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April 21, 2011

Llanview Llogic (Or Llack Thereof)

My failure to understand the town reaction to Dissociative Identity Disorder persists. Someone is seriously going to need to explain to me why Ford, upon learning of the sexual abuse endured by Jess that resulted in D.I.D., has now decided that he respects and admires and sympathizes with... Tess. A symptom, not a human being. Let's walk through this, shall we? Tess is the thing that happened as a result of a trauma suffered by Jessica and yet, instead of manning up and being a decent human being, Ford has apparently made himself feel like he has some sort of depth by basically deciding that Tess is a real person. Because he feels bad about the origins of Tess. Which were a result of Jessica's abuse. Nope. Still don't get it. Call me crazy, but shouldn't Ford now be sympathizing with Jessica herself? And seriously questioning the safety of letting a D.I.D. alter (who is not a human being and has no conscience) have access to his child?


Yay Mom!

And the thing is, it's not just Ford. Everyone in town, including Jessica's family, speaks to and about Tess as if she is an autonomous individual who just happens to look an awful lot like Jess. Kelly, Viki, Natalie, Joey, Aubrey -- just about everyone. Aubrey and Cutter ridiculously have an arrangement with Tess to keep their con a secret, but they don't seem to realize they should cover their bases and make a deal with Jess and Bess and lord knows who the eff else at this point. SHE'S NOT A PERSON! It's not like Jessica's body has been possessed by some other complete soul with her very own 30-year history on this planet.

And might I add that if this background information has led Ford to hate Viki because of something that Niki did since Niki is only a symptom of Viki's illness, would it not follow that he would in fact find compassion and admiration for Jessica for something that created and was endured by Tess since Tess is only a symptom of Jessica's illness? HOW DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE?! Ford seriously seems to think Tess is some sort of hero for "protecting" Jessica. How is anything that's happening now protecting Jessica? And seriously? WHAT ABOUT BREE?


Rama continues to entertain the heck out of me. We're clearly not dealing with some sort of a decent person, but I can't help but enjoy how much glee she seems to get out of poking at people.

Ramaaubreydorian[1] I rather enjoyed it yesterday when everyone ran into the room to see what she was screaming about and she explained that Clint was just lying there "with this -- this -- this mayor hanging around," and the word "mayor" was uttered with such accusatory disdain that I've started thinking about Bloomberg in a whole new way. Honestly, it's sort of a thankless role for an actress as such characters who just sort of get inserted into stories to cause trouble and laugh on the sidelines are not generally warmly welcomed by soap audiences (especially soap audiences who at the current moment are especially disinterested in any non-legacy characters for obvious reasons), so really, hats of to Shenaz Treasury. Shenaz, by the way, has dropped the "-wala" from the end of her last name, presumably to be more marketable for American roles but... now her last name is "Treasury." Just sayin'.


Ford is the rare combination of someone both too evil and STUPID to live. And you didn't even mention that HIS rape of Jessica on prom night had her "screaming" for Tess, who came out to take the sexual abuse hit for an otherwise mentally screwed up Teen!Jessica. By his own logic of feeling bad for Tess' origins, he's no different that a pedophile. But does he have the requisite two brain cells to put that together? NO! Even if he did, does he have anything resembling a human conscience to then reflect on the parallels appropriately? NO! Can he just GO AWAY PLEASE.

(Is Serial Drama going to get involved in any of the campaigns to save the shows? The more exposure the better! :) If anything, let's not go out quietly!)

mattie0808, I am all for getting involved in any show-saving campaigns. Do you have links to info on any of the major campaigns? I will happily post them!

Great! :)

Try starting here for a really bare-bones site that is gathering as much information as possible, especially on Disney/ABC contact info and sponsor lists:


Two quick things to highlight, though I encourage everyone to really check out the various things that are happening...

It's important to contact Hershey's ASAP, as they are an ABC sponsor that is apparently considering doing something to show support for us in our fight against the cancellations (as Hoover did in pulling all its ads from ABC in protest).

(800) 468-1714



And over on the SOC boards, a group is raising funds to take out a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter (and possibly other publications). Cat Hickland and Robin Strasser have been supportive of that effort.

There's lots of stuff going on out there. Let's make some noise!

If they're going to continue this DID bullshit, then I need another alter of Jess'... one rather like Viki's Tommy... to come out and seriously damage Ford.

Ford hating Viki for something Niki did (which is still fucking BULLSHIT! We were all watching then... it never happened the way Hackley decided to give us the 'unpalatable' shite that is this Jess/DID atrocity) then maybe someone should clue him in on how THAT all started... when HER FATHER raped her for years... much like Jessica's father did TO VIKI and tried to do TO JESSICA and like Ford ACTUALLY DID DO TO JESSICA.

