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May 24, 2011

With Whom May I Register A Complaint?


I mean, seriously, this episode started out trying to make me burst into tears by having Blair "rehearsing" the old Peabo Bryson One Life to Live theme song and getting choked up on the line "there's always tomorrow" and saying it was too sad. BECAUSE THERE IS NO LONGER ALWAYS TOMORROW. Ouch. Okay, so they got me. And I do have to say that it's nice to know we are officially seeing the post-cancellation episodes now; that's clear. Wait, that didn't come out right. There's nothing nice about the cancellation. It's just that there's been so much speculation on whether what we're seeing was taped before or after April 14th, so from here on out we have free reign to say, "Wha? They're doing this when they know the end is near?!"

Because... wha? They're doing this when they know the end is near?! And by "this," I of course mean this:


Aww. Look! Ford volunteers in the children's wing of the hospital and he goes there all the time and the kids just love him. And he wears his big hot dog costume because it's so charming and adorable. You've got to be fucking kidding me. He volunteers with sick children! Does he take bullets for puppies, too? Drive for Meals-on-Wheels? Did he do a Peace Corps stint while we weren't looking? You know, it actually is possible to be a father who actually does love his child without having to turn into a saint. I'd accept that he's a player who's trying to not be such a dick anymore and who actually does want to be a good father if they told that story with any sort of reasonable pacing and actually bothered with the necessary steps (though I'd likely find it impossible to ever warm up to the actor as he just plain does nothing for me). But none of that has happened. It was an overnight turnaround and now they are laying it on so ridiculously thick that it's no longer funny. It seriously makes my skin crawl -- mostly because I'm embarrassed for the show. 

Ford: I guess I've never treated women right. When I was first with my ex, she was fragile and I took advantage of that. Got her pregnant... I guess I don't have much of a defense. I was a jerk for a long time. But I am trying to change. 

Gag me with a freaking machete. Also, his "ex" is a symptom of a disorder and not a person and he was never with her. As far as Jess is concerned, well, we all know that he sexually violated her, so it's just darling to listen to him feel bad about it as if what he did to her was no worse than what he did to Langston. And are we supposed to somehow be charmed that his "game" with women isn't good anymore and that he can just so adorably and sheepishly admit it? (And I'm not going to even get into the fact that his most recent actions against Jessica -- deliberately keeping the mother of his child [who is in danger when exposed to Tess or any other alter, make no mistake] from getting the psychiatric care she so desperately needs because his own personal and financial gain was more important -- are remaining totally and utterly unaddressed by anyone on the show and are conveniently absent from Ford's recent alleged self-awareness and self-recrimination for past deeds.)

Also embarrassing for the show is the never-ending D.I.D. nonsense. Today gave us the return of Bess. I know that the show changes the rules of D.I.D. based on the day's plot point, but apparently they continue to expect me to believe that not only is there always a ponytail holder and a spare set of glasses available every single time Bess emerges, but her eyes magically adjust to someone else's glasses prescription!


That Bess, she's amazing! I guess in some way it was a relief that Bess came out because she actually does have practical interest in doing right by Jessica and Brody did get to appeal to her today by mentioning Jessica's children (plural!), but it lasted all of four minutes and Tess came right back out. Aren't we so lucky? Now she and Ford can move forward with their delightfully appalling "love story." 

Viki and Clint and Bo and Nora and Matthew and Todd(?) and Blair and Starr were all perfectly lovely today and I'm actually usually pretty good at compartmentalizing these storylines and being able to enjoy the good ones even when they're on episodes with horrible ones but today's crap with Robert Ford was just so gross that it was hard to sit on this couch without wondering why I didn't have a bucket nearby. Dammit. And go figure, since that damn bucket was what started this whole Ford torture chamber to begin with.

I need a slightly over-full glass of wine. Or two.

Destiny out!


