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May 18, 2011


Today's top story: little girl on cloud nine as dreams come true!

From Entertainment Weekly...

ABC announced today that Garin Wolf was named the head writer of General Hospital, effective immediately. “Garin is a talented writer and storyteller who has been a part of the General Hospital family for nearly 15 years,” said Brian Frons, ABC’s daytime president. “His in-depth knowledge and adoration for the show’s legacy will help make a smooth transition and an immediate impact on story. I’m sure he will succeed in taking General Hospital to new heights as he develops characters and storylines that will engage and thrill our viewers.”

Wolf replaces Robert Guza, Jr., who had been with the ABC soap on and off since the ’80s. Wolf has been on GH since 1997.

If something happens the week of my birthday, albeit AFTER my birthday, it can still count as a birthday present, right? Because if so, BEST PRESENT EVER OHMIGOD. TOO EXCITED TO THINK RATIONALLY ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT. EMBARRASSINGLY FLAILY AND SQUEALLY AND TYPING IN ALL CAPS, WHICH I KNOW IS ANNOYING, BUT OHMIGOD!


Hell, everything since Jason's "accident" that made him a robot should be a dream.

Not to be a downer (ok, I totally am) but weren't we excited when Megan McTavish left AMC because James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten took over? And look what happened- poison pancakes and murderer Tad.

I'm too afraid of JFP and BF to get too excited but I'm happy that everyone else is. Hopefully, I'm wrong and this is a new day!

I can't get as excited as I was a couple of months ago when news broke that Guza was gone, with all the talk now of GH being the next soap to go. I've been hanging in there watching GH in the hopes that Guza would go. I certainly wish it will continue with better writing and better stories! I remember during the writers' strike that Lucky had a brain, and I believe Jason even gave Carly some verbal smackdowns and suddenly people were making more sense, so I hope there are positive changes coming. But, if GH does get cancelled, at least the very last episode will not say, "Written by Bob Guza, Jr."

Best News EVER!!! There's no better news to wake up to! I may actually start watching GH again after a pretty consistent 2 year hiatus where I pretty much gave up hope b/c Guza killed and buried the GH I used to love...However Im with some of the others that think this is ominous of what's to come (The big "C" word :/ to follow oltl and amc) At least GH has a chance of going out with it's head held high!

I am BEYOND excited about this if only because that..."man"...has no respect for well, many things, but soap fans in particular is the first on my mind. So I am joining you all in doing a happy dance (albeit a slightly more cautious one).

Can someone remind me of the storylines that this new guy wrote? I know they were during the strike but everything tends to blend together in my head. Thanks!

It's so wonderful that Bob Guza has finally been fired. But me thinks it may be to late to save GH. Regardless, I'm thrilled at least that the HACK can no longer ruin my favorite characters. Happy Day!

my first reaction to hearing this was 'oh, they are going to cancel the show'. New (old) writer on AMC, cancelled. New (old) writer on OLTL (cancelled). Now this. Well, at least it has a hope of going out on a high note - no big bang, explosion, everybody dead....

Now if they only could have say, reunite some great actors of the past, like say, Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis - oh, wait, that's on that other soap - the one that isn't mired in cancellation rumors...

NOW with GH Frons gets a clue and wants a writer who will be true to characters ... NOW .... GAH

It's great news, certainly. But I think either way you look at it, it's the beginning of the end for GH. ABC is either giving GH one last chance to stay on the air with this change, or the decision has been made and we are in the final stretch (which may be a year from now, but still..)

I still think it is sad that the change is being NOW, when so much damage has been done to the show. Similar to what Susan Lucci was saying about Frons leaving Pratt in place for two years to do irreparable damage to the show, fans have been pleading for years to change GH head writers before it was too late. Now, when it could very well be too late - it's done. And the fear is it wasn't really done to help save the show, but it's just the last phase of Fron's outright destruction of the ABC soap lineup (despite this being a good move in and of itself, it's like giving the victim a band aid after you've stabbed him twenty times).

Despite all that, I'll be anxious to see what goodness can come from this, even if it IS the final stretch.

Wolf, I give you permission to Bobby Ewing the shit out of this show.

Eeeeeeeeeee!! *twirls*

Hot Damn! I bet Frons was told to fire his ass. :-)

i am also hoping for the Bobby Ewing treatment

"But didn't Tony Geary, Steve Burton, and Maurice Benard all pretty much say if Guza leaves they leave?"

PLEASE let this be true.

What would be even more awesome is if ratings went UP after Guza's gone. Especially if they are doing it as a cancellation prelude.

Wow, I'm taking this as a sign that not only is the world not ending this weekend, but GH might actually survive, at least until 2013. Here's hoping that we get more Hospital and less Sopranos Lite in the near future. I'd be quite happy to see Anthony Zacchara off my screen, even though he's somewhat entertaining.

I'm pretty sure it won't actually get better, but it will at least maybe get different and less like 'Daytime Does The Sopranos,' which is a KIND of better.

I think this is too little too late for GH, which is par for the course, but I still do the Happy Dance of Love. And if SB, TG, and MB get pouty and leave because their cheerleader has been canned, all for the better. If this is indeed the last year of GH, let go out with a modicum of dignity, something that has been seen on this show in years.

And put my name behind the Bobby Ewing idea too!

I've been thinking on this all morning while running errands. Was Anne Sweeney in charge of all things ABC or just daytime, over Frons? Because i'd swear on the ABC upfronts about the fall schedule I saw someone had just taken over at ABC. Am I right in assuming she's gone? Maybe? I did find it rather ironic that the network who announced that the soap genre was dead picked up several soap type night time shows (and pointed that out in the announcement). Maybe there's a shake up? *crosses fingers* Now for the end of BF and JFP.

After wading through different articles on the ABC upfronts, I found Paul Lee, the network's new chief. Now if that's what Anne Sweeney was....me thinks there might be a shake up happening.

Opening this news with a Simpsons ref is the cherry on the cheesecake!

Never mind, further down it mentioned her as chairman. Ugh. *watches my bubble burst*

When, do you think, will this be seen on screen? In two months?

Great, great news :)

Paul Lee is the President of ABC Entertainment. Anne Sweeney is the Co-Chair of Disney Media Netorks and the President of the Disney-ABC Telelvision Group. Basically Lee is over Frons and Sweeney is over EVERYBODY.

Yeah, I've burst my own bubble figuring that out.

Wolf was apparently a scab writer, but people liked what he did with GH, so this should mean better storylines. And if Sonny, Jason, and Luke do leave, so what? More for the rest of the cast, and who knows, maybe even some of the vets will get some airtime (Monica anyone?). I'd even be interested in watching GH if the writing improved. Wouldn't it be cool if the ratings went up and ABC had to think twice about canceling?

Whatever this means-it is good news for me. Guza is out of work-the ratings will go up-he will be watching the show he destroyed.....hahahhaha

Sri Rao would have been GREAT as a replacement for Guza. He totally understood the use of history on this show. NS2 was one of the best things that happened to GH in a long while. Even though that was Scrubs driven, I think Sri could be great with the entire GH cast.

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