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April 05, 2011


Well, folks, I'm at a loss for words. Wait, here's a few. By now many of you have probably heard the rather enormous news that Roger Howarth (i.e., the original Todd) is returning to One Life to Live. Wow. I admit I did not anticipate that this would ever really happen. I thought we were all just supposed to be in a massive state of anxiety right now since we keep being told that cancellation is imminent! And hey, it may still be. Bringing Howarth back and somehow explaining the Todd we've known for several years would be a pretty monster farewell story, but I'm not going to muck around in the worst case scenario here.

I don't really even know how I feel about this. I think Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John are both highly talented actors (and I might add I have a lot of respect for their non-soap work in particular), but also that they both can have a tendency to telegraph their own boredom or frustration in their acting. This could very well light a fire under both of them, and of course I'm dying to see how they're going to play this. I hate the character Todd right now, of course, but he was once a fascinating character study. Never a great, swell fellow. But fascinating as a fictional individual. We don't even know at this point if he is coming back as The Original Todd Manning, so I shouldn't go too crazy with speculation. But they definitely have my attention.

ToddIf he's really Todd, I sure hope he's had a bird to confide in during his time away.

What's everyone else thinking? Am I the only dope that's shocked here?


I have to admit OLTL is the best soap on the air right now. Since I heard Roger is returning I YouTubed for a refresher course on how he played Todd and I'm back to speed and I think the best way to do this is have him be OG Todd. Trevor can act his ass off so whatever explanation is given he can sell it and having two super actors is bonus. Seeing both actors with Kassie and Kristin is going to be a wonderful treat.
I'll admit to not buying Roger as Paul Ryan he seemed quite bored whenever I caught him on screen. Roger had better writing but TSJ I do believe is the best recast in soap history just about. I was thinking Roger's Todd would have killed Cole when he caught them having sex for sure because his Todd was wildly out of control, not that TSJ'd Todd isn't. Remember meat hooking Markko? Slapping around Langston, Starr falling down the stairs ec...
Ah good times! I think if they keep Tea with TSJ and put Roger with Blair then there is a winning formula and can drive tons of story. Oh heck they could switch it to the other side and it would still work it just depends on the writing. Both Trevor and Roger should be at odds with one another~EXPLOSIVE!!!!

they had people flying to london, to seattle, to wherever jarad died....

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