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April 30, 2011

Preview for A Bold And Not-So-Beautiful Experiment

So I was going to wait till I got a few weeks of episodes under my belt, but there were just too many awesome things in this last batch of episodes to keep mum. I am making an attempt at picking up The Bold and the Beautiful, which I have not watched since the eighties. Obviously as the soaps are disappearing one-by-one (or two), it's worth it to find new ones to keep the genre alive (if such a thing can occur). Obviously I don't have the history with B&B that would make me a perfect candidate to cover it, but I will certainly try. And I'm kind of looking forward to you wonderful readers filling me in on years of backstory and linking me to sites that cover all the ugly details, if any of you are so inclined.


Still kickin'!

Among the reasons I chose B&B instead of another show: I used to watch it. Literally from the very first episode. Also, it's only a half hour, so probably a lot easier to catch up on and watch in marathon form. I'm also told Scott Clifton, Rick Hearst, Andrea Evans, and Jack Wagner are on it, and that works for me, though from what I've seen they don't exactly eat up screentime. In fact, I have yet to see some of them at all. (So, uh, Rick Hearst's character is really named Whipple? This is what people actually call him?) I also mistakenly thought Ian Buchanan was still on it, but apparently that ended years ago. I am psyched that Alley Mills is on the show; I had no idea!

Among the reasons I'm frightened of taking on B&B: soaps are personal. Viewers are hardcore. I will make fun of things that I have no right to, and I will get things wrong regularly. And I will be confused all the time.

So I guess my point is, use the comments below to talk about whether you'd enjoy a B&B presence here at Serial Drama. And remember, correct me as much as necessary, I welcome it! While it's clearly true that Serial Drama is responsible for the fact that Mallory, Becca, and I are all fabulously wealthy and world-famous (obviously), we don't have fact-checkers. 

Okay, first of all, Hunter Tylo's upper lip is its own character on this show. I suspected as much before jumping in, but it's truly frightening. Also, is Heather Tom angry that she's on another show where a major female character does the nasty with her stepson? Or jealous that it's not her character? How many times has Ridge been married to Brooke, and how many times has he been married to Taylor? And how many collective children do they all have? There must be a lot of incest on this show, right? If I recall correctly, the last time I watched this show, none of them had any children at all. Are any of them long-losts or just products of the SORAS? (Sure, I know this is all available on the internet. I'll get to it, but I also know it's fun to introduce people to your show... so feel free!)

Speaking of the last time I watched this show, other than the fact that the actors have aged, the look of the show hasn't changed a bit. I'm pretty sure in B&B's Southern California, it's definitely still 1989. There are a lot of new characters, but I'm impressed with how many have stuck around. Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Thorne, Eric, Stephanie, and they do all seem to be central to this day. Is that fair, or has this plane crash storyline not really been representative of the typically major players?

I am loving the daytime love scenes. They're totally old school with the slow-motion and the horns and the jump-cuts to various pieces of clothing being removed. And seriously, Brooke stranded on the island with her ripped dress exposing her black bra and undies is about the old-school soapiest imagery you can get.


And the special effects? Well...



Love it. Love it.

And I am sure that message boards all over the internet lit up with this one so I'm way late to the party, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a visible cue card??!!


Because if it is, that is amazing.

That's all I got. For now. Should we keep going?

Whipple out!


Are you saying it's Bridget's fault because she chose an older partner?

I agree though that it is stupid of anyone to just talk to any of Brooke's exes.

I think Gio meant that Bridget chose to get involved with someone who she knew had been with her mother, instead of maybe looking for someone who had not been with her mother (i.e. perhaps someone younger).

I'm not trying to justify or defend anyone here, but I agree with Gio('s implicit point) that Brooke tends to get villified and other characters sanctified, as in this case Bridget. My point: Brooke's been at fault many times, but Bridget has hardly been an innocent bystander since the Deacon debacle (where she was indeed innocent).

ziyal, in all fairness, are there any men left Brooke hasn't been involved with?

I haven't watched for years, so I cannot comment on Bridget's later years, for me, JF is still Bridget when I think of that character as I have seen more of her than Ashley.

Anyway, I agree Bridget shouldn't have gotten involved with Brooke's ex, no one should. But when she got together with Nick (I hope I remember this right) he wasn't with Brooke or in love with her, hence I still don't see it as her fault that Brooke went after her daughter's husband again.

My problem with Brooke is/was that she always decided she loved someone who was already taken. At that point when the man was clearly in love with someone else, she realized he was the love of her life. And don't let me start with Ridge, actually, he may be the one to top the list as the character of his is even worse than Brooke to me, again from what I remember. In that never ending triangle he was the worst of all.

How is it now btw, is it still Taylor versus Brooke over Ridge?

