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June 14, 2011

And Amber Has An Aha Moment

Dear Diary,

Marcus stopped by today! He's super-nice. But he said something weird that got me awful confused.


He said that he was "relieved" when the test results came back confirming Liam as my babydaddy (remember that he's not and I didn't really actually sex him up while he was unconscious so that's a super-secret, Diary, so don't tell NE1!!!!). But why would Marcus have been relieved? I got real confused. But then...


That mouth feels kinda familiar. Where do I know that from? And what would that have to do with his whole thing about being "relieved" that Liam is my (SUPER SECRET NOT) babydaddy? I mean you know how I get confused real easy, but this one's a doozy!


Wait a minute. Babies. Paternity. Familiar mouths. Relief. 



Oh my gosh, Diary! But if Marcus is really my babydaddy and I'm trying to pass my baby off as Liam's, when the baby's born they might be able to tell he doesn't look exactly like Liam because... wait, why? There's some reason this is bad. Wait! They totally have different color hair. Liam's is way lighter.

This makes me real nervous! Guess I better ask my mom to go buy some hair dye for my baby. All fixed! Thanks for hearing me out, Diary!


Amber xxxo


Silly girl Amber. Non-long time viewers may not be aware that the first time Amber was pregnant on this show, she had this exact same concern. Of course, back then the choices for the father-to-be were a black guy (Usher!) and Rick Forrester (whom Amber had been hired to babysit)

Bold and the Beautful, home of awesomely inappropriate sexual relationships since... forever.

Wow, was the sex that bad that Amber can't even remember doing it with Marcus, or did she just blank it out because it didn't fit in with the whole 'Liam is my baby daddy' scenario. A little deja vu perhaps? I do so hope that this kid turns out to be Marcus'

Gosh, I hate Amber. I have no idea why B&B brought this character back AND to play out the SAME story she played over a decade ago. Just silly.

I am enjoying Stephanie's guilt over railroading Brooke. It's a nice twist on this redundant story.

Yeah, I don't understand how it might just be occurring to her NOW that the baby might not be able to "pass" as Liam's? Did she forget she had sex with Marcus? Who does she think is the babydaddy? I'm enjoying your journey into a Soap I Don't Watch, Louise, but it has me SO CONFUSED!!!11!!

LOL.....I bet you the reveal is gonna be like it was on Guiding Light. When they held that cute little chocolate baby up and Bill looked like wtf!!! I remember him saying "wait his skin....is it suppose to be?" and the nurse said "don't worry he'll probably get a little darker!" LOL. I couldn't help it but, as a black woman I was dying laughing at that scene!!!

Amber is just the worst.

I'm pretty sure that the reason they are doing this story again is because they wimped out on it last time and had Amber lose her baby before it was born and prevented us from seeing the shocked look on everybody's face when the babysitter's baby came out browner than expected. (Hard to believe that B&B, home of more incestuous love triangles than a collection of Oedipus Rex translations, used to have some fear of crossing a line. Of course, I think lines are for wimps (and there's a reason this craptastic half hour isn't being canceled and its because, for better or for worse, apparently intra-family love triangles are popular with somebody somewhere)

Anyway, not to get off topic but I came to the site because I saw this:

Kate Collins, Melissa Claire Egan and Jennifer Bassey Return To All My Children


According to the entertainment outlet, Marian, Janet and Annie are all being held at Oak Haven where Dixie is as well. Who knew she was so close by! The women apparently make their escape and head back to Pine Valley. Look for these powerhouses to return the week of July 25.

Bleep, bloop, beep. That sound you just heard was me setting up a season pass on my TiVo for the end of AMC.

Amber's really embracing the whole dumb blonde thing. It took her long enough to realize that Marcus could be the father. She just assumed it was Oliver. I'm hoping the baby is Marcus's since this little boy or girl will have a better tan than so called Daddy Liam.

love this recap so much!

As already stated, might have been a great story if it hadn't already been done a decade plus ago.....with the same character. So either she's dumb as a box of rocks, or the writers are lazy and there's been zero character growth.

I still think it's hysterical that Scott Clifton is playing the EXACT SAME STORYLINE he had on OLTL. When is Mitch Laurence showing up?

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