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« All Good Things Must Come to an End, or at Least a Semi-End (Yes, Semi-End is a Word Now) | Main | A Hazmat Suit And A Long Stick »

April 12, 2011

Awesome, Foreshadowing, Or Awesome Foreshadowing?

Perhaps it's unsurprising that somebody who spent her childhood reading Nancy Drew and, of course, The Babysitters Club Mysteries and went through an unfortunate (and also nerdy!) period where I was the world's youngest Murder She Wrote fan turned into a suspicious (and also nerdy!) adult, but here we are: I tend to overanalyze and read entirely too deeply into things and raise my eyebrow and say "Mmmhmm", all dramatically.

And Bob Guza's TV Guide interview has made me suspicious. A comment about Vanessa Marcil's contract status (Paraphrased: "She's not leaving! I have plans for her! I mean, the plans only go as far as next Thursday, but...PLANS! ON MY WHITEBOARD!") coupled with the rather ominous (also paraphrased) "Ingo Rademacher's not leaving...yet" makes me wonder if Jax is going to accompany Brenda when she leaves town. Needless to say, I would be ALL over that because of my well-documented Jax/Brenda psychosis, but still: could it be? Scenes like the one they shared at the end of today's episode tell me that, yes, it could be.

And they also tell me that the show is angling to tie The Hills as the show with the most "meaningful" long pauses.

Mid_GHHD-04-12-11445356 Mid_GHHD-04-12-11445355 
Brenda: I'm just trying to figure out how to keep him safe.
Jax: [PAUSE]
Brenda: [PAUSE]
Jax: [PAUSES, thinking, "Yeah, doing that at a mobster's house is kind of hard, isn't it?"]
Brenda: [PAUSES, thinking, "I mean, I do have Max and Milo, which is...on second thought, never mind"]
Jax: [PAUSES, wondering if this is the chance to say "I fucking told you so, did I not?"]
Brenda: [PAUSES, hoping he doesn't take the opportunity to say "I told you so"]
Brenda: [PAUSES, cursing herself silently for not taking, you know, the WORLD'S advice about putting herself in danger]
Jax: [PAUSES, pondering, "Is it too mean to say BOOM! ROASTED!" to someone who looks like they're going to cry?"]
Brenda: [Voice cracking] You know, I just want to keep him safe. You know? From this whole crazy world that I've married into.
Jax: [PAUSES]...yeah.

The scene was all of twenty seconds long and at least seventeen were spent in silence! If Sonny were involved, it would have been like watching mimes.


I doubt it was bad acting or lack of set direction. More like Guza couldn't get his head out of Jason's ass long enough to scribe the 20 seconds of dialog for another character to meet their contract quota and they were just winging it. Not like it's gonna make a difference no matter what they cough up for dialog.

Run, Vanessa, run.

Ingo, follow the smart girl.

I liked the pauses. I especially liked them with Jax because of Ingo's facial expressions the whole episode that really screamed to say "Oh s***, what the hell has become of my life? I came to town a free wheeling mob hating shark and here I am raising a mobster's son and a mobster moll's daughter."

Projecting much? Maybe a little bit but it started early in the episode when he was not happy that his daughter still needed a bodyguard. It carried through learning about Brenda's kid. And it was there in those pauses as Brenda tentatively broached the subject of the danger. I think they were on the same sad page.

I hope you're right Mallory. I want Brenda and Jax to leave town together (with Jocelyn in tow), for no other reason than it would really piss off Carly and Sonny. On the down side, that would likely to lead (once again)to them having angry-at-the-world sex.

Totally OT, but it's driving me insanely crazy.

Brianna B aka psycho Lisa, is she pregnant or is it just her wardrobe?

I would forgive this show a lot (and I have mountains and mountains of grievances) if Brenda and Jax ran away together. (Brenda and Jax FOREVER! (I am still 16.))

Also: I am loving the Murder She Wrote love. I found the journal we had to keep in 5th grade last month. The absolute best thing in it was that I wrote that Angela Lansbury was my favorite actress. Because of Murder She Wrote. *Fifth grade.*

If this is foreshadowing, I need Jax to take Josslyn with him. It's the only way to save that child. Plus, Jax would never leave his kid behind.

Sure Carly would be mad at first, but then she'd think "Oh well, I have Jason and Michael.....and that other one. Wait, did I ever pick him up from the camp I sent him to in the middle of the school year?"

Scatch that. Jax, take Morgan with you or, at the very least, make sure Mercedes gets custody.

So, I though that you might have been exaggerating just a bit (not that you do that EVER, lol), so I decided to watch the scene.
Holy hell! That pause was LONG. And I could totally see what you wrote running through their heads. Wowza.

(Also, Brenda was a major biotch to Kristina. Someone needs to slap her.)

I'm willing to throw down over the "world's youngest Murder, She Wrote fan" title, Mallory! I watched it with my grandmother when I was knee-high to a junebug!

I was watching Batman today (yes the one with Adam West) with my son today and I had a AH moment... Guza must watch Batman as well. Proof you say 1) The Balkan voice and Theo Hoffman's voice who could not notice they were one in the same --just like Bruce Wayne and Batman should just like and look liked-- Everyone in Port Charles are the resident of Gotham City- blind and deaf. 2) Batman and Robin can have bullets flying by them but they never got shot nor are they ever wrong just like Jason on GH. 3) Cheesy dialog on both shows....

Back to Jax and Brenda-- Please let them leave town together with their little gang of Joss, Lucian, and throw in Morgan b/c Carly and Sonny have forgotten they have a two sons. Truth be told - I rather Sonny and Carly leave town with Michael in tow and Jax and Brenda stay in Port Charles to raise their family! Make Lucian really Jax's baby please please --Jax could have cheated on Carly with Brenda--

Loved My Nancy Drew stories- :Murder She Wrote not as much but still good.

If Jax and Brenda rode off into the sunset together I could turn off this show with a happy heart and never watch again.

I thought Brenda was Guza's muse? I will never understand why this HW has a job writing such drivel. Brenda should have followed Robin back to Port Charles with her seven year old son by Jax (Barrett John Jacks) after they ran into each other in Africa. She could have introduced her son to his father then stayed around PC in a triangle with Jax/Sonny and ticked off Carly. There was no need for Suzanne or the Balkan.

I know it's a personal thing, but I always thought the story was Brenda and Jax. Yes, he left her at the altar, but I blamed that on his insecurities (and annoyance) where Sonny is concerned. Having Brenda stop being a victim in Sonny's life and find a somewhat stable and mature love with Jax was actual growth for Brenda - surprising since Guza rarely lets characters actually change. Thus I was disappointed to learn that Brenda was returning only to go back to her romance with Sonny as if it was destiny. To me, it was the story of a lonely woman trying to recapture the dreams of her youth and revisiting the relationship she had long ago outgrown but still held close to her heart. And you have to admit, much of her behavior and interaction with Sonny has been a little on the juvenile side. Maybe now that she actually has replayed her early twenties, and accomplished what she originally intended to do all those years ago, she can once again be reminded of how wrong Sonny's life is for her. She realized that once and went through a lot of pain moving on from him - why she wanted to go back there is beyond me (I know, I know - Guza wrote it, but what the hell was the character motivation?) but if she did it once, she can do it again.

I will never believe that Jax and Brenda don't belong together.

Nobody leaves. Except hopefully they leave together.

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