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June 06, 2011

A Ghostly (?) Visit I'm Not Even A Little Conflicted About

Presented without comment, unless "OH MY GOD, JOSH DUHAMEL, YOU GUYS! LEO! LEO! I don't even care how they bring him back. I don't. I don't care if it's Greenlee having a vision of what could have been--I'd relish that, actually. I don't care if it's David having a vision of what could have been--I'd also relish that, a lot! I don't care if he's another angel welcoming someone else into heaven, which is a distinct possibility since this is ABC Daytime and they love killing people off. I don't care if Leo is alive with amnesia and living in New Hampshire. I don't even care if Josh Duhamel and Leo's famous leather pants just stroll through the background of every scene in an episode without any explanation. I DON'T CARE, IT'S LEO!" counts as a comment. It might count as a comment; it definitely counts as mental illness. Anyway: LEO!

Josh Duhamel back to All My Children for a cameo!

In a classy show of gratitude for the show that helped to jump start his career, Josh Duhamel has agreed to perform a cameo on the soon-to-be shuttered All My Children.

Duhamel will reprise his role as con artist Leo du Pres on the ABC soap, which is set to air its final episode in September. The film actor, who went on to star in NBC’s Las Vegas before appearing in flicks like Transformers and Life as We Know It, will appear in an August episode (or two?) of AMC.



Please forgive me for my juvenile "Twilight-esque" show of emotion but...


Class move Josh Dumal. Class move.

Yessssss!!!! I use to love the way he called Greenlee "Greens".

It has been years and years since I've watched AMC. I don't even follow commentary about the show anymore. But if you give me the date, I will be there for Josh's cameo. Huzzah!


I haven't watched AMC in more than a year, but I'll be there with bells on for Leo's return. Even if it's only for a minute and he's a ghost or some other stupid thing.

Good. Since Judith Light made the same type of offer to OLTL.

I have to add one thing to my earlier statement---if they bring Leo back as a ghost so that he can tell Greens that Ryan is her really, truly for true love and she should marry him and live happily ever after with him I will be Very Angry.

Leo does not prop Ryass. Do you hear me Show?

This is a great, classy move by JD. This is really exciting. :D

The only time I ever really watched AMC was when he was on.....I'll come back for him for sure.

Damn Lori, I think you found the one scenario that would screw this up.

With any luck, Leo will return to strangle Lavery with his thong, or choke him with his clown nose, not prop the fungus that is Ryan and Greenlee.

They CANNOT use Leo to bless that unsightly and unholy union. No.

Leo! I think I can pin point Leo's death (or "death" as the case maybe) as the moment when I lost interest in AMC. Definitely it was the end of that brief period when I actually liked Greenlee.

Everyone dead is alive again so AMC .. maybe this is part of the 'we arent wrapping things up completely just in case we get picked up by another network/cable station' move ... I keep thinking they'll do what GL did and show a scene or two from the 'future' ...

OMG, Leo!!! So excited!

LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason I started watching AMC even when I wasn't skipping work with my BFF.

If they have him come back in ghost form to say, "It's okay, Greenlee, be with Ryan, he is a God among men," I WILL SCREAM.

Be still my Greenleo loving heart! I'll actually have to watch AMC! They better run off into the sunset together

Oh, the leather pants! Thanks for that reminder :-)!

I'd even be willing to have Greenlee leave earlier than when the show ends if it means she ends up with Leo. Her character is so horrible now that she doesn't deserve Leo anymore - but I do deserve my GreenLeo for all the pain this show has caused me.

I quit watching over a year ago, but THIS I will tune back in for! I love LEO!!! HATE Leo with Greenlee (boring, IMO) so I wouldn't care if he didn't do any scenes with her -- though I know that isn't realistic. (Sadly, I have a feeling Leo will appear to Greenlee to tell her how awesome Ryan the Douchebag is for her. :/) What I would really, really, REALLY love an squeeeeeeeeeee all over the place for is if Marj Dusay would return with him and we could have a Leo/David Vanessa reunion!

savings from winding down combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sorry to disappoint everyone on here but Leo appeared to Greenlee in a dream and basically told her that Ryan was good for her. It pissed me off so bad because I wanted him to be alive and I wanted them to run off together to Paris, picking up where they left off. But it shows a picture of Leo leaning up against the wall at the Pine Valley hospital so maybe he is alive. I really hope so!!!!!

I really hope so!!!!!

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