I see your point, and I agree that Brooke often goes after men who are already taken + she's been with ALL the men, but I'm also glad you brought up Ridge, as him being the worst of all, because generally I find that Brooke haters put all the blame on Brooke, and forget that all these men WILLINGLY slept with her.

At the end of the day, it's just a soap and I look at it as such, but I stopped going to the message boards because I got so tired of the hate, and of the women (i.e. Brooke) taking the blame for everything. Such a double standard.

As for the other women---yes, Brooke may be the sluttiest of them all, but it's a soap, so they are all slutty in my opinion (even Bridget is slutty now----I guess only Stephanie isn't slutty, but I think it's probably because S.Flannery probably refused), and them all being slutty just means that they are ALL such hypocrites when they bash Brooke for being more slutty than them, rofl.

As for the triangle, it finally seems to be OVER, but for how long that will be, we shall see. Bridge have been married for about 2 yrs now, and Taylor recently married Whip and they seem pretty happy. There's still a lot of fighting regarding the children when Brooke & Taylor come head to head, or Ridge sides with Taylor, but it hasn't been romantic in 2 yrs pretty much, thank god! I HATED that triangle because it made the two women seem so lame and desperate.

Anyway, Bridge have been solid for almost 2 years now, except for this Thomas thing now, which I find totally eww, but it just sadly goes to show that the writers can't think up anything new for Brooke but to have her continuously be the object of desire for every man (esp. any Forrester man).

Then again, maybe ratings really spike when Brooke has an affair or the hint of an affair so yeah....that's the Bold & Beautiful for ya! I'm a total Brookie, if you can't tell, lol.

Please start recapping this with snark! (With all of the incest, quasincest, and step-cest, it's easy to get snarky.) I tuned back in a few weeks ago, and honestly, the cast is in the best shape I've seen it in for ages. I'm a HUGE Susan Flannery fan, I love the fact that the older characters still have stories to tell and live, and it's classic late-80s soap. If you're on twop, go a good 15-30 pages back and start reading... there are some major discussion threads about various relationships and plot points, links to You Tube, etc.

I was very excited before the show has started...Now I'm not so excited but I still watch..

ziyal, thanks for the info.

I think back then when I was watching Brooke was the only slutty one, but I believe you that it has changed. I suppose Taylor was with most of the same men as Brooke by now.

I remember that I used to like Taylor and wanted for her to get Ridge, but after a couple of years I just wanted both women to find someone new and let him be. I didn't wish him on anyone, even Brooke. Happy to hear that at least Taylor is safe for now, now let's liberate Brooke.

On the other hand, I think it's great that BB still writes for veterans unlike DOOL.

Oh, it's TOTALLY wonderful that B&B still writes for veterans. That's one of the reasons it's my favorite soap. To be fair, I would say that Brooke probably gets most airtime of the four vets, but half the time she's being slutty, so I guess it evens out.

My viewership has been sporadic, but from what I've read on the recap sites, yes, all the girls are slutty, except Hope (well, duh, she still a virgin--I think). Steffy is kinda on the fence because she uses her sexual charms to get her way, but she has never had to follow through yet (i.e. actually have sex to get what she wants).

It appears that the writers are making parallels in making Hope more like Taylor used to be and Steffy more like Brooke used to be. I think it's an interesting dynamic for now.

As for Taylor, yes, she has slept with a bunch of other men too, which I normally wouldn't care about, but after she had sex, a full-blown relationship + short-lived engagement with Rick (Brooke's son), she's really in NO position to judge anyone, least of all Brooke.

I just think it's a fun show, and it's a nice change from GH, which I had to stop watching because I just couldn't stand all the violence (against women). B&B may have double standards and some sexism, but at least no one is getting blown up. Plus, like you said, they love their veterans. Which I believe is the reason B&B regularly gets the best soap international award.

If all the soaps end up closing in the next few years, it will be so, so wonderful to have B&B end with the core 4, just like it began---has any other soap managed that? I don't think even the ones with shorter runs was able to do that.

I wish the core 4 (+ Taylor) good health.

Contributing a basic summary of stories for everybody that's on the canvas at this point, since right now we're actually in the middle of most of them...

Stephanie: part-owner of Forrester Creations. Currently undergoing treatment for lung cancer; on friendly terms with Brooke indirectly due to same.

Brooke: collaborator with Thomas on the Taboo clothing line. Married to Ridge (again). May or may not have had toked-up berry sex with...

Thomas: designer and part-owner at FC. Sortakinda dating Dayzee, Stephanie's formerly homeless friend (has been macking on Summer, a model, and Madison the secretary as well). Attracted to Brooke and kissed her while on an earlier plane trip, which on top of some work-related friction caused a strained relationship with...

