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April 14, 2011

Check In With Me Later, Weeping In A Corner

So a lot of the entertainment media folks are now reporting that both One Life to Live and All My Children have officially been canceled, with AMC finishing in September and OLTL finishing in January.

It's bad. It's not a rumor anymore. I'm going to wait until I've had time to collect my thoughts before completely freaking out but, you guys, I am completely freaking out. And heartbroken. And angry.

More later, but right now my heart just hurts for the hundreds and hundreds of people who work for those two shows.

Also? Suck it, ABC.


I haven't watched AMC in many years, but my husband and I have been watching OLTL and GH together since we got our first VCR. (I started watching them almost as soon as they began during school vacations.) This is a great loss, but we have already begun to explore the wonderful world of international soaps. The Telemundo soaps often have closed captions in English and are very accessible. My message to ABC and ABC Daytime: Good-bye. I so rarely watch your prime-time programming that, if it disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't miss it. Watching GH is a habit I can easily break. The space on my DVR currently filled with OLTL and GH can easily be filled with movies, and I'll now have a lot more time to really use VOD and Netflix.

I was DEVASTATED after the cancellation of Guiding Light because it was the only thing my mother and I agreed on and enjoyed together. Reading the comment above re: Viki, I know exactly how you feel. I'm so sad not to have Viki, Dorian, Erica, Kendall and Blair to relate to anymore.

Up yours, ABC.

May Frons and Carruthers and Sweeney rot. May the new shows fail.
May they lose their jobs, which they'd done so poorly.

This was murder. And not only do we lose these shows, which, frankly, is hard to really grasp, but we lose the online community.

It makes me sick.

Does this mean we can start campaigning for the return of our faves at least? I have to admit, it would soften to blow a bit to see Adam blow back into Pine Valley...

First of all, bravo to Chad for posting such an astute comment! I share exactly the same sentiments.

I wanted to become a television writer because of pioneers like Agnes Nixon and the powerful storytelling of daytime dramas like AMC and OLTL. These days, insightful and engaging storytelling is a rarity in both daytime and primetime. Programs have become bland because building an audience and honoring television history doesn't mean anything to executives. All executives care about is embracing current fads that will make them the most money in the shortest period of time.

If ABC truly cared about their viewers, they would have considered other, cost-effective options. Why not return to a half hour format? ABC could have also tried distributing the shows to an international audience. Both of these business models have helped sustain the Bold and the Beautiful for decades. Another option would have been to reduce the number of weekly episodes as Direct TV tried with Passions.

American soap operas have always been comfort food to our nation and a creative way to understand the human condition. I applaud Agnes Nixon as well as all of the AMC and OLTL actors, writers, and crew members who have given some much of their time and talent over the decades. I hope they understand that there is still a market for the work they do and that people do still care about good storytelling.

I'm glad someone brought up the move for AMC. That was really dirty, to uproot everyone to "save their jobs" when they probably knew all along they were going to do this. Nothing like ripping up people's lives. I tell you, if I were an actor, I'd be telling my agent that I didn't want auditions with anything connected to ABC or Disney.



Thank you.

May Frons and Carruthers and Sweeney all rot.

And ABC along with them.

I hope that Frons and Sweeney and Carruthers all get kicked out on their rear when the replacement shows fail. Which I hope they do.

I'm sick. And depressed.

talk success kill these shows it was final nail

I...just don't have the words.

I basically agree with Chad above that someone, i.e. Frons, is locked hard on the short-term benefits of such a decision and damn the long-term benefits to hell. It's infuriating, but unfortunately not that surprising. The fact that they have already announced at least one of the shows' replacements (with a Syfy/Cloo-class stupid name) is what really makes it worse.

I wonder what the odds are on either show coming up with a story that somehow involves an evil network executive in the next, say, three months...

I will miss A.M.C. Never watched O.L.T.L. G.H sucks so bad! The sad part is i bet Frons,Carruthers ,Sweeney won't lose their jobs they will be treated like heros for saving money for ABC! So long Pine Valley you will be missed :(

I feel so sorry for the cast/crew that will lose their jobs. I have many fond memories of watching AMC from day 1. During the summer my sister would give me lunch and we would watch AMC together for 1/2 hour. I miss Phoebe, Palmer, Mona, Myrtle, -Rest in Peace to all of them. I remember Jenny and Greg-- best teen romance ever. Tad the Cad-- dating Liza and Marion. Brooke being a bad girl when she came on. Billy Clyde Tuggle. Stopped watching with the whole unabortion-- too much for me. But thanks for many memories. I also enjoyed OLTL for many years--love the Buchanans and the Cramer girls. Thank you Agnes Nixon for 2 terrific shows. I am sorry ABC daytime felt the need to cancel. I can see a cooking show and informational show anytime/any channel. Would love some cable net or internet to run reruns of AMC and OLTL would love to see the glory days of 70/80 again

I'm not surprised as they've basically allowed Frons to devalue the product for 10 years knowing the show's contracts would be coming up but I'm super pissed. I do hope I see Alicia Minshew and Melissa Archer go on to bigger and better things.