If you think ford is a doucebag now, waqit until what Tess' current hubby has up his sleeve tommorow: He's going to commit Tess/Jessica in exchange for Clint paying him LOTS of money, and ownership of Asa'a mansion!!! Tess does certainly know how to pick 'em, right? =(

Spelled wait wrong! Sorry, my bad!!!

guilty pleasure, really? Interesting. I have no doubt that'll eventually be reversed, though, but good move on Cutter's part. I mean what's he going to do -- hang around with some crazy chick? For some reason it doesn't bother me because Cutter's a clear-cut villain, so... he does villainous things! Serves Tess right. Glad she'll get committed.

His current hubby is of course Cutter, not Ford. Why in the hell would Clint give in to this greedy pig's demands to give him his late father's home in exchange to get his daughter psychological help? Couldn't he only give him the money instead, so he could either leave town with it, or move back into the Palace Hotel, or buy his own home with all that dough? WTF?!?!?!?

Why is that a good move on his part to blackmail his wife's parents like that to get his money, and his mansion? Where is Clint going to live at when he recovers from his heart transplant? Is he going to move in with Viki at Llanfair? What's going to happen to Joey, Aubrey, Rama, Nigel, and Renee? Is Cutter going to kick them out, or is he going to live with ALL of them under one roof? Why couldn't Clint give the mansion back to Bo and Nora? I don't know if you like Cutter or not, but I want him OFF the show NOW!!! There's no redeeming qualities to this guy whatsoever! Why do you prefer this guy over Ford anyway? (I heard from Raven Beauty that Cutter will be gone from the show soon, so lets hope this rumor is true!

Word to everything you said Louise. Show is so bad right now it's just embarrassing. I think I'm nearing outrage burn out because it's so awful. I'm also getting really close to giving up on watching it, cancellation or no cancellation. I hate that so much and yet I just can not deal with this disgusting Ford propping and the Mess and all the rest of it.

Bravo, Louise! I was so hoping you'd tear apart this latest attempt to brainwash the audience into loving Ford. The propping is so nauseating in its transparency.

Also Louise, Cutter asking for money from Clint in exchange for commiting Tess/Jess into St. Anne's is considered extortion, and Cutter should go to jail for that, because its illegal!!!!

Yes, because Cutter's a villain!

Why does it not bother you that Cutter is a iredeemable villian? I hope the rumors are true that he is GONE from the show!!! Why do you prefer Cutter over Ford? What do you think about the Cutter character personally?

I say both Cutter and Ford can hit the road! Both comprise a wasteland of character and I am no fan of the actors either.

I kind of like the actor playing Cutter, but the character is getting to far gone to be redeemed. Ford. Ugh. Can't bear the actor or the character!

What I really want to know is: are they killing off Matthew to give Clint his heart? Because if that happens, I am done. Eddie Alderson has done great work & has grown up on the show. Please tell me this is not going to happen. Please?

Why get mad over this plot point? Do we not all want the horrid DID storyline to end? We need Jessica back in St. Ann's for that (hopefully they've hired somebody more competent since Marty's stay). Would you prefer it be written that Cutter commits Jessica out of a sudden desire to do good? No! He's a villain. Let him do it for a villainous reason. We viewers get what we need, a light at the end of the tunnel for the DID storyline, and without it setting Cutter up for some irritating redemption arc like they are trying to do with Ford. Rather, he's bad, he'll stay bad, he'll exit OLTL still bad. Everybody wins.

Yes, CO, that's how I feel -- why would Cutter need redemption? How about just letting him be a bad guy? We need bad guys so the good guys have someone to win against! I don't believe for a second that OLTL will end with Cutter smiling and counting the Buke money in the mansion while everyone else suffers. I think he's a fun obstacle and an enjoyable character to hate. For now, anyway!

I prefer Cutter to Ford because unlike with Ford Show is not trying to BS me into thinking that Cutter is a good guy. Cutter is scum. Ford is scum that they're trying to pass off as reformed and good. I much prefer the former to the latter.

I'll be happy when Cutter is gone, but I want the rapist to die a grizzly death.

CO You said it perfectly. I couldn't muster the strength to say it myself. Thank you.

