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May 18, 2011


Today's top story: little girl on cloud nine as dreams come true!

From Entertainment Weekly...

ABC announced today that Garin Wolf was named the head writer of General Hospital, effective immediately. “Garin is a talented writer and storyteller who has been a part of the General Hospital family for nearly 15 years,” said Brian Frons, ABC’s daytime president. “His in-depth knowledge and adoration for the show’s legacy will help make a smooth transition and an immediate impact on story. I’m sure he will succeed in taking General Hospital to new heights as he develops characters and storylines that will engage and thrill our viewers.”

Wolf replaces Robert Guza, Jr., who had been with the ABC soap on and off since the ’80s. Wolf has been on GH since 1997.

If something happens the week of my birthday, albeit AFTER my birthday, it can still count as a birthday present, right? Because if so, BEST PRESENT EVER OHMIGOD. TOO EXCITED TO THINK RATIONALLY ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT. EMBARRASSINGLY FLAILY AND SQUEALLY AND TYPING IN ALL CAPS, WHICH I KNOW IS ANNOYING, BUT OHMIGOD!



Didn't they announce a new head writer to AMC right before cancellation? I say this is Frons way of protecting Guza so when they do cancel GH it can be the new writers fault.

Yeah ABC did pull that on AMC but I don't care....HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT!

OMG, this is like the end of "Return of the Jedi" when the Death Star gets blown up and all the little Ewoks celebrate!

Sorry. A little carried away.

Yes, BReal, this could be just the prelude to cancellation, but if there could just be ONE WEEK without Guza at the helm.... worth it.

Wasn't Garin Wolf in charge during the writers strike? I remember some fairly decent writing coming out of that period.

OMG!!! I may have to change my user name after hearing this news :) Buh-bye Guza! Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

Yes, Kat I think you are right that Garin Wolf was in charge during the strike. And personally, I liked those stories. GH, you just might win me back...

its too late its bad news news lady is sign now gh has days left

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted: Bob Guza Out! a few hours ago and I was afraid to get excited. Now that it has been confirmed by several sources I'm beyond so excited I don't whether to cry or scream! Hopefully Jill Farren Phelps will follow him out the door!

But didn't Tony Geary, Steve Burton, and Maurice Benard all pretty much say if Guza leaves they leave?

I mean, I'm tired of the Sopranos wannabes as much as anyone else....

I'm doing a happy dance regardless of the fact that I'm all into Y&R now.

I may start watching again!

Even if it's a prelude to the end at least GH may end with dignity!!!

I can't believe at how excited I am over this news

hopefully this means less carly, jason, sam & spinelli. i get headaches every time they are on.

About to grab my first Sunday hat and go out and dance on my front porch! Yes I know this possibly means the beginning of the end but I don't care I feel the spirit and it is good......(I'm doing a cross between the Bankhead bounce and the Dougie as I go down the hallway)

@Vicki, if all 3 of those guys (Geary, Burton, Bernard) walk with Guza, I'd be even happier than I am right now. GH might actually become an actual soap opera again (you know with stories about love and friendships and romance), rather than the Sopranos Lite it's been suffering from for he last 10+ years

So excited!!! He was writing during the writer's strike and man was that some great stuff. Maybe I'll actually start watching again.

Please tell me the nightmare is over! What could the possibilities be without Guza? Will women be treated with respect? Will we have competent cops and lawyers? Will they stop killing legacy characters (we have so very few left) but still would be nice to see something on this show other than rampant violence. Going with the above comments this could very well be the end of GH but I at least hope for at least a year and change worth of hope before Frons comes in and kills it. Here is to giving Alexis,Lulu,Mac,and every other character not named Sonny, Jason and Carly something to do besides be scenery.

This is my post to express my unadulterated GLEE that one of the reasons GH is dead to me is GONE GONE GONE and out of a job and GONE!!!!

*does a dance of joy*

Coming later: my post about how it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

For now: *joy*joy*joy*

Ding, dong the witch is dead.

I agree with Beth R.---this probably is a prelude to cancellation, with Fronz getting his pet out of the line of fire, but at least for today I'm going to do the happy dance any way.

With Guza gone I might actually have to consider watching GH again. If Geary, Burton, and Benard follow him out the door then I'll start watching again for sure.

I'd be even happier if JFP would go with him, because he is only half the problem.

I never thought I'd see the day.

BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/3 gone (Guza) and the other 2/3 (JFP and Frons) need to pack up and hit the road!

Hells to the Yeah!!!!!1 Now if we can let this show go with some kind of dramatic style and class it would be kind of worth it. Buh Bye Luza Guza! you Jerkoff Jackass!!!!!

I anxiously await a Bob Guza interview to get his take on this fabulous news...

Dirk Mancuso don't you tease me with such fantastic imaginings.......ohhhhhh the mocking we will have.......

I still cling to the hope that the first post-Guza episode reveals that everything that's happened since at least just before Georgie's death has been a dream.

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