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April 19, 2011

(Possible) Branching Out... A Poll!

So let's say hypothetically the landscape of daytime serial drama is poised to change somewhat dramatically. Hypothetically. Are there any primetime serial dramas you'd especially enjoy coverage of here?

And don't worry, we'll still cover what we cover until the bitter and sniffly end. I'll also be starting a bit of an experiment soon-ish regarding The Bold and the Beautiful (more on that later, once I work up the nerve). In the meantime, here's a very short list of primetime serial dramas that are already on my radar -- not counting shows that won't be back till fall; I may check in about Dexter and Sons of Anarchy when the leaves start turning, but not at the moment. Feel free to toss out suggestions in the comments section, though I'm not making any promises about taking on anything completely new until OLTL has closed its studio doors for the final time. (Am I trying to make myself cry? I might be, actually.) 

(Edited after many comments: Oh man. I should've warned about my aversion to costume drama of any kind. Maybe we can sweet-talk Mallory into covering some of those if she watches them! But I'm all for any non-sci-fi suggestions that take place in contemporary times!)


If you decide to cover FNL woudl you start from the beginning? Because it's a couple episodes into it's final season on NBC (and is finished on DirectTV).

LoriK, I was thinking of just covering FNL for its final season as it's broadcast on regular network TV (we old-fashioned folks have only had the season premiere so far!).

FNL absolutely kills me. every single week. i've also just discovered Parenthood and had an on-demand mini-marathon this weekend, talk about a sob-fest!

I love all you guys' writing so I voted for everything! and of course, please keep writing about GH.

And I hope you guys are here with AMC and OLTL until the bitter sad sad end! Reading this blog will help me through it.

In the "other" category, "Pretty Little Liars" over on ABC Family is a pretty enjoyable guilty pleasure with some soap alums (hi, Laura Leighton!).

But really I love your snarky writing style so much I'd read anything you girls wanna write.

Oooh...at least we have "True Blood" back soon!

Not a fan of any of those but what about medical or forensic dramas like Greys Anatomy, Off the Map, Bones...I know comedies are out but im in love with How I met Your Mother...great show and NPH steals it often!

I don't watch any of those and can't really think of a primetime serial drama. House comes close I guess. What about Dexter - is it still on?

How about Mad Men? It's very soapy, I think.

I vote Brothers & Sisters -- unless ABC kills that off as well (which is quite possible). Soapy, soapy family drama!!

I'd love to see you guys take on the Greek tragedy that is Superntural but I'm not sure that this isn't the final year. Game of Thrones, Fringe and True Blood are medieval, sci-fi and supernatural soaps that are also awesome and could use your witty recaps.

I think too many people cover Gossip Girl and many have abandoned 90210 just when it's getting good again!

I'm with Kristen... Grey's Anatomy needs to be dealt with by you guys. Seriously *that* is a soap. I'm currently re-watching with my teenage daughters and they're hooked. They think it's way better than DOOL (our daytime soap of choice) and fits a serial drama definition. While there isn't the "traditional" backstabbing abounds/evil twins/possession storylines there is plenty of drama, laughter, on going story arcs, motivating and well fleshed out characters.

Izzy, we've already got True Blood on the roster for ya! Mallory covers it beautifully: http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/true-blood/

Game of Thrones!

Vampire Diaries!

I am loving The Killing, so even though it's darker than your average serial, I'd read it if you wrote about it.

If you want something inherently mockable, then take jabs at Grey's Anatomy, which is better than it has been but is still just . . . so. . .

I said Gossip Girl, but I'm only interested in Dan/Blair on that show so you could talk about them.

I second the vote for Pretty Little Liars! However, if anyone can make The Killing a little less heavy, it's y'all!

Seriously, though. Game of Thrones had violence, intrigue, sex, murder, and incest all in the pilot alone! It's just starting, so you're not playing catch up, and it's been picked up for a second season, so there's long-term blogging potential.

Also, Jason Mamoa. So there's that.

I was just thinking about the future of Serial Drama! I love your writing and would love it if you branch out--although I'm sorry you have to.

Gossip Girl, the new 90210 (solely for the snarking), Parenthood, old episodes of Dynasty--I will excitedly read whatever you write. :)

P.S. I don't see a poll? Hit the link but it just took me to some general polls.

I think Mad Men would be a good companion show to the existing True Blood commentary (whenever it comes back). What about The Good Wife?

Parenthood would be perfect! Similar to Brothers and Sisters in that it's an ensemble about family dynamics, but... really, really good. ;)

ITA about The Good Wife. What about Glee? Grey's and Private Practice would be good, too. I love FNL but there are only 12 episodes left in the series.

Gossip Girl

Mad Men

Friday Night Lights is in its last season and alot of people have already finished watching the series on DirecTV (or online)

Pretty Little Liars is really good and pretty soapy.

Vampire Diaries is actually really really good and I would love to read recaps of that.

Vampire Diaries!!! Yes, please! You won't be disappointed and the hotness factor is RIDICULOUS!

Grey's is a good choice as well.

I'll echo the Game of Thrones write-in! Soapy goodness... with BOOBIES!

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