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June 21, 2011

As The Cuteness Continues...

Things are pretty hot over at One Life to Live these days and there's certainly no shortage of things to say about yesterday's episode -- from the revelation that Tomas has a wife (oopsie!) to the annoying fact that Ford having assaulted and tied up a nun and broken a woman out of a mental hospital is actually not going to have any legal repercussions to the absolutely hilarious mother/daughter scene between Viki and Natalie ("So yeah, Mom, your daughter caught me in bed sexing up her fiance in your house earlier today!" "Ouch!" "Right? But I'm totes not apologizing for it." "Nor should you! No judgment, as long as you're happy!") to the sheer lunacy of the fact that Jessica's whole family is all, "I can tell just by looking that you're all fixed forever this time!" And of course the most infuriating of all: Jessica obviously has a right to be angry at Brody and Natalie, but I have never ever found her this unsympathetic before upon re-emergence. She's giving attitude to everyone around her, acting as if she's the world greatest hero for fighting her way back and she's here to save the day. She didn't even seem to care a lick that Gigi, who is a close friend of her mother's and a handful of other people she cares about (and is a young mother, I might add), is dead. She basically wanted a medal for booking a therapy appointment for the next day, when she should in fact check herself back into the hospital immediately.

In the past when she'd return from a months-long D.I.D. episode, it was a lot easier to feel for her because she was always horrified to learn what her alters had been up to in her absence and, even though no one else held her accountable, did try to take responsibility to some degree and was always very apologetic. But this time she doesn't seem to care. She seems to expect a welcome-back party and seems in no way even interested in hearing about the havoc her alters wreaked -- pretty shameful considering Tess almost murdered half of Jessica's family a few years ago, and she only just learned that an entirely new alter emerged. It's like she just came back from vacation!

And the worst part about it is that, again, this is the Jessica I would've liked to have seen immediately after the reveal about Brody, Natalie, and Liam. This kind of nasty attitude and entitlement would have been interesting to watch back then because she had every damn right to it. But now? This is just ugly. There's plenty of time to repair her, I think, but I worry that we're not even supposed to be thinking she's being abhorrent. And if she falls for Ford I will lose my shit. Lose it completely. You heard it here.

I'd need a lot more hours in the day to cover all of that, but alas, those hours do not exist, so instead I'm choosing to focus on the best part of yesterday: all of the CUTE.

I love it. RHTodd saved Sam from a bad man and they adorably bonded over it.

SamAnd then Sam asked RHTodd if he's a bad man, too, and he isn't sure! That is so Todd, regardless of whether or not that's about his current amnesiac state.

So cute. I do worry a lot that RHTodd's "flashbacks" always being still images is an indicator that those aren't really memories, though, and are just photos that he's been shown in an attempt to "program" him to do something. This will not be acceptable. Even just these tiny scenes with him are so fascinating to watch -- there's just so much going on in the smallest of moments. Loving it.

Or maybe I'm crazy. The Daytime Emmys may have been the final straw in my tenuous sanity.

Destiny out!


Louise, you read it perfectly. EVERY time!

Jessica.....I like Brody, and the guy can't catch a break. First he gets reduced to falling into bed with Flubber, which alone is enough to send him over the edge, but then, Jessica walks in.

"