These soaps have long ceased to be a viable product. For years, the audience has been abandoning the daytime dramas, and there is no hope of regaining them, or finding a new audience for these programs. I am afraid that the writing has been on the wall for years. It is a sad day, but a day that had to come.

I ache for the people who were affected by this who were played by those with the power. The fans of both shows (Although I haven't in years I did at one point count AMC and OLTL as my soap to watch at various times in my soap watching career), the actors who were reassured not that long ago the rumors of them being out of a job weren't true, the crew (especially OLTL where TV shows shot in NYC are a vanishing breed), the writers and the production people. I aslo mourn the loss of one of my favorite parts of going to touring theater productions..."Spot the NYC actor by his/her credits alone!" (NYC ones almost always used to have a soap listed along with Law & Order and New York Undercover)

If cancellation had to happen (and I don't think it did. Networks are still running scared of an ever changing marketplace and trying to replicate what worked 15 years ago to dimminishing returns)...there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. To my non-shock Frons chose the wrong way. Announced the cancellation and the replacing shows in teh same day. CBS at least let a little bit of time go by before telling us we lost GL and ATWT to a game show remake and a talk show.


Correct. All that was left for OLTL and AMC was an incredibly shrinking "niche" audience. Hardy, yes. Large, no. Economically viable, no. Sadly, changes needed to be made.

Here is my beef. Frons said that this has been in the works for the last year. With that being said WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF RELOCATING AMC TO LOS ANGELES LAST YEAR??????? Did the higher ups at All Bull Crap enjoy watching these people have to re-arrange their lives when they apprently knew all along they were going to cancel the show anyway?

I'm sad and disgusted. That's all I can say without cursing. If you want to say your piece to ABC,call 1-818-460-7477. Not that they care (no one who cares about anything greenlights something called "The Chew"-the title alone makes me queasy) but at least they'll know that we do.

To those who think that this day was inevitable because the soap genre is no longer viable, that's not true. That's the scuttle that the suits have put out to justify their lack of decent management and their desire to ditch the soaps, but it's a load of carp. ALL of the soaps still make money - just not the boatloads of cash they used to bring in the heydey of the Big 2 Networks. The truth of that matter is that ABC, NBC and CBS have refused to admit that the world has changed and they will never have a lock on tv entertainment ever again. And they will never see the profits from ANY of their shows that they saw before cable and internet came in. And until someone at the networks has the guts to tell it like it is to the suits on top, they'll still be chasing a rainbow that started to end back in the early 1990's. But be clear about one thing - Soaps aren't being cancelled because they are losing money - they're just not making enough to suit the maroons who want to live in Cinderella's castle.
And today, IMO, isn't the day for any posters to be telling those of us who are unhappy about losing these shows that you "told us so". You only bought the carp the network suits were selling.

We didn't.

The truth is soaps could/can survive, even in today's market. They might not be exactly what they are today, but they could continue. All it would take is creativity and smarts. TPTB have neither, and are uninterested in trying anyway.

By the way, Susan Lucci still has her schedule into next year. Doh!

Ron and Bourgeois Nerd, I agree with you. A concerted effort to save the genre would have been detectable because they would have tried something (HD, widescreen, and studio moves don't count because anyone who thought those would save the genre was nuts). There wasn't one.

They left the worst of the three on (don't get me wrong, I'll wail when that gets canceled too), and put no real effort into creative problem-solving. I don't at all believe this "had" to happen. They just wanted it to.

I just saw on DC that Catherine Hickland has tweeted that they did not inform the cast, at the very least, before making the announcement to the press. Very distasteful. And the photo they chose of Frons makes him look like the devil himself.

I hate big business. I want my soap!

I hope the cast and crew of AMC and OLTL are able to find jobs once the bone headed decison by Frons has sunk in. What a moron for cancelling these soaps.

reality tv sucks and is a fad and a quick fixs not a franchise hello i wish disney leave tv early i guest this will look good on paper when they try to sell abc i was hoping both franchise servive when the boom comes

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