And then I need Jessica to get control of her life again and tear Ford up one side and down the other for RAPING her and then mentally abusing her AGAIN in order to keep Tess around so he could claim ownership of HISSON and THEN I need for Ryder not to be his. Then Brody can kick his ass again, Clint can take a shit on his face (TWoP!) and Ford can go to jail for the rest of the show and we can be well rid of him.

THAT would make me happy.

Ford is a moron. He is truly a moron.

Also, Starr needs to stop referring to her cousin as "the girl who's trying to get in James's pants" and instead "my cousin who is continously being violated and kept from her children, while being denied help with her illness." I mean, really, what the hell was that????

I have never been a fan of the Tess story lines for these exact reasons you've stated above. At least with Viki, no one has ever tried to champion Nikki/Jean/Tommy/Princess as their own entities instead of the defense mechanisms they are. But we got a dose of 'But Tess is a person too!' first with Tess/Nash and now with Tess/Ford.

I feel like this is a lazy way to have a bad girl character that they can shuttle away when they get tired of her. Instead of creating an actual character we love to hate, they trot Tess out and then have Jessica come back when they're done. I've also heard that the actress likes playing this role (better maybe?) which is all well and good, but...

If they really wanted to do this (change Jessica into a character more like Tess) I would've had more respect for them if they'd done it the way GH did Jason Quartermaine --> Jason Morgan. I never thought his personality change was permanent but it was. Not saying I like this change but at least they committed to it. (ould they had they not liked it? Probably not, but it's still better than this Tess stuff and at least there Jason is a real person who did deserve autonomy, unlike Tess.

Also, Ford brothers - GO AWAY. I don't like any of you and if my soaps is leaving us in 2012, I want y'all off the canvas as quickly as possible.

I am all for saving OLTL in particular so I will try to do my part with these campaigns but since Disney is part of the Triad of Evil (along with Facebook and Apple) I am still skeptical that the us mere little people (read: the audience) can have the influence make a difference. I would still like to believe it's possible though.

If saving this soap means having to watch Tess and the Fords I'll grin and bear it. Otherwise my main wish is that the Fords, Bobby and Nate in particular are out before wrap up in January (I don't mind James sticking around to give Starr a happy ending). I was not as much of a Ford hater until Tess came out and they started scheming together. Just listening to the words coming out of his mouth whenever he talks about Tess or anything related to her has put me on the rage bandwagon for this guy.

I too fail to understand all those same things about DID, but what really gets to me is those last three words: What about Bree? Since Aubrey shuttled Bree away from the wedding, I've been wondering if, in all the confusion, that poor little girl was left in the church's play room and was still there, because there has been no mention of her. Lots of talk of keeping Jess from her baby boy, but nothing about Bree. We did finally get confirmation this week that she made it home, but even this reference doesn't question why nobody cares about her.

After all, she is Nash's daughter right? And Tess loved Nash with all her heart and soul? And in a way, wouldn't Bree kinda be Tess' daughter, given that it was Tess in control when her and Nash consummated, as well as when Bree was born? Shouldn't Tess at least be a little curious?

What Dandesun said. Also what mattie0808 said about Ford being simultaneously too evil and too stupid to live.

And yes, both Tess' failure to take care of Chloe and her failure to be at all interested in Bree now pretty much prove that she has neither a heart or a soul of her own. Both of those things totally undermine the story about Tess being her own person that Show tried to sell us with Nash and is trying to sell again with this Ford crap.

In short, I hate this storyline and the whole way that OLTL deals with DID with the heat of a thousand white hot, fiery suns. If they don't either re-Lovett Ryder or kill off Ford (preferably both) before the show ends I'm going to be seriously, seriously ticked off.

I realized while reading this and all the comments, just how much I will miss being able to gripe about this show...sniff...I'll never get over this.

We learned the Llandfair has St. Anne's on speed dial! I got such a kick out of that detail.

I really want both DID storylines to be over. But, it looks like that for Jess, it'll still be going on during May Sweeps.

It is really remarkable how the show seems to keep trying to redeem Ford and give him depth, but they are in fact just digging the hole he's in deeper and deeper with every nonsensical thing he says. That he views himself and Tess as innocents and Viki as the bad guy is just...I can't even.

Rama is a Kim-like breath of fresh air. But I dunno if I want her with Cris.

Ford needs to die.

Tess needs to let Jess out and allow Jess to FINALLY deal with her own life.

I love Rama! She's a keeper. OLTL needs to send Aubrey and nuJoey out of town.

Re: Tess being Bree's mother: Yes, but she wanted to abort the baby and Jess came out to save it. Tess didn't give a crap until Bree was born, really, and I don't remember how they got Tess to go back into remission that time. I don't recall her ever being much of a mother to Bree, that was all Jess. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Surprisingly, I'm actually enjoying Niki this time around. I thought the first scene with her was OTT, and said on here that I didn't found it the one false note in ES's acting, but since then it's been good, so I retract it all! ES is truly the best actress on daytime!

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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