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April 14, 2011

Check In With Me Later, Weeping In A Corner

So a lot of the entertainment media folks are now reporting that both One Life to Live and All My Children have officially been canceled, with AMC finishing in September and OLTL finishing in January.

It's bad. It's not a rumor anymore. I'm going to wait until I've had time to collect my thoughts before completely freaking out but, you guys, I am completely freaking out. And heartbroken. And angry.

More later, but right now my heart just hurts for the hundreds and hundreds of people who work for those two shows.

Also? Suck it, ABC.


@Cindy: Castle is the only other ABC show I watch, too. But much as I love Nathan Fillion, I'm boycotting it if OLTL goes off the air. So ironic that he got his start on OLTL.

Please click the following link for the "Boycott ABC for Cancelling One Life to Live and All My Children" page. The purpose of the page is to write letters to the companies who pay for ad time and let them know we are boycotting ABC when the soaps are over.

-- Jen


Very disappointed on many levels however I don't believe GH is out of the woods, rumors are already flying that their expiration date is somewhere around September 2012. I'm not surprised I first read this rumor around 2003 that Frons wants soaps gone and it seems he orchestrated this event by meddling and mismanaging its odd he's not held accountable for killing another show. In my dreams these two shows will tank but unfortunately that just may not be the case only time will tell.

disney does not care about abc its not there core brand tv is dieing i was shore disney would have leave before the soaps i guest wanted to make a little money before they leave its bluff pr stunt that there not enough soaps fans trust me there is enough soap fans to cause trouble boycott them they will blink block disney channnel from your cable and show them you did that and there cruise line go to other cruise line company yeah let them know and there theme park there are other theme park company yeah let them know disney core brand they want your family stick with disney and new family stick with disney so main target is disney

I named my daughter after Cassie on OLTL


savings from winding down combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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