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April 19, 2011

(Possible) Branching Out... A Poll!

So let's say hypothetically the landscape of daytime serial drama is poised to change somewhat dramatically. Hypothetically. Are there any primetime serial dramas you'd especially enjoy coverage of here?

And don't worry, we'll still cover what we cover until the bitter and sniffly end. I'll also be starting a bit of an experiment soon-ish regarding The Bold and the Beautiful (more on that later, once I work up the nerve). In the meantime, here's a very short list of primetime serial dramas that are already on my radar -- not counting shows that won't be back till fall; I may check in about Dexter and Sons of Anarchy when the leaves start turning, but not at the moment. Feel free to toss out suggestions in the comments section, though I'm not making any promises about taking on anything completely new until OLTL has closed its studio doors for the final time. (Am I trying to make myself cry? I might be, actually.) 

(Edited after many comments: Oh man. I should've warned about my aversion to costume drama of any kind. Maybe we can sweet-talk Mallory into covering some of those if she watches them! But I'm all for any non-sci-fi suggestions that take place in contemporary times!)


The Vampire Diaries is really good... and soapy! It's actually one of the best shows on tv right now.

I'd also be down with The Killing (so good) and FNL (except this is it's last season).

I'll Echo Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars.

I'll put in another vote for Vampire Diaries. It's got an evil look alike! And the evil look alike has evil cunning plans which actually come to fruition at times! There's a love triangle! The heroine is actually selfless and is actually shown thinking of other people.

The writing is also incredibly tight--something is always happening at the half hour and at the end of the show. The plotting is well-paced and there are very few filler episodes. You also have the "Duh" moments such as Mystic Falls penchant for throwing parties or dances even though people keep dying at them.

Glad to see I'm not the only Vampire Diaries addict here! It is seriously a fantastic show... I haven't loved a show this much since Buffy went off the air.

Parenthood is also a good option. Good soapy, family drama.

I didn't vote, because with the exception of FNL, I don't watch any of the shows listed in the poll. And as others have mentioned, this is the last season of FNL and many have already seen it on DirectTV, so it doesn't seem like the best option.

The Good Wife

Friday Night Lights


I would have said FNL, but I just marathoned (real word or fake word?) the last season on DVD, and just about everyone who's wanted to see it has already seen it.

I know only a few people have mentioned it, but I'd love to see Brothers & Sisters. It has everything we love (great family dynamic, multi-layered characters, smart dialogue, eye candy that can actually act) and hate (telegraphed plot twists, promising characters who just sort of fade into the background)about soaps. Plus, Scotty and Kevin are awesome.

Sorry about the double post yesterday!!!

Vampire Diaries, for sure. I'm kind of getting into 90210. LOL!!

Love seeing all the love for Vampire Diaries here! I didn't get into it at first, but after season one ended, I rewatched the first half of the season and the rest of it and got hooked. It really did get better and better as the first season went on, and season two has been FANTASTIC. So entertaining, every single episode has been action packed, and at the center of the show is a pretty HOT soap opera-ish triangle.

Oh, and I'm not a huge fan of Twilight, didn't care for Edward Cullen, but I don't know how ANY Twilight fans could think that Rob Pattinson is anywhere near as hot as Ian Somerhalder's Damon Salvatore LOL

You should try Nikita. I just started watching it and I'm completely addicted. Lyndsy Fonseca is one of the stars and Thad Luckinbill plays her love interest. It's like a JT/Colleen reunion!

I second Nikita.

I think it's a great material for mockery Serial Drama way :)

I wouldn't mind Bones, Desperate Housewives or Glee.

The thing is, i'm quite happy with Grey's, Practice, The Good Wife, Parenthood or other shows mentioned above and I find it hard to mock them. However, if you choose to cover any of them, I'd read it all.

Oh! You could always hold out to see if the Dallas remake for TNT makes it to series.

I mean that has the potential to be recapping GOLD, amiright?

Vampire Diaries has some of the best writing and character development I've seen on network television, especially for a show about teenagers.

That said, Grey's Anatomy would be a GREAT choice. For my money, the only reason Scrubs/the hospital get ANY screentime on GH is that the success of Grey's Anatomy (on the same network) forced Guza to admit that maybe audiences don't ONLY like mobsters, doctors & their relationships and adventures can sometimes be popular, too. Or at least, it refuted the contrary claim...

Sorry, I don't watch any of the shows in that poll. I'm sure they'd be very fun to mock, but I'm not watching them. Blech.

I agree with Game of Thrones. I love Supernatural, but it's not very soapy. I haven't watched Vampire Diaries, but I'm being told I really should. Weeds is really great, too.

CONSIDER Game of Thrones. It is definite soapy goodness with a side of violence and boobs. What more could you ask for?

Jennifer, I would watch NCIS all day, every day, too! The only thing remotely soapy about it, though, is Tiva.

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