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May 20, 2011

Even Gods Get The Blues

Thursday was not a good day for Jason Morgan, which you may have noticed based on his stone-faced, dead-eyed stare of sadness (it's a totally different look than his stone-faced, dead-eyed stare of anger and his stone-faced, dead-eyed stare of confusion).

First, he was on the receiving end of a cruel, cold, truthful rant by a suicidal Luke Spencer.

Luke: You're always so quick to sit in judgment, aren't you, Morgan? At least I know what I am.
You hide behind masks. The soulful gangster, the cold executioner, the grieving papa...except you weren't really a papa, were you? You left that job to Lucky, because you couldn't be bothered.

Luke: I've appointed myself, since no one else in this crappy town will call you out on your jaw-dropping hypocrisy, the guy to do it. Let me ask you something: what was Jake's favorite color? What was his favorite bedtime story? Did he like cereal in the morning or pancakes? You don't know. You don't have a clue because you were just a glorified sperm donor.

Either Awesome Writer was allowed to play or the writing staff opted to plagiarize Serial Drama commenters instead of their own scripts, because SERIOUSLY.

Then! Alexis, speaking for the entire General Hospital audience, questioned his decision-making skills.

Alexis: You were realistic about what those dangers are and you chose not to expose your child to them.
Jason: I gave up Jake to protect him and he died because he got hit by a car. All I did was miss out on Jake's life.
Alexis: I know it probably seems that way in hindsight, but the way I see it, you did what was best for him. You put him first.
Jason: If you're leading somewhere, Alexis, just get there.
Alexis: It just occurred to me that if Sam's surgery is successful and you two have the option of being parents...how are you going to assess those risks? I mean, if your life was too dangerous for Jake, wouldn't it be dangerous for any child?

WOULDN'T IT, JASON?! Thank you, Alexis, for pointing out the myriad flaws in this thought process and this storyline.

Yes, Friday's episode will pick up with a moment of self doubt on Jason's part before the rest of Port Charles rushes to the penthouse to assure him that he's the best ever and that nobody has ever made a better decision than him, but I enjoyed these moments all the same.

(Uh, what I didn't enjoy? Johnny Zacchara. "Kristina let herself get beat up by some preppy punk"? Are you kidding me? This is why I hate this show)


I haven't watched in a long, long time, but I had to tune in to watch Luke give the verbal smackdown to Jason.... and it was well worth it! Every word of it was the absolute truth. Alexis' commentary was just the freaking cherry on top!!!

I can't believe I'm defending this show's awful, awful misogyny, but, actually, I think it's totally in character for Papa Zuccini to say such a thing, because it was long-ago established that he's an awful, awful misogynist. It was the whole basis of the Claudia thing.

The problem, BN, is that it was the young Zuccini to say those words. *sigh*

I have a confession to make. While I quit watching this show a long time ago,...when my DVR records the (mostly) awesome OLTL, for some reason I also get the first few minutes of GH - the part before the credits. These few minutes are usually enough to remind me why I don't watch. However, I got to see Luke's rant at Jason & was nearly jumping for joy. More scenes like that & I might just have to watch then enitre show....or maybe just another 3 minutes at a time...

Pffft. Luke ran and left Lulu with Leslie while Laura was at Shadybrook.

Oh my god, I almost threw up when Johnny said that about Kristina. But thankfully we got the adorable Kristina/Ethan scene later to make up for it.

Oh well, now that Ingo has been fired, that will be one less person willing to call Jason out on his terrible decisions and hypocritical attitude. So I guess Jason's day is looking up. But I swear, if Jax ends up murdered, I am never watching this show again!

I am so glad you mentioned that crap that came out of Johnny's mouth. I used to think he was insignificant before, but now I just can't stand him. First, he inserts himself in Robin and Patrick's business by deciding Lisa is a poor, innocent victim when he knew she pulled all that stuff, now he says this nonsense.

I could've done without Luke once again saying how Jake was pretty much a burden that Lucky so graciously endured (Lucky wanted to be Jake's father), but other than that, I loved his rant. Jason could've had a presence in Jake's life (even if it was privately), he chose not to.

As for Carly, it's okay for her and Jason to throw in Jax's face how Jake's kidney saved Josslyn to keep him in line, but God forbid Luke do it to her. I can't believe she had the gall to look so disgusted. She never backs down from letting people know how Jason saved Josslyn.

I was very sad to hear about Ingo. I was kind of thinking that Jax and Elizabeth would be single at the same time and they already have that bond...

The problem with this show is that we get those wonderful smack downs for people who deserve it, such as Sonny , Jason and Carly, but then they never change as a result. There is never any growth or character development. As you said Mallory, a moment of self doubt, then the whole town shows up to tell them how amazingly amazing they are, how right they are while anyone who disagrees is terribly terrible and wrong. Sickening!!!

While I appreciate anyone calling Jason a sperm donor...I roll my eyes because CLEARLY we're meant to see this as not THE GODDAMN TRUTH but the rants of a desperate man who doesn't want to admit his addiction! I mean he HAS to be an alcoholic you all...he's speaking bad about Jason!

That's more of a universal soap cliche, though: truth-tellers always have to be

1. drunk;
2. in some form of emotional distress; or
3. evil (or, alternately, discovered after the fact to be evil).

Steady Mobbin', er, GH tends to be worse about it, though, in order to protect their precious braveandstrongandloveswiththeir[CENSORED] central characters.

Olivia looks like a lost Lohan sister with that hair.

thanks for the blog... it is a great read always....

I use to like Johnny not so much anymore....awful comment

The Luke and Jason comments- plus Alexis great but won't change anything...

I have a question for those of you currently suffering through GH: as a former watcher whos port charles love has been solely killed by Guza's reign...Does anyone know when the episodes by new writer kick in? I won't watch a minute before lol

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