Ridge: part-owner and currently CEO of Forrester Creations.

Eric: part-owner and chief designer at FC. Reconciled with Stephanie after his marriage to Donna imploded last year and Stephanie's cancer issues.

Taylor: former part-owner of Forrester Creations (gave her shares to Steffy). Married to Whip. Inherited part of Stephanie's anti-Brooke mantle in the wake of the cancer issue and Brooke replacing her as Steph's BFF.

Steffy: senior executive at and part-owner of FC. Heiress apparent of Stephanie's anti-Brooke mantle. In love with Bill, much to Katie's chagrin (has bonded with Bill over the plane crash and his planning to kill Amber prior to that).

Katie: undefined senior executive/consultant at Spencer Publishing. Currently separated from Bill.

Hope: in love with Liam, but broken up from him (see: Amber).

Bill: publisher, part-owner of FC. Marriage to Katie on the rocks (with Steffy waiting in the wings like a vulture) due to his planning to kill Amber.

Liam: recently found out he was Bill's long-lost son. In love with Hope, but currently with...

Amber: pregnant with what is believed to be Liam's child due to a supposed one-night stand, but is actually either Oliver's or Marcus's. Was nearly killed in an accident at a beach house Bill set her up in before he could attempt to kill her for apparently setting out to get herself pregnant by Liam.

Oliver: currently photographer/music director at FC. In love with Hope. Had freaky masked wall sex with Brooke last year (what some of us call the Pose boink, after the Daddy Yankee song that started it), but nobody really mentions that now.

Pam: secretary at FC. Engaged to Stephen. Makes lemon bars.

Donna: married to Justin Barber. Was briefly part-owner of FC (awarded shares of it last year in her divorce settlement with Eric) before selling her portion to Bill.

Nick: CEO of Jackie M (formerly Spectra Designs). Has a son by Brooke, via Taylor, that is never seen.

Owen: model at Jackie M. Married to Jackie. Has a son by Bridget due to a one-night stand (both currently absent from canvas).

Jackie: president and chief designer at Jackie M. That's about it.

Whip: PR guru at Jackie M. Latent issues with Ridge and Taylor continuing to be close after she, you know, went and married him.

Dayzee: currently runs Dayzee's, formerly the Insomnia coffee house, for/with Stephanie. Briefly dated Marcus before hooking up with Thomas.

Marcus: son of Donna and Justin (and adopted by Eric last year). Currently in Paris at Forrester International.

Justin: senior executive at Spencer Publishing. Married to Donna, and that's about it.

Tawny: Amber's mother. Is one of only two people who know that Amber's baby isn't Liam's (the other is lab tech Carl Ferret, whom she convinced to rig the DNA tests demanded by Bill when everything got out).

Bill C. - amazing recap! I LOLed throughout.

Question: Where is Rick? Also, Owen and Bridget--not on canvas, but are they in LA or somewhere else?

Louise--looking forward to your next B&B recap <3

Kyle Lowder (Rick) got let go and Ashley Jones (Bridget) is more or less on recurring status now...I think they've said previously that Rick is at Forrester International and Bridget is/was traveling with Logan, her son with Owen.

And to answer a question Louise, ahem, posed: while the show is probably a lot more balanced this year than it has been in the past three or so, the highest-profile (and often dumbest or most irritating) stuff still tends to be all about Brooke and/or Ridge (Pose, Thomas's ties to Brooke driving Ridge and Taylor bonkers, Taylor calling out Ridge's name while making love to Whip a while back, and so on). Amber scamming Liam on her pregnancy--complete with reminders that she did the same thing to Rick a decade ago--is the notable exception, due to all the umbrella-level stuff that's tied to it (in an almost literal sense everything that doesn't involve a Forrester or Marone can be traced back indirectly to this story).

I must've totally spaced out on the fact that Kyle Lowder got let go. Thanks for the info!

Ziyal wrote:

"I think Gio meant that Bridget chose to get
involved with someone who she knew had been with her mother, instead of maybe looking for someone who had not been with her mother (i.e. perhaps someone younger).

I'm not trying to justify or defend anyone here, but I agree with Gio('s implicit point) that Brooke tends to get villified and other characters sanctified, as in this case Bridget. My point: Brooke's been at fault many times, but Bridget has hardly been an innocent bystander since the Deacon debacle (where she was indeed innocent)."

Thank you, Ziyal, that was what I was trying to say. I am not saying Brooke is an angel, it's just that she gets villified while others get a free pass. And Bridget is one of the characters who gets a free pass, as well as Ridge. He RAPED Brooke while she was engaged to Nick, and instead of hanving him held accountable, the writers pen Brooke as returning to him.

So excited about B&B coverage! Please keep it up!

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