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May 26, 2011

Tastes of Payoff: Yum!

It's just morsels, I know, and we're owed quite a bit more. But yesterday's One Life to Live did offer up a few tasty ones. 

  • After Tea and especially Todd behaved like completely offensive, condescending assholes to Brody who just showed up to follow a lead on the whereabouts of his son who's been kidnapped by a knife-wielding maniac, he got to one-up them by handcuffing them to the staircase while he searched the house. Fortunately, even though he found nothing and let them go, Tea stopped smugging it up after realizing that they were laughing at a father who is desperate to save his baby and the woman he loves (who Todd used to be very, very close to indeed... FURTHER PROOF THAT ROGER HOWARTH'S TODD IS THE REAL TODD, I might add!). Todd, of course, did not stop smugging it up because Todd, of course, never stops smugging it up because he's just a dick.


  • Speaking of which, I have no idea what's going on or why Marty showed up to see Todd at the end there, but that was a damn fine ending. If there's one person who I'll be thrilled to see run over by Marty's Crazy Train, it's Todd. I am definitely looking forward to how all this ties together. Once again, they've got my attention!
  • Tess finally getting carted off to the loony bin was a feast. Cutter completely double-crossing her was a blast -- the look on her face was priceless. For someone who thinks everything in the world is worth mocking, it apparently never occurred to her that it wasn't so hot to any man that she could switch personalities every five seconds, including in the middle of sex. Please, please, please let this be the end of the alters!!!
  • Another tasty treat was Viki's smackdown of Cutter. And it was just as funny that it didn't get under his skin at all. Obviously he won't get away with any of this since the blackmail was illegal and the marriage wasn't even valid and it probably won't take long for Clint or Viki to get that taken care of, and that, too, will be delicious! Bad guys! Seriously bad guys! Who do bad things! And get caught! It's refreshing, isn't it, dear television program?
  • It was mildly satisfying seeing Ford have to watch the very sick mother of his child get the help she's needed so badly that he's denied her, and have to get that help because of someone even worse than he is (by his standards, I guess, though in terms of the list of bad deeds I'd say Cutter's no worse... in fact, Ford is worse because he feels so fucking sorry for himself -- he was a lot less tedious when he was a dick and enjoying it). I have no doubt that we were supposed to catch a longing Ford/Tess moment there and that Ford will running around wallowing in self-pity now because he's "lost" Tess and will now do something outrageously god-awful and infuriating like try to bond with Jessica because Tess is a "part of her" or some shit, but I'm going to take the nice moments when they come. Hey Ford, you know how Clint is a total bastard? Well, that bastard actually just sacrificed something huge to help his child. Take notes, Mr. Denying My Son His Mother.
  • Blair and Tomas. Delicious. 'Nuff said. 


(Although not to nit-pick, but didn't Todd give Blair three "beautiful" children, just in two different ways? Or maybe he was just finding a polite way to leave Jack out of the equation, what with the whole "mini-sociopath" thing and all.)

Destiny out!


No, Todd and Blair only have two kids: Starr and Jack. Sam is Margaret's son.

Actually Blair has always been Sam's mother (well, except for Marcie's brief stint when he was Tommy), just not biologically -- that's what I meant by "two different ways".

I'm with you, Louise. Blair is the only mother Sam knows. and she's the only parent he has who isn't a repulsive, sociopathic low-life.

Blair is the only parent all those children have. Todd is just a bastard.

Brody hand-cuffing the Sad Pandas to their own staircase was the best thing to happen in the entire history of mankind. And I can't believe that Todd pulled out the air-quotes to describe Jessica's mental breakdown. Who the hell is this piece of shit?!

Marty, please unleash your crazy on Todd. That would be an endless joy.

Blair y Tomas... delish. I feel this pairing is going to get derailed sooner rather than later and I have to admit that I'm already not thrilled with the fact that he's keeping lots of secrets from her (like every other asshole in her life) but I'm still going to savor every second of them.

Yesterday was definitely worth savoring.

And yes, Blair's got three kids with Todd. Starr, Jack and Sam... Blair considers Sam her son and I'd be worried for anyone who suggested otherwise in front of her.

God knows that "Todd" doesn't give a crap about him.

You know as much as I want to enjoy this two Todds saga (I, for one, loved it when John Black found out he wasn't Roman as a kid), every time I think about it, probably because she's leaving the show soon, all I can think is that Marty's been raped by two different Todds two different ways. I seriously wish Patrick would come back to whisk her away and she, despite her craziness, got away with her crimes and somehow that got blamed on one or both Todds.

I think my happy ending for OLTL is significantly different than most though, so YMMV.

When Tess was being carted off and camera kept panning to Ford's sad face, I wanted to smack him. I wish Viki had. It's his fault it came to this, but I'm glad Viki and Clint can finally get their child the help she needs and was disgustinly denied until people got what they wanted.

