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April 03, 2011

Quick! Start A Fund-Raising Drive For The Llanview Public School District!

Call me crazy, but Friday's One Life to Live really kicked things up a notch and got me way back into this show. I still couldn't possibly care less about Deanna and her almost-foray into porn (from which she was rescued by James, of course) and am hoping in vain that this means the end of that little subplot (except that for some reason the porn guy apparently wants to make her sorry she quit, which... I mean, isn't this a legal adult film? Can't he just hire another freaking actress? Why is this porn director so preoccupied with recruiting performers from the unwilling?). But the Nora/Bo/Clint business and the Echo/Charlie/Viki triangle and the bullying storyline all went into high gear and, for the most part, it was some damn good soap and I'm eager for Monday's episode.

I doubt that they'll really bring Viki into the bullying storyline, but it was a nice touch having her "accidentally" walk into the middle of it by stopping by the carriage house and seeing Shane, who was home dealing with the trauma of how he'd just been humiliated at school. I was always a little uncomfortable with Austin Williams as an actor because of this squinting thing he does right before "meaningful" lines, and he's still doing it but for some reason it's working in this story. He's awkward, and now it's more like, "Of course he's awkward!"

Meanwhile, back at the high school, we learned that the Llanview Public School system is severely under-funded. Is no one paying taxes in this town? I'd like to start a fundraising campaign because, really, my heart goes out those schools and their inability to hire any staff. It was one thing the day prior when, over the course of what was really only a few minutes, a large group of kids got together to publicly humiliate Shane in the school gym. I find it somewhat implausible that there would be no adults present but, as I said, it was really only a few minutes. However, immediately afterwards? Three people who are neither students nor employees at the school just walked straight into the gym to have a lengthy confrontation about what had transpired, complete with yelling and screaming and physical altercations. And no one noticed. Wouldn't Starr, Gigi, and Rex have had to sign in and get a pass to even enter the school? And then Rex started basically throwing Jack around and even made a move to punch him -- and by the way, this all happened before Rex learned what had just gone down. All he knew about at that point was the MyFace comments (why is Shane MyFace friends with Jack, may I ask? And why does he not delete his comments? I guess MyFace really isn't like Facebook.) And Starr and Gigi screamed and screamed and, still, no teacher or custodian or guidance counselor in sight. 


Well, of course no one was there who worked at the school. Had there been, Rex would've been arrested. Then again, maybe Rex thought all of this out in advance and rationally concluded that the best way to communicate with Jack would be to speak Jack's father's language which is, of course, bullying and physically threatening teenagers. It's a good thing no one was there because Rex and Gigi totally couldn't get away with misbehaving at the high school using the typical Llanviewite method (offering up a giant donation to the school, which it could clearly use) since, and I don't know if you guys know this but, Rex and Gigi are, like, totally poor, you guys.

I know I'm constantly disparaging the teen storylines, but when they're done well and actually resonate something, they can work beautifully. I just don't care about which bland pretty teen is dating which other bland pretty teen. 

Meanwhile, hats off to Hillary B. Smith (Nora), who had to spend a good chunk of the episode alone, talking herself through a memory. "And then I tried the door, and I couldn't get in." (Dramatic pause.) "I got in." 


"It wasn't locked. I opened the door. (Gasp!) Did I go into the room? Oh my god! Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Oh god. Okay. All right. All right, all right, all right. Just relax, just relax, just relax. Okay, you can do this you can do this you can do this you can do this. You're outside the door. You open the door. (Gasp!)"


And she's down for the count! This kind of silliness is always good for a fun time. Smith is one hell of a good sport. And of course this was all leading up to the revelation that, no, Clint wasn't protecting Nora from realizing that she killed Eddie, but from realizing that Matthew did. Now that's a good Friday cliffhanger and I am holding out some serious hope that this means Eddie Alderson (easily the best young actor in a sea of young actors on that show) will get some good material. Am I a fool for having expectations that this will be Matthew's story and not just the adults standing around talking about him?

