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May 25, 2011

Crossing The Line and the Un-apocalypse

Well, the big secret's out. Backed into a corner as a result of Taylor's unfortunate incident with the hallucinogenic berries, Brooke confessed to Ridge that she and Thomas had eaten the berries while stranded and starving on the island and then told him the absolute truth as she knows it: they tripped, they saw colors and shapes, they felt better, they blacked out, they woke up with their clothes on. And guess what? The heavens didn't rain blood down on anyone, the earth didn't seize and then tremble, and everyone's still breathing. (Sorry, Harold Camping!)


Instead, Ridge blathered on a bit, asking her if she could swear she didn't "cross that line" because "crossing that line" is something he couldn't abide. (I would like to see this line and all of the things on the other side of it.) The way this phrase about "the line" has come up repeatedly in this storyline, you'd think they've drawn out a chart. And, in fact, discussed the likelihood of Brooke and her stepson getting it on and what everyone's stance on it would be were it to happen, which is hilarious but also necessary in the world they live in, apparently. If I ever have a husband, I'll make sure we sit down and have a good long discussion about whether or not having sex with each other's children would be considered "crossing a line" for which we could not stand. It's important to clarify these things.

But meanwhile...



Damn! That Stephanie is a barracuda. She was very cool and calculating about the whole thing and told Thomas she'd give him all her shares of the company in her will and leave him entirely in charge if he lies and insists that he and his stepmother Brooke did have sex. And this is because... she really wants her son to get back together with Taylor? Because she still really hates Brooke that much (so much for the tentative burying of the hatchet!)? Because she's bored of people being too nice to each other? It's not entirely clear, but one thing is: this story finally just got interesting.

And may I once again mention what a trooper Rick Hearst is? That awful dialogue about his "male ego" responding to Taylor's advances and how he's never seen her so "sexually aggressive" before almost sounds like self-awareness coming out of his mouth. But if making out with her husband in their own living room and babbling about treasure and oceans is the most sexually aggressive Taylor has ever been, I'm quite frankly surprised she's managed to snag herself such a long line of husbands. Cut your losses, Whip!

And on that note, Whipple out (of a contract role)!


I love that u do B&B! lol... The thing is with Brooke, Ridge really really needed to sit her down and let her know "baby, sleeping with Thomas is a no-no, ok?" because she'll sleep with just about anybody..

I don't even watch this show, but feel compelled to comment about the unfortunate hair situation happening in your 2nd screencap. Dear Lord, this is on par with the Jason Morgan National Follicular Nightmare of 2008 (ish).

Janaynay, sometimes the hair is EVEN worse. Sometimes it's poofier, sometimes it's gray, but there are ALWAYS huge aggressive ugly sideburns.

I just can't get over hallucinogenic berries. Well, at least it's not poisoned pancakes!

I'm not sure how they came to the conclusion that the berries were an aphrodisiac since Taylor didn't do anything but dig around in the carpet thinking she was looking for treasure. I just hope she doesn't have flashbacks because I couldn't handle that. Oh the nightmares. It's bad enough I had a nightmare about that Ashley movie.

I feel bad for poor Whip since he's screwed. Well he could always go hang out with Thorne in the basement. Stephanie's other kids need to kidnap her and make her realize that she has other kids aside from Ridge. She will never learn and I don't know what she's thinking. She thinks Ridge will just forgive Tom for supposedly sleeping with his wife but hey if you're going to get controlling interest in a company why not go for it.

I'm with Janaynay - those sideburns have got to GO. He looks like Tom Jones. Ick.

So did they or didn't they cross the line?

The promo def made it look like they would.

Stephanie's obsession with Ridge is as healthy as Brooke's obsession with Rick. Though I think Steph is even worse. It's really sickening.

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