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April 19, 2011

(Possible) Branching Out... A Poll!

So let's say hypothetically the landscape of daytime serial drama is poised to change somewhat dramatically. Hypothetically. Are there any primetime serial dramas you'd especially enjoy coverage of here?

And don't worry, we'll still cover what we cover until the bitter and sniffly end. I'll also be starting a bit of an experiment soon-ish regarding The Bold and the Beautiful (more on that later, once I work up the nerve). In the meantime, here's a very short list of primetime serial dramas that are already on my radar -- not counting shows that won't be back till fall; I may check in about Dexter and Sons of Anarchy when the leaves start turning, but not at the moment. Feel free to toss out suggestions in the comments section, though I'm not making any promises about taking on anything completely new until OLTL has closed its studio doors for the final time. (Am I trying to make myself cry? I might be, actually.) 

(Edited after many comments: Oh man. I should've warned about my aversion to costume drama of any kind. Maybe we can sweet-talk Mallory into covering some of those if she watches them! But I'm all for any non-sci-fi suggestions that take place in contemporary times!)


I would love to see you guys crack on Grey's - that would be awesome. GLEE would be fun too!

I don't watch much TV but I voted for G.Girl since that's the only one of the selection I watch...Nikita, The Good Wife, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Borgias, Camelot haven't seen much of Games of the Thrones...D

Mad Men - although they only do about 13 episodes a year, so that would leave you about 39 weeks for something else...The Walking Dead was really good in it's first season, although a little gory.

Desperate Housewives is the only other soapy prime time drama that I watch - and it is pretty bad most of the time - but HEY, you're used to that! Thanks, ABC!

What is this The Killing you speak of? @ Louise ohhhhhhh, gimme, gimme! I'm glad to see GofT getting love and for Mallory, the only person on television who has a worse life then Kendall Slater is Dean Winchester and he's just as pretty.

Another vote for Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. They're definitely soaps and plotted almost as badly as GH.

@Izzy: The Killing is a fabulous new murder drama on AMC on Sundays. It's based off a Danish series and has this creepy dark twisty Scandinavian sense to it. It follows the murder of one girl and intertwines her family, the investigators, and the suspects into one multi-layered story. Great writing and acting thus far.

@Mary Beth, that sounds fabulous and as I like my shows dark right up my ally.

With FNL going off the air shortly I would vote for "Parenthood" (I realize that wasn't actually a choice). It's from the same guy who created FNL and has a perfect mix of comedy and drama. Also, with the awesome actors I think you would have plenty of fun with screencaps!

Game of Thrones!! Sean Bean! Peter Dinklage! Sex, incest, fantasy, swords, horses! These are recaps that could easily stop in the middle with a huge 'WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SEE?!'

I don't really follow much in the way of regular network 'serial dramas' to be honest. If it's not a comedy, I kind of don't care because I need to be grabbed immediately or it doesn't happen. I tend to watch the USA network shows "Burn Notice" "Psyche" "White Collar" and the like...

But the premium channels... they know what they're doing. 'True Blood' 'The Borgias' 'Game of Thrones' -- hell, even 'Camelot' (which is seriously harshing my love-buzz of Arthurian legend simply because I have no love of Arthur here and Guenivere kind of sucks, too) counts as full on SOAP.

When it comes to serial drama in raging soap splendor... it's the premium channels that are really bringing it, in my opinion.

Another write in for Game of Thrones. It already got picked up for season 2. Epic soaptastic fantasy, yes please.

I'm with those who suggested Vampire Diaries! That show is all sorts of soapy goodness. Really loved the premiere of Game of Thrones, too.

To those who mentioned Mad Men, that might be kind of hard, since it won't air this summer due to contract negotiations.

Regarding Gossip Girl, it's been a horrible mess since the middle of season 2. In fact, the ONLY redeeming quality about the show as of now is the possibility of a Dan/Blair romance. I can't even describe how disgusted I will be if Blair ends up back with Chuck after he traded her to his skeevy Uncle Jack for a hotel and then proceeded to sleep with Jenny Humphrey when Blair wouldn't forgive him right away.

Not a big fan of anything listed, because if I have my druthers I would rather watch NCIS all day every day.

Y&R??? Remember when you guys used to cover Y&R???

game of thrones and true blood....

if those 2 aren't full of soapy goodness - i will eat soap....plus more nudity. so you get love at night instead of love in the afternoon.

Gossip Girl is probably nearing the end of its run, whereas new 90210 is just gathering steam and is ridiculous enough to allow for sufficient hilarity in recaps/critiques.

Have you considered Hellcats?

The more I see Gossip Girl pulling ahead in this poll, the more I think about how I really think GG already has pretty much the ultimate responder in snark, recapping detail, and general brilliance over at Television Without Pity.... I might be too intimidated.

I'll just be sad to give up an NYC show when OLTL ends. Perhaps I'll find another! The Good Wife is NYC and is stellar but not near ridiculous enough for the likes of my commentary...

I know you stated that costume drama wasn't your thing Louise.. but you really really should just take a peek a Game of Thrones!

First epi was last Sunday on HBO and it was EPIC!

What about Mad Men? (When it returns to the air next year.)

MAD MEN!!!! (When it returns to the air next year.)

Vampire Diaries would be awesome!

The Vampire Diaries is sooo soapy and so crazy ridiculous good.

Pretty Little Liars is so bad it's good.

The Good Wife is 9 kinds of awesome (and Julianna Margulies is rockin' it).

Mad Men (if for no other reason than the sweet goodness that is John Hamm).

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Brothers & Sisters
The Good Wife
Body of Proof
Friday Night Lights
The Borgia's

*Any of the above would be great for everyone to snark at!

I don't watch any of those so I'm jumping into the other category with the USA network series, or at least Burn Notice, Psych and Royal Pains. I would actually classify Burn Notice and Royal Pains as semi-serial drama since they have a continuing storyline under the weekly stories. Maybe borderline and not semi, but I'd love a place to talk about them when they're back. Burn Notice and Royal Pains are back in June, FYI. Psych comes back in the fall.

Pretty Little Liars would fit since there are cast members who were once on soaps. It is a quite addictive show. Vampire Diaries is awesome too. I have no idea if my posts are even coherent especially when one of the guys takes his shirt off.

I find it fun to make fun of 90210. I got sucked in because I was a fan of the original one. Who doesn't love it when the crazy person's pills get switched?

A couple of people mentioned Vampire Diaries. My daughter got me hooked on the show. It is so unbelievably good and very well acted. You need to watch it, if you don't already. Also Parenthood is such an excellent show. It has gotten better since it started. Plus it has my favorite actress from Gilmore Girls, the fabulous Lauren Graham. Thanks for thinking about branching out. I love your website and don't want to live without it, sniff, sniff!!

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