And then the other big soapy Friday cliffhanger was pure classic soap and I love it.


Love it! And I love that this is happening in the over-50 crowd. I seriously cannot wait for this confrontation. We know these three can bring it.

Sigh. So I am just like most soap viewers, in that I completely freak out if there are two bad episodes in a row and am also singing from the rooftops if there are two good episodes in a row. We're a strange breed, aren't we. And all of this paired with the newest nasty rumor that both All My Children and One Life to Live are about to be canceled, I've got whiplash. And something in my eye. Say it ain't so! I am not going to let this show go quietly. But I'm also making a concerted effort not to completely panic over a rumor.

I mean... right? We shouldn't panic. Right?


Wow. I haven't watched OLTL for several weeks, but the screen cap of Viki walking in on Charlie and Icko is enough by itself to make me want to go watch Friday's episode on ABC.com.

The Matthew thing I didn't see coming.

It will truly be ironic if OLTL is the show to be cancelled--now that Michael Fairman says (as of 4/2, it changes day to day, folks), quoting Soaps In Depth, that AMC is safe--since out of all six of them still on the air, it seems to have the most strong points and the least wrong with it (which tells you a lot about the other shows, given how much IS actually wrong with OLTL).

I found it kinda unsettling that, in a story about how bullying is wrong, we have an "adult" physically intimidating a teenager. But that's Rex for ya.

I too cannot wait for Viki to tear Echo and Charlie apart. Ditto the fallout from Clint's reveal.

I agree that it would have been better writing if the show had used the Rex-Jack thing (and I can hardly blame Rex for wanting to pound the little uh, jerk, and I think 99 percent of men would have had the same reaction if it was their asthmatic kid being bullied--not excusing it so much as saying I can understand it)to showcase how as a society we're too inclined to use intimidation and physicality to solve problems. (On the other hand: often the only things bullies understand is being out-bullied. But I can't exactly give Rex credit for realizing that and give him that motivation, since he's not the brightest bulb on the planet.)

Da-yum. What a stellar episode. The porn stuff was (unintentionally) hilarious and really, truly bad (bad writing, bad acting, bad everything), but other than that, it was all top-notch material, and so good that I didn't care that the porn stuff was so laughably awful. (And so we see that James is apparently cut from the same cloth as big brother BobbyFord; he and Starr are barely "together" and he's smooching on some other girl. Explain to me again why I should care about this guy--or this story?) Starr showed more gumption (and sense) in her scenes with Jack than she has in months, and finally Jack and his buddies are called out on what they're doing. Nora-Clint-Bo: great stuff. (Jerry ver Dorn is so underrated.)And so the process of redeeming Clint begins (they've got a long haul on that one). And Viki walking in on her slimeball adulterous husband and his scheming lying tramp of a girlfriend was just too, too terrific. It's a pity they're tossing Charlie (and the actor who plays him) under the bus to make this story work, but Charlie's usefulness in the story is pretty much nonexistent at this point, so I guess using him to drive some great scenes (and you KNOW they will be great) of Viki confronting Icko and Charlie makes some sense.

I will actually make it a point to watch Monday, and I haven't been able to say that since somewhere around late February-early March.

I totally agree. Friday's episode restored my faith that OLTL can still tell good soapy story! Please, please keep it in the air!

I thought the reveal that Matthew is Eddie's Ford's killer was a tad disappointing and anticlimactic. However Eddie Alderson did an interview in TV Guide about this and from what I could tell it means he will be back in the thick of things and we will again get to see his stellar acting prowess. I for one thought it was becoming obvious that Matthew was the killer and Clint was covering for him so I was a tad disappointed by how this played out but the actors involved have kept it interesting and I assume there's plenty more to come so I am looking forward to it. EA is one of the most talented young actors especially considering how this show has such difficulty in that area (though he has had a decade to master his craft). He is definitely able to hold his own when it comes to acting with RSW, HBS and JVD.

