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June 03, 2011

All Of These Actors Deserve a Raise, Seriously

Poor Ingo Rademacher.

Sure, he's not the only person to have a job that basically consists of doing the same exact thing three times a week, every week, since the late 90s. He's not even the only person on General Hospital who has that kind of job! But STILL! What must it be like to open a script, read a mildly reworded version of the same sentence you've been saying for years, say that sentence with gusto, rarely phoning it in, and then get fired?!

Jax: Sonny and Jason are dangerous.
Olivia (who, really, should be better than this. She shouldn't even be able to say Sonny's name without choking on rage because she should still be--rightly!--appalled and horrified and furious about the the time he SHOT HER UNARMED SON IN THE CHEST. But no, she defends him. Why? I don't know. Because the writers are creatively bankrupt, mostly. Ugh. Will I ever be over this? If Dante is, I probably should be. This is a very long parenthetical notation, isn't it?): Okay, I don't want to quibble over semantics, Jax. Their business is dangerous. They themselves are not. That's a very important distinction.

They, the mafia boss and his loyal hitman who we have both seen kill and/or wound on-screen (people and glass stemware alike), are not dangerous. THE BUSINESS is dangerous, but they are not. The weapons they carry and the targets on the heads of everyone who interacts with them are also not a danger. I wonder if this also means that Anthony Zacchara is not dangerous and if he, too, is just an innocent bystander who happens to be stuck in a dangerous world?

This effing show.


this is the same show that is trying to sell that because a toddler met a tragic accident due to a DOOR being open that it's totally ok now to raise a kid in the mob because DOORS...THEY ARE EVIL...so the level of hair splitting and justification going on here really shouldn't surprise me.

But it always does.

I have to wonder how they plan to send Jax packing? If I use logic (you're welcome for giving you the best laugh you've had in a month), and we go by what's been on our screen (besides boring-ass shit), then there's NO WAY IN HELL Jax would just give up, leave town and leave fat-headed Joss with Carly. Right? I mean, even with all the flack he's getting from EVERYONE about the paragons of virtue that are Jason and Sonny (I won't even go into how gay for each other I think those two are), there's NO WAY he's going to compromise his belief, especially after showing us for 15 years that Jax doesn't back down...RIGHT?

That leaves killing him off. I can't imagine they'd have "the mob" bump him off to prevent him from getting custody. That's heavy handed even for Guza (you're welcome for the best laugh you've had since the previous paragraph). Maybe an accident? Boating? Jet skiing? High diving? Maybe a fall off a cliff while taking a picture like Beau in Auntie Mame? (Okay, that was an obscure reference).

What can I live with more? Writing Jax as someone who would give up and leave his child behind to be raised by wolves or having him dead with no ability to return.

I hold on to hope that they will keep him. Nancy Lee Grahan alluded that everyone should hold onto hope about everything since Guza's been axed.

Rene, I got the Mame reference immediately :)

My suspicion is they'll make him look uber-bad by stealing fat headed Joss, Brenda and Alec and running off somewhere. Maybe even with Jerry (who, in Jax's world, can't be considered a danger to a child) using his connections (along with Jax's) to hide them.

I mean, Olivia is right in the sense that Jason and Sonny wouldn't shoot or otherwise directly harm adorably fat-headed Josslyn. (For argument's sake, let's disregard the Carly/bullet/head incident.) So in that way, they personally are not dangerous with respect to Josslyn, whereas Anthony Zacchara is since he would probably actually kill her. Even Jax would agree with that, I think. However, that is not at all the issue that Jax is trying to raise.

It would be really nice if the non-Jax characters would go a little deeper into his argument. Every time Jax (rightly) tries to bring up the examples of Jake or Michael, it's always "Don't you dare use Jake/Michael to justify this" or "Jason and Sonny would never hurt Josslyn!" Occasionally we get a "Jason and Shawn can protect her!" out of Carly or a "Carly is a good mother" from the rest of the canvas, but otherwise nobody will actually address Jax's concerns.

I would have an easier time dealing with repetition in this story if the show could at least give us an intelligent discussion of the issue with different characters instead of spouting the same meaningless refrains. (Stop laughing!) Of course, then they would have to admit that Jax is right and Carly/Sonny/Jason/Shawn are wrong, and that could never happen.

Ingo's SL has been getting the shitty end of the stick for too long. Every year it's the same thing for his character.

So tired of the Sonny/Jason/Carly show.

And now we have whiny Brenda back, making the Sonny/Brenda scenes unbearable. I FF through each of their scenes every time. Including Michael, Abby, Jason, Carly...

The only thing I pretty much watch are scrubs and a little bit of Lucky or Lulu.

The SL's on this show suck all together.

I've headed over to Y&R to watch Genie and Tristan, and am getting acquainted with Genoa City. It's really lovely so far.

By the by, I'd love to see Nancy Lee Grahn and Ingo head over to Y&R. Their talent is being wasted on GH.

Poor Ingo. If it wasn't obvious that he was on his way out from the way Jax has been thrown under the bus over the past several months, it is painfully obvious now. Jax makes some valid points about Carly's decision making but all people care about is the fact that Jax is being a hypocrite. As if nobody else in PC is a hyprocrite. Which is worse being a hyprocite or protecting your daughter? Friendly reminder folks: Jocelyn wouldn't have needed Shawn's protection from Franco if Carly wasn't Jason's BFF.

