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May 18, 2011


If you have a moment, do indulge:


What about Cutter and Aubrey? They're terrible characters too and should be gone from the show right now!!!!!

I haven't watched today's show yet. I always DVR and watch at night.

I kind of liked Wes with Cutter yesterday. I mean I haven't laughed like that watching this show in a while. Cutter thinking that taking his clothes off and flexing his muscles was going to bring Tess back was pretty goofy.

All this show needs is Vicki, The amazing Clint, Blair, Tea, RealTodd, Fake Todd in small amounts, Starr only with adults, Nora, Bo, Matthew, Dorian, David, the Real Joey (Nathan Fillion) and in smaller doses - Jess, Natalie, John, Kelly, Rex, Shane, Shaun and Destiny. Plus bring back Kish!

All of her alters suck, though if I had to pick a favorite one, it would probably be Bess. Seriously though, where is she??? If she were doing her job as the gatekeeper, none of this would be happening. Also, Wes punching Cutter today was great. If only Wes could have done that to Ford when Ford purposely brought Tess out.

How are we defining "worst"? Mostly poorly acted by BW? Most horrible from a story standpoint? Most flat out annoying? Most useless?

I think Wes is the worst acted, Bess is the most useless and Tess is the most annoying & worst from a story standpoint (because she has eaten up so much story & kept Rapey Ford onscreen for months).

That probably adds up to "all of the above".

It is SUCH a shame about RS. I hope she gets well soon. It's her back, apparently, and as someone who has undergone some back problems this year, I know it ain't fun. Hopefully, though, she'll be able to squeeze in a day or two of filming right at the very end. The show just can't end any way other than Viki and Dorian "Oh, Dorian, the past is the past! Let's think of the future. After all, we all only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE! *clink of champagne glasses, roll credits, cue crying*"

Ouch. Bourgeois Nerd, you're killing me!

I know what you mean, Louise. All of this feels so terribly final - and then, when I'm amazed by the wonderful performances, I can't stop thinking that this will all END. And then I indulge in my hopes that perhaps, somehow, this show will live on somewhere else. Because I really can't imagine it gone. Even with the alters, even with the Fudds (who I've heard are being ushered out fairly soon). There is such a wealth of talent and the good storylines outweigh the bad.
And then I hear that Robin Strasser is leaving early, and I can't help but wonder at the timing of this news, coming one day after that mutant cannibal Frons "stopped by the set".

So, I hope....If any of y'all think it's dumb to hope, please don't tell me.

We all know I love my Fronsian conspiracy theories (I still blame him for global warming), but I really think the Robin Strasser thing is a medical issue. I mean, come on, you don't think ROBIN STRASSER would break it down if she was being pushed out? Twitter wouldn't know what hit it.

I know I am opening myself up to ridicule (and copious amounts of stones and garbage being thrown my way), but I am getting a huge kick out of Jessica's alters.

As for Robin Strasser's early exit, I can't imagine a final episode without her.

Jessica's alters are just an excuse for various pigs to oink or squeal through scenes. She has been raped or almost raped over and over, ever since she was a child, yet none of that matters because it's someone's idea of fun. They also need us to see that her latest rapist is going to redeem her because he is in love with her. Well, not the woman he actually raped, but, her alter, which makes it hot, because who cares about that dull old bore who was sexually assaulted?

Meanwhile Cutter is supposed to form some type of triangle, which doesn't really work when the actors have no chemistry and Cutter just comes across like a bored, directionless creep.

The actors can be as talented as possible but when the material fails, no one can save it. Eddie Alderson, Hillary Bailey Smith, and Bob Woods are wonderful, but I still can't tell you one scene they have had in a year that made any sense or was satisfying to watch. Jerry ver Dorn is among the best but the only thing more laughable than Clint's sudden transformation to evil is his even more sudden ripoff heart transplant storyline, a pity parade for a man who deserves none. Marty goes around trying to kill everyone and killing her therapist, yet we're just supposed to laugh at her and weep for John, and make sure we know John bears no responsibility. Such a pivotal character reduced to being a foil for a man who can't even stay awake for an entire scene.

I'm watching to the end, but I feel like the best of the show ended a long time ago.

Best wishes to Robin Strasser, one tough dame, a real survivor, and a fascinating actress who always cares and never phones it in. I'm even more impressed by her passion over the cancelation, knowing now that she's been in such intense pain. She loves the soap genre and has done more than most to keep it alive.

I agree with Bourgeois Nerd, I think Robin wouldve tweeted it no sooner than Frons and crew left the room! That being said, How depressing and just plain WRONG for Dorian not to be there when it all ends---any hope of her coming back for the last episodes at least!? :(
Also agree that it feels final and they should stop wasting valuable air time on storylines like Jess' lame alters and the Ambien that is the Fords zzzz...

Robin is tweeting it is big back pain issues, indicating surgery, so maybe, just maybe, Frons didn't give her the boot......as you all say, she's pretty outspoken.
And totally magnificent!

Well, it doesn't sound like she's stopping filming right this second, so maybe they'll shoot some scenes ahead of time for airing at the end. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that.

I am torn about the alters. I used to love Tess when they first brought her on, but this incarnation has been totally lame. I didn't care one way or the other about Bess, and Wes is kinda cool cuz he lets Jess be close to Brody, but at the same time Wes is boring. Also, the rhyming names have got to STOP! Only one of Viki's alters' names rhymes - haven't these writers ever seen SYBIL???

So I put Wes cuz he's the least interesting, but really I just want Jessica to come back with a spine like when she ripped into Natalie after the non-weddings. We didn't need Tess, Jess did just fine!

I realllllly hope Robin Strasser can make a fast recovery and come back on the show if it truly is ending. BUT, Ron, there may be hope - Sony is asking fans to write letters encouraging them to buy AMC and OLTL, so if everyone does that, maybe they will get a new network! The person asking for letters is Steve Mosko. He's all over Facebook and on the soap blogs. Write in, you guys! It's not over till it's over!

@Judy do you have a Facebook link for him? I don't see anything on the Sony page and I don't see a page for him.

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