about how much fun Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer must have had taping that scene. But it also made me a little sad because, really, without soap operas where will we get campy cat fights between women over 50?

- We got the pleasure of hearing Deanna say through tears: "It took me a while, but I finally got the guts to friend you on MyFace."

- We had the joy (in some areas) of seeing Mike Lowry's (ex-Ross) Cymbalta commercial. Yay! It's kind of amazing how often we see "our people" in ads on our show. (Matt Walton's ads are completely ubiquitous where I live... and Corbin Bersen had a commercial on during General Hospital.) It would almost be meta if the whole thing weren't already kind of meta.

- But a question: How does Niki know how to use a smartphone? I get confused. Teen Jess had to learn life in 2010 because she thought it was 1997 (or something), but that was about amnesia. Niki and Tess and the other alters, of which Teen Jess was allegedly not one (though you could have fooled me), are latent (and yes, latent rather than integrated because Jess has clearly never been the least bit integrated) all the time, absorbing whatever is out there in the world somehow. Picking up contemporary slang, particularly. This seems to be their primary interest, which makes me wonder what kind of culture their lovely hosts (Viki and Jess) are taking in during their spare time. Perhaps the Real Housewives franchise? Where does one pick up "chillax?"

- And it looks like today's is a Very Special Episode. I absolutely hate it when they do the "alters battle it out in an alternate universe inside Viki's or Jess' head" crap, but I'll go along for the ride this time just because I know it's Erika Slezak's anniversary episode.


Yesterday was the big day for all the ABC protests, right? Did anyone go? I went to see the taping of The Daily Show (and I mention that because I was seriously tempted during his pre-show Q&A to ask him if he could please make Comedy Central go ahead and buy OLTL, since it's apparently been decided that talk show hosts with influence are totally responsible for our soaps) and walked by the ABC studios on my way home to see if there was any action still going on. There was not, alas, but I did run into Shenaz Treasury (Rama) a few blocks away -- I know that I undermine my credibility 'round these parts when I say every time I see one of these people in person that they are just ridiculously attractive and even more so live, but I assure you, it's just that I have enough decency that I don't mention it when the opposite occurs. And Ms. Treasury was absolutely breathtaking.

I mention that both because (a) for some reason I love to bore you guys with these irrelevant anecdotes even though you probably just skip them and (b) it made me sad that even if I'll be covering other shows after we say good-bye to this one, such anecdotes will become few and far between. The bastards!


Viki splitting again is stupid, but worth it for that catfight between Viki and Echo.

"You can call me Nicole. I'ma call you hoemwrecking slut."

Everything James/Deanna, however, is zzzz. Why is time being wasted on this?

Any Vicki, Any Echo, is worth any Fudd or Dudd Girlfriend, or even Starr.

I am treasuring every scene with every vet.

Thank you for the Cymbalta ad reference. It ran so many times and I kept looking at him and trying to figure out why he looked familiar. Pre-short Billy Warlock Ross....

I too can't believe we have to sit through the James/Deanna drivel. It's bad enough to deal with the Rappafords when they are involved with characters we actually care about, but when we get them all on their own, while wonderful characters and actors we love with significant storylines (yo, Matthew, killer, wanting to confess) don't get on for a week...ugg, I no longer wonder why the show is being canceled....

And I think I'm the only one that doesn't like Viki's alter. I'd rather classy Viki handling this crap and just giving it all back to Echo and Charlie - she doesn't need another personality to do that!

I'm not too worried. These episodes were all in the can before cancellation -- they have to at least hurriedly finish what they started before they launch the stories that lead to the finale. I bet in a couple months we'll start seeing less of the random newbies.

I don't get this whole split with Vicki again. She has been through much worse than this and Nikki never came back. Why now?

I went to the protest at the wrong time - 3p.m. I thought the L.A. demonstration was at 10 a.m. There's another protest Monday, May 2nd at 10 a.m. The Daily News put pictures of the protestors and had a small article about it online. About 30 people showed up. I'm glad someone came at all. I'm so sorry I missed it.

Dawn...The Viki/Niki/Jean split was done as part of Erica Slezak's 40th anniversary on OLTL. The alters are NOT staying around.

Viki/Echo scenes were all kinds of awesome and kudos to ES and KZ.

I don't give two poops about Deanne etc... as OLTL gears up for the summer teen/young adult story lines.

Eddie Ford. How I miss Eddie Ford and his crassness.

OLTL tapes so far in advance that it will take time to get rid of Deanne,,etc.

Thank you LadyBug. :)

you went to a TDS taping.....oh my god!! how was ittttttttt????? is Jon as awesome as they say????? (forgive my multiple keys, but it's just so excitinggggggggggg!!)

I went to the protest on the 26th. Only about 30 people showed up, but ABC was so scared of us they called the cops! We weren't doing anything illegal so they couldn't make us move. Most of us headed down to the studio around 11 to see if there were other protestors there. We got to meet Jack Manning and several of the actors waved from the window while we chanted "Save our soaps!" It was fun :) There's another one on a Saturday in June, don't know how effective that will be, but I'm goin'.

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