I am also looking forward to scenes with ES, BK and KZ now that Vicki knows the truth. I imagine this will pave the way for Charlie's exit which is ultimately sad but I imagine this will also lead to some serious blowouts b/w Vicki and Echo which are always fun. I also imagine this will lead to Vicki finding out that Dorian knew about this affair and therefore create a huge rift in their current friendship which should also be interesting to see.

I know the porn storyline is tepid right now but I think Austin Peck is doing well with what's he's been given and I'd hope they'll expand his forays in Llanview because he seems like he could be an interesting character. I don't really care about Deanna/James/Starr thhough.

I doubt highly that Shane will end up killing himself. Though AW his not on contract so who knows. I am reluctant to think that JPL and FF have the acting ability to pull off something that tragic. They are just barely able to pull off as much as they've been given so far. I think JPL has made some improvements acting wise. That and the fact that this story is not done in the cringe-worthy way the lukemia story was and is much more grounded in reality deserves some credit and sort of balances out the fact that NuJack is such a bad actor (though I still think the kid deserves a bit more time to hone his skills and work with the likes of KDP, TSJ and FL and even Ted King).

I am going to believe that OLTL will be spared too since AMC seems like it has been spared. I just don't see them breaking up the ABC daytime lineup like that and I still believe that OLTL is the best of the 3 and it's also the cheapest to keep on the air so I am optimistic we'll have much more to watch.

THANK YOU, Louise! I've been putting together a bake sale for Llanview High, since they obviously can't keep any adults on the payroll. Budget cuts are a bitch.

But, seriously, Friday was SO GOOD. It was just a textbook soap Friday, with multiple cliffhangers and storylines come to a head. Say what you will about RC, and there's stuff to be said, but he does know how to do that kind of stuff.

Oh, and Rex is about as intimidating as a kitten. A very orange kitten.

Well, this is the school that allowed a mentally ill 30 year old woman to attend classes there.

Friday was so good. I can't wait for Monday.

Also, I think that FF, AW, and JPL will rock these upcoming scenes. FF and JPL finding the suicide note was great acting from them and the promo gives me chills each time I see it.

You know, it's JPL I'm always worried about, acting-wise. I think FF gets shit on more than she deserves. Not that some of her "dramatic" acting isn't bad, but I think she can bring it if she gets a chance. I really think pairing her with JPL does her a disservice; bouncing off of him just amplifies and distorts her natural tics to trainwreck proportions. He's a ham gravity well, that one is.

I also think AW has done really well. Notice, though, he's had several years around seasons actors (and JPL) to buy a clue. That's why I cut NuJack a lot of slack; child and teen actors with actual talent right-off-the-bat and/or who aren't instantly annoying *coughMollyonGHcough* are finds rarer than a palm tree in Iceland. EA has turned into a terrific young actor, but he's had ten years on the show being mentored by a lot of veteran, talented actors.

I knew the murderer had to be either Nora or Matthew and was leaning toward Matthew. Unless, Matthew is covering for his mother who blocked the whole thing out!

FF and JPL are very weak actors and I truly hated that they were on so much during the Leukemia s/l. I just hope the bullying s/l wraps doesn't go on too long.

Shane is awkward. Now, I know why he makes me want to FF his scenes most of the time. Or, maybe it's that puberty hitting teenage boy thing going on.

Charlie and Viki were okay when they lived in Paris, TX, but once the reality set in for Charlie that Viki was a VERY wealthy woman and Echo who is more his "bar hopping speed" came along then yes, I'm not surprised that he slept with Echo.

Non-sequitur: If James's old gf's name is Deanna, why is everyone pronouncing it Dina/Deena?

I think it's hysterical that Austin Peck is a dayplaying porn director after his years on Days!

NuJack should take a look at this:


This little girl couldn't have been more than about eight, but she acts the socks off of this scene. Carmen LoPorto was years younger than the kid who's now playing Jack, but he could act. Why can't these crappy new OLTL teen actors get a decent acting coach?

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