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May 18, 2011

Things That Aren't Teen

A moment of your time is all I ask. Just a moment.

Things That Aren't Teen, Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Really. That's all.


Also, I don't know if anyone else's brain is in some sort of a crazy time-warp right now because of Roger Howarth's return, but after the undisclosed interrogator in the undisclosed location asked Roger Howarth's character, "Do you know where you are?" yesterday, did anyone else immediately hear, "You're in the jungle, baby, and you're gonna diiiiiiiiiiie!"


Because I did. I also listened to an actual record and swept with a regular broom tonight, so thanks a lot, Howarth. Whatever, y'all. Don't judge. I'm going to go watch MTV now, where I hear there's totally some TV show where they put a bunch of people in a house in New York City and turn on actual cameras to just observe their daily lives. Crazy, right??


Screeching Dani being jealous of Old Man Nate and Deanna is as boring as Starr being jealous of Crybaby James and Deanna. Less of this, please.

Wiener boy Ford and Patty the hamburger - I hope they run away together and take Nate, James & Inez with them!!

oh OLTL dont waste the precious viewing time that is left with the snorefest that is the ford family! More viki/dorian, the buchs overall, todd (RH!), blair, jess as herself, nat,nora, bring back david vickers,etc! Basically everyone else that is part of the fantastic canvas...give yourselves the sendoff you deserve!

I really really hate the Fords. I hate Dani. I loved Starr and Cole and hate that they blew that up. I hate Deena (Deanna, who the hell can't spell over there?). I'm full of hate for the writers who came up with this crap, and/or for Frons for dictating this crap. Wish Sony would buy OLTL already and hire viewers to guest write. Hell, I'd do it for free just so I could watch something good.

What about Cutter and Aubrey, Judy? Aren't they terrible characters, too?

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