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May 15, 2011

I Wonder How Much Doppelganger Surgery Costs...

Only on a soap opera is this a logical question and a most plausible explanation:

Erica: Were you born looking like that? Are you a sister I didn't know I had?

When Thursday's episode (which I am just catching up on now! An unexpectedly busy week has me cramming this weekend) ended with Erica confronting the captor who looked exactly like her, the story went from "I am enjoying this creepy tale completely, without reservation" to "This is sort of ridiculous and yet...kind of loving it".

Because, as all doppelganger stories are, this is utterly implausible and, were you to recap it to somebody who doesn't watch All My Children, sort of embarrassing. AND YET...I am interested in seeing where this goes, even if I can already see the writing on the wall and where it is going to go is "doppelganger takes over Erica's life, evilly, and does evil things. Jackson and/or Caleb--please let it just be Jack alone--saves the day. Erica tosses her hair and gets in a few bitchy bon mots." Or "doppelganger takes oer Erica's life, Lorraine Broderick's writing starts to air and entire story is scrapped". Either! But it does look like Susan Lucci is having fun, doesn't it?

If the show didn't have a designated end date and this story had a chance to percolate, I'd be interested in seeing WHY a person has radical surgery to look like someone else. I know that the shortest answer is "because they are bananas", but there is more to it than just that.

And in addition to crazy, the captor also has a lot of luck: she happens to share Erica's same height and build! So that works out well for her, since radical surgery needed to change a person's height and shape seems like it could be horrifically painful. She's also lucky in that she has disposable income, because this seems like a costly endeavor, what with the surgery and the designer clothes and the makeup and the hair products...

This story also gave us this moment of genius:

Bianca: Excuse me, who were you talking to?
Spike: Your mommy.

The lengths that this show will go to in order to avoid calling Erica the g-word is just amazing. Also, Spike is the cutest.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, stories are starting to ramp up: Madison has learned the truth about the start of her relationship with Scott and her pain and his heartbreak are just too much for me right now. I DEMAND that they get a happy ending! I DEMAND it! Greenlee continues to wander around smugly with little indication that she cares about the trouble she's caused. Krystal is...disgusting. And Ricky's creepiness is growing exponentially! The way he growled "Maybe you were trying to keep me away from your sister" to Bianca makes me seriously worried that Monday's show will open with him stuffing Binks in a freezer or something. I feel that this week has potential to be, like...soapy! So I'm looking forward to it.

ALSO, I have to end my driveby post with this brilliance! Sarah Michelle Gellar shared her thoughts on AMC's cancellation and I kind of love her dearly.

"I'm very upset about that. First of all, they had the audacity to cancel it on my birthday. So let's have that discussion. I think it's criminal. I remember pretending to be sick when I was younger and staying home and like watching the ABC soap lineup in bed. And I realize it's tough economic times and it wasn't necessarily financially working, but there has to be a way to make it work. And these shows have been on for 40 years. I'm sorry, [but] I don't see either one of these shows they're replacing with it lasting more than a year. I really don't, and I say that with confidence. And I think, I don't think they tried hard enough to save the genre. And, it's just devastating to me."

LOVE. HER. Not enough to get excited for her new show on the CW, but still, love her all the same.


I can't believe I'm enjoying this story either and I'm kind of looking forward to Real Erica's reaction when the people she loves most, Jack, Bianca, Kendall, and Opal, react to the double, especially if the kidnapper is cruel enough to have camera's everywhere and Erica see's it for herself. As long as KWAK and Cooney are out of it, I'm happy and as long as Jerica ends up together too of course

Count me in. This is the first Erica storyline that I've enjoyed in quite a while. IMO, Erica has suffered as a character, not having anyone equal to her, but different enough to react to - like Brooke used to be. Instead, Erica has had only men to dangle on a string, Opal to act as her cheerleader, and the endless troubles of her kids. And Kwak isn't remotely in the same league. No matter what the writers want us to think, she is NO Brooke English or Barbara Montgomery. It will be good for Erica to be in a storyline with another adult woman. I always tnought those were the best Erica moments, be it Brooke especially, or Barbara, or Olga or Liza or, in the dark ages, Tara.

But, leave to the inept management and terrible writing teams that, after dumping any and all actors and characters who could have done that, Erica will be having that storyline with HERSELF.

ITA about Sarah Michelle Gellar's commentary. I read it yesterday and was so happy with her blasting the two crap reality shows. I love her anyway from Buffy days, but this just makes her more awesome in my eyes :)

For you you Sarah Michelle Gellar! You go Sarah Michelle Gellar! (Always good to see a former soap star so fiercely protective of her roots.)

Ah you forget that when Janet took over Brooke's life she was a full head taller and several bra cup sizes larger .. and of course no one noticed... I was hoping that Erica, Erica Kane's captor was actually Carmen come back to get Jack since Erica, Erica Kane seemed interested in Caleb .. so this doppelganger had her vocal chords as well as her face altered ... AND still had some spare change to build the replica of Erica, Erica Kane's boudoir?

Just want to add I hope the way that FauxErica gets outed is by telling one of her daughters' children to call her Grandma ... ;-)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is awesome (and the only Kendall in my book).

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