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May 25, 2011

An Issue of Tone

For so very long, the sight of Luke Spencer had me rolling my eyes completely involuntarily because I knew--I just knew!--that there would be some sort of "wacky" and "hilarious" shenanigans and that the poor scenery ran the risk of being eaten or covered in spittle following a particularly vigorous outburst of hamminess.

But the past few months have showcased a stunningly dark Luke. He killed Jake. He has been told, time and again, that he has a drinking problem and was forced to sit through a sad, albeit compelling, intervention. He screamed at Lulu in a fit of rage. And all of this was, frankly, horrible to watch: the man hit the rockiest of rocky bottoms.

And then. AND THEN! In rehab! This happened (please don't interpret my multiple exclamation points as exclamations of excitement, or joy; it's more shrill, Helen Lovejoy hysteria!)! (!) 

Welcome, Mr. Spencer.
Buy you a drink?


I swear to you all: if this is played for laughs, as I so fear that it will be, and the show's godforsaken twinkly music, GH's aural shorthand for "This is so hilarious! OMG! The hijinks! Laugh at the hijinks, monkey, laugh!", starts to play, I...I will scream at the top of my lungs, which none of you will hear, but please know that I will do it. Because REALLY. "Luke killing Jake was horrible until now, when it has suddenly become really funny"?

I mean, I could be working myself up into a lather over nothing, but let's be real: shifting abruptly and horrifically in tone is one of the few things this writing staff is good at.

Programming note: sorry for the lack of posting this week! I have been busy doing glamorous things* and fell behind on soaps and posting, but I should get back posting lengthy and often unintelligible rants soon.

*Lie: I spent much of the week at BookExpoAmerica which is many things (nerdy and awesome chief among them) but is not glamorous.


Hey Louise, I understand your frustration but disagree with your assessment of Luke's last scene. I took as a statement to the audience that Luke's stint in rehab will be an arduous experience for him that will require no less than 4 months of intensive substance abuse treatment from which he will returned "recovered but haunted by how poorly he treated his family during his active addiction." note: there will be no mention of Jake and this s/l will coincide with Tony Geary's annual vacation. I predict that next year we will be treated with ads promoting the return of 7th time Emmy winner Tony Geary...if the show last long.

I'm so jealous you got to go to BEA! I'm hoping to go next year to sign my books.

SOrry GH...my time to care about Luke passed about four years ago. I'm kinda glad you came up with a new way to write in Tony Geary's vacation that doesn't involved Dr. Von Skimmerman but really I'm not exactly looking forward to see how this rehab stint will be entirely forgotten when Tony's vacation starts and then awkwardly shoe-horned in when he returns. Although that should be post Guza's LEAVING so maybe it won't be so cringeworthy but it's Luke...keeping my expectations low.

I love how half the bloggers I read were at BEA this week, considering I was ALSO at BEA. I need there to be a meetup next year...

Can we talk about the faces Sonny was making during the scenes with Brenda and Kristina today? I was laughing my butt off... But in horror.

I too hope they don't turn this in to a joke...aside from the heinous sin of killing Jake off, this story with Luke has been the most compelling story I've seen on GH in a long time.

And I choke when I say this, but at least Guza did not come up with the lame story playing out on OLTL currently that consists of the dialogue "Where is it?" I'm laughing too hard at that one.

So jealous you got to go to BEA, Mallory! All that nerdiness sounds like heaven to me! Does this mean there's a Serial Drama: THE BOOK! coming soon?

Cindy, "Where is it?" really is the silliest thing ever. But, somehow, I find it amusing, and I actually think RH is having fun with it.

@Bourgeois Well the "Where is it?" did have me laughing riotously. I just want to know how RH and that other guy are delivering their lines with straight faces. But yes, I do think RH is having fun with it.

Sorry. I can no longer stomach the sight of Luke Spencer. So while the soap world herald's Geary as the greatestactorever, I'll pass. I've had enough of this loser on my screen and the actor's condescending interviews in print to last me a lifetime.

I missed half of today's show, but the end of Thursday's eppy had me concerned with the Ethan/Kristina setup. I swear to Christ if the writers pull a Luke and Laura rape storyline with those two, I am fucking done with this show. Not that I think he has any current intentions of that nature, but with Kristina's delusional persistence and Ethan's fear of being like Luke turning into a scotch fest... I don't like the writing on the wall.

I can't stand Luke Spencer any longer. I quit the show 2 1/2 years ago when Luke had a lobotomy. He was the last thin thread keeping me tuned in. Now, I don't care what happens to him. Compelling?
Not for me. GH has not been compelling for over 6 years. Frankly, I grew tired the last 6 years of Tony Geary and his schtick. I hope he stays in Amsterdam and takes Luke with him.

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