And that's my problem with OLTL. I rather read these very entertaining recaps than watch the show. When tuning in I found myself desperate for scenes with Viki, Clint, Dorian, Nora, Bo or Echo and wading through the other shit on the show. But ya know what? The shit is too thick and on for the majority of the episodes aired. The Fords, Starr, Dani, Deanna, Cutter, Aubrey, Joey, Kelly, John, Rex and Gigi are terrible characters and most of the stories on suck. If they kill Matthew, I may will not bother to stick with the show until the end. IMO, OLTL is the most overrated of the current daytime soaps.

The best that can be said about the Cutter and DID stories is that at least we're actually getting some movement on them. Actually, I tell a lie: the Cutter story is slightly better also because it's not just Cutter and Aubrey fighting and scheming, but Cutter actually going all out in villainy. And, yeah, no way is he going to be in Asa's mansion counting his money for very long.

Oops, I meant only bold one line of my previous post and not the entire post.

Couldn't Clint and Viki commit Tess/Jess themselves instead of having to bow down to Cutter's extortion? Cutter is a HORRIBLE villian and character that hasn't been fleshed out very well!!!

Can someone, anyone, explain something to me. So, Joey, Dorian, and Clint (and useless Kelly) know that Aubrey is a con artist. Add Viki to that list for Cutter. Also, most people in town suspect it. Rama (who wanted to protect Jess (Wes)) knows for sure that Aubrey is not a Wentworth, and Cutter likely isn't either.

How does that not make the marriage license null and void? How does nobody (inlcuding the lawyer, Tea) suggest that they check out who the real Cutter Wentworth is (if he actually exists)? Ugggh, this makes my head hurt.

Oh, and Louise, since when did Cutter become the villan we love to hate all of the sudden? So that we can put an end to Jessica's third DID s/l? Cutter was and is a horribly conceived character that we don't know anything about!!! (Ditto to Aubrey!!!) The whole Aubrey and Cutter s/l has been TERRIBLE!!!!! Like I said before, Viki and Clint should commit Tess/Jess themselves, not by giving up everything they have to Cutter!!!

Actually, I never thought of Cutter as a villain but rather a grifter (I know I am splitting hairs.) Honestly, I haven't thought much of the character beyond: I wish he were off my screen! I like attractive men scantily clad but Cutter and Ford have made me question my taste (that is until the new season of True Blood starts...hey, those guys can act.)

Seriously, in all of these months Cutter and Aubrey have not reaped any of the rewards from their scam on Joey. The story was dragged on and on and gone no where. Now the show is ending, it may pick up steam. At least Cutter has moved on to a new scheme whereas Aubrey has become more pathetic having quit her scheme. It's all too bad because I love Terri Conn and I thought Aubrey had potential to be an enjoyable character to watch.

Do you ever wonder why the OLTL writers/TPTB are so anti-female? They have spent six months trying to redeem Ford, Clint does all these heinous acts and it's all about his redemption and don't get me started on Todd and Faux Todd, redeemed rapists. But the women, not so much. Marty, the victim of not one but both Todds, get shown the door with all sorts of crazy. Jess/Viki have to find alternate personalities to deal with all the crap in their lives and Nora, don't get me started about Nora, who has paid for one, repeat one bad decision (okay, a really bad one) for YEARS. Seriously, everything that happened to her can be tied to that one night with Sam (his ex Lindsay, Lindsay's sister's ex's, Bo being an unforgiving a$$ for years, the clint marriage thing...) and she's still paying and paying and paying...

But Ford, an inconsequential minor, bit player with absolutely no connection to the canvas (despite a year plus of trying) gets the redemption play? Sigh.................

I like Cutter since from day one he wanted money and Aubrey. Now, Cutter just wants cold hard cash.

OLTL is trying to redeem Ford instead of having someone put a bullet in his head along with "old man" Nate, Inez and Deanna.

@ ladyBug: What's the difference in wanting just money and cold hard cash? Cutter ALWAYS wanted to scam millions of dollars from rich people since he first came into Llanview!!!

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