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May 26, 2011

Tastes of Payoff: Yum!

It's just morsels, I know, and we're owed quite a bit more. But yesterday's One Life to Live did offer up a few tasty ones. 

  • After Tea and especially Todd behaved like completely offensive, condescending assholes to Brody who just showed up to follow a lead on the whereabouts of his son who's been kidnapped by a knife-wielding maniac, he got to one-up them by handcuffing them to the staircase while he searched the house. Fortunately, even though he found nothing and let them go, Tea stopped smugging it up after realizing that they were laughing at a father who is desperate to save his baby and the woman he loves (who Todd used to be very, very close to indeed... FURTHER PROOF THAT ROGER HOWARTH'S TODD IS THE REAL TODD, I might add!). Todd, of course, did not stop smugging it up because Todd, of course, never stops smugging it up because he's just a dick.


  • Speaking of which, I have no idea what's going on or why Marty showed up to see Todd at the end there, but that was a damn fine ending. If there's one person who I'll be thrilled to see run over by Marty's Crazy Train, it's Todd. I am definitely looking forward to how all this ties together. Once again, they've got my attention!
  • Tess finally getting carted off to the loony bin was a feast. Cutter completely double-crossing her was a blast -- the look on her face was priceless. For someone who thinks everything in the world is worth mocking, it apparently never occurred to her that it wasn't so hot to any man that she could switch personalities every five seconds, including in the middle of sex. Please, please, please let this be the end of the alters!!!
  • Another tasty treat was Viki's smackdown of Cutter. And it was just as funny that it didn't get under his skin at all. Obviously he won't get away with any of this since the blackmail was illegal and the marriage wasn't even valid and it probably won't take long for Clint or Viki to get that taken care of, and that, too, will be delicious! Bad guys! Seriously bad guys! Who do bad things! And get caught! It's refreshing, isn't it, dear television program?
  • It was mildly satisfying seeing Ford have to watch the very sick mother of his child get the help she's needed so badly that he's denied her, and have to get that help because of someone even worse than he is (by his standards, I guess, though in terms of the list of bad deeds I'd say Cutter's no worse... in fact, Ford is worse because he feels so fucking sorry for himself -- he was a lot less tedious when he was a dick and enjoying it). I have no doubt that we were supposed to catch a longing Ford/Tess moment there and that Ford will running around wallowing in self-pity now because he's "lost" Tess and will now do something outrageously god-awful and infuriating like try to bond with Jessica because Tess is a "part of her" or some shit, but I'm going to take the nice moments when they come. Hey Ford, you know how Clint is a total bastard? Well, that bastard actually just sacrificed something huge to help his child. Take notes, Mr. Denying My Son His Mother.
  • Blair and Tomas. Delicious. 'Nuff said. 


(Although not to nit-pick, but didn't Todd give Blair three "beautiful" children, just in two different ways? Or maybe he was just finding a polite way to leave Jack out of the equation, what with the whole "mini-sociopath" thing and all.)

Destiny out!


LoriK is right! Cutter signed only the commitment papers, not annulment or divorce papers!

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