For the record, I am not liking what is happening to Sonny and Brenda. (sniff, sniff...) However, if/when Brenda leaves town for the sake of keeping Alek out of the mob, I will be the first to stand and cheer. My only issue is that she should make her decision now and stop with the hystrianics and crazy plans. It is just making her look well...hysterical and crazy.

I am not an expert, but isn't it the norm for kids to love their parents? So what is the big deal about Micheal and Kristina professing their love for their Daddy? Seriously, as if that has any basis in the discussion of Sonny being a good parent or it being safe/smart/right for kids to grow up around Sonny.

If I never saw Dr. Lisa "dilusional psycho bitch " Niles again, it would be too soon!

When Genie Francis told Oprah's audience that she was over being the fragile dove character, she really got what she wanted with Y&R. She's truly the anti-Laura and I like it!

I briefly tuned in to GH the other day. Brenda whining, Carly stomping her feet, and Sonny stopped shaving? Is he protesting Guza's dismissal?

Tip to the new head writer: write Sonny out for a while. Please.

Maybe my memory of 90's Brenda is somewhat fuzzy, but I don't recall her being this nutty. I don't remember the odd out of place cackling, the weird facial expressions, or the constant whining. I miss 90's Brenda and I really miss her. Seems like the older Brenda got, the crazier she went. I don't get it. If they write this Brenda off the show, good. They have just ruined her completely.

It'd be nice if Ingo actually had a "job". Which he doesn't. Which takes a lot of the leftover joy out of GH for me.

Here is my question, when did Robin suddenly decide that Carly was a good mother? Who is this woman and what has she done with Dr. Scorpio-Drake? Robin NEVER ONCE considered Carly a good mother and would tell her that to her face all the time, but the second Jax asks her to testify she says she can not say Carly is a bad mother. REALLY?!?!?! The propping knows no bounds...........

That particular moment of the show, Mallory, is the one that had me screaming at Olivia, "Sonny, the jackass, shot your SON in THE CHEST, so please STFU!" Then I turned off the tv because I could not tolerate another moment of the mobster propping. It is disgusting. Mobsters aren't dangerous, just their jobs? O...kay. Hello, writers, not all of your viewers are brain damaged like Jason (and apparently most of the other citizen of Port Charles as well). We know better.

No way in hell Robin would EVER refer to Carly as a good mother. Not the Robin I've watched for all these years, anyway. She has kept Emma away from Sonny and Jason for good reason. She would advise Jax to do the same. But no, Robin can't stand up for Jax if that means maligning the great Port Charles god Sonny.

I feel so badly for Ingo. Neither he nor Jax deserve the treatment they are getting. And guess what, Show? I will not think badly of Jax NO MATTER WHAT. The way you want me to feel about Sonny, Jason and Carly - that's how I feel about Jax. Dude can shoot everyone of the mobsters and their molls, kidnap his daughter and every other poor child of Sonny's that he can round up, and I will sing his praises. As he goes around trying to get friends on his side and they defend the jackass mobsters, I hate this show more and more and bemoan their lack of creativity. How many times have we watched them fire an actor and then throw that character under the bus? Then the bus backs up and runs over them again.

I have no idea why Robin was so against helping Jax. True, Jason and Sonny are her friends, but she doesn't take Emma over to their house for visits. She sees them on her own. Also, just four months ago Robin told Brenda that Carly uses her childrens to manipulate men. I don't for one second buy that she thinks Carly is a good mother.

As far as Olivia goes, I expect her to remain up Sonny's butt, so the fact that she doesn't agree with Jax should be irrelevant. Her boss told her to keep note of Sonny and Jason showing up at the hotel. That's it. He didn't ask for her opinion or thoughts.

Franco is after Josslyn and has been in contact, thus why she needs a guard. Will no judge ever ask why Franco is after Josslyn and why he's so enamored with with Jason??? It's really all about Jax being selfish and jealous? Really?

He has valid points that might as well be made into a Powerpoint presentation. Why is it so hard for Carly to agree to just keep Sonny and Jason away from Josslyn? I don't understand this.

As for Shawn, he's awfully righteous about Jax getting into his personal business, but it was just fine and dandy for him to jump into convos that had nothing to do with him? Jax could say a word to Carly without Shawn jumping in to protect her from Jax's "bullying." These fools didn't even do a full background check on this person. He worked for the Balkan for crying out loud, and Jax is wrong for wanting to be bffs with him??? I just can't.

Nothing GH does should surprise me, but they continue to make me ragey.

Poor Ingo.

Actualy, considering today's announcement about Katie Couric, Ingo's probably better off. He gets to start looking for a job now, rather than six months from now, and no longer has to pretend to love what he's made to do on this putrid, festering suppurating, walking corpse of a show, which is too good for him anyway.

Ditto for Vanessa.

Meanwhile Guza apologists Geary, Burton, Benard and Wright are stuck; when the inevitable announcement of cancellation occurs, they'll all still be on contract and forced to play until the bitter end.

Karma. It's a bitch, but very satisfying to the beholder.

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