Todd is such as ass. When his kids are missing (esp. Starr with her 5 million kidnappings), everyone has to care and stay on it, but when it comes to his other family members he doesn't give a damn. It pisses me off how Viki went to see him in the hospital, only for him to turned around and be amused at what is happening to Jessica (his favorite niece) and Liam.

Blair and Tomas were so adorably hot. Love them. The two children comment bothered me, too. Sam is her child. She's raising him and loves him, as I'm sure he loves her.

Brody handcuffing Mr & Mrs Smug was the best. Hoo-yah wee pocket SEAL. I watched it at least 3 times. I fear that may be the last truly happy moment Team Brody is going to get so I wanted to savor it to the fullest.

I wish Marty's crazy train would run over Todd. Sadly we all know that's not going to happen so I'm trying not to dwell on it. I enjoyed so much of yesterday's show that it would be a shame to harsh the mellow.

Todd is such an ass. The complete lack of concern for his niece's mental illness and his other niece's missing son was disgusting. While Brody should have handled the situation better, handcuffing Tea and Todd was awesome. I can't wait until RH comes back and is proven to be the real Todd.

Blair and Tomas was smoking. Too bad the truth about him is going to hurt Blair in the end and just prove that to her that all she can attract is psychos.

Ford was disgusting in Capricorn. The way he talks about Tess as if she is the real mother of Ryder is completely wrong. I can't believe that he still has no concern for Jess. Seriously though, if the rumors are right and they are pairing Jess/Ford, I will scream and rage so hard because the idea of Jessica and her rapist being happy together is disgusting.

Cutter will RUE THE DAY he displeased Queen Victoria of Llanview! Mark my words!

What do you mean "RUE" the day, Bourgeois Nerd? Or did you mean "RULE" the day?

Ford is pond scum.

"RUE," guilty pleasure. She will take him down! (Well, I hope so, anyway.)

Why would Cutter still want to be married to a "crazy chick" when he successfully blacmailed and extorted Tess/Jess' parents for a hefty price, when his original plan with Aubrey was to drain out Joey's money, so that she could divorce Joey, and take the money and run, and that Plan B he would do the same thing with another rich chick if Aubrey didn't get the deal done (or in Aubrey's case, she fell in love with her "mark" Joey!). After Tess/Jess checks herself in St. Anne's, he would file divorce papers, and skip town with the money and ditch the mansion so that Clint could have it back. Cutter doesn't really love or care for Tess/Jess, and Tess is in love with Ford, and Jess is still in love with Brody. Cutter still have feelings for Aubrey, but had his heart broken when Aubrey actually developed feelings for Joey.

Why do you think Cutter is staying married to Tess, guilty pleasure?

To the writers of OLTL: FORD IS NOT NASH! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Don't do a Nash redux story. We want Brody and Jessica to have the happy ending. GOT IT? Good.

It's official. Robin Strasser tweeted that she films her last show on July 1st - and that TIIC have declared her a free agent after that date.

All the best to this incomparable woman and actor, and I hope her back problems become a thing of the past as soon as possible. OLTL will never be the same.

Judy, I know he married her for HER MONEY, but what's Cutter going to do with the money and the mansion though? Watching him go on shopping sprees, ordering Nigel around like a tyrant, and acting like a greedy pig is NOT my idea of thrilling entertainment!!! THANK GOD for The Two Todds s/l and Crazy Marty, otherwise I'll consider the cancellation of OLTL a mercy killing! And I'm, still VERY SAD that the show is going to get cancelled!!!!

I don't understand why Cutter would want a mansion. I'm sure that all of Clint's staff will "quit" and go work for Viki or something, which means Cutter would have to take care of a big mansion all by himself. The money I get. The mansion was not a smart move on his part.

Does the Buchanon mansion have any other staff members other than Nigel? Is he the only hired help working there, or are there other staff members that we don't see on-screen?

I'm sure there are other workers, but I think that Clint would have them "quit" while Cutter owns the place.

I guess I'm just weird since I always seem to enjoy the crazies and Marty's entertaining as hell. I am confused about the whole other Todd thing since that Fed is driving me nuts always asking Catatonic Boy where it is. What exactly is it?

guilty pleasure, Cutter is now no longer married to Tess (not that he ever legally was). That was the whole purpose of Viki's presence in the commitment. Not only did he commit Tess, but he signed away his legal rights, in effect he divorced her. From here on out, it's a matter of his comeuppance and the Buchanans regaining the mansion. I guarantee, it'll happen sooner rather than later.

Cory, did they mentioned anything about Cutter and Tess getting a divorce through this whole ordeal? If they're divorced, then why did Viki and Clint let Cutter walk away with all that money and the mansion he extorted from them?

They didn't say exactly what Cutter signed, so it's not clear if Cutter and Tess are still married (it's so stupid that Show is acting like that marriage is in any way legal just because some paperwork was filed at City Hall). My guess is that he signed commitment papers, since as her husband he's the one with the legal power to have Mess sent to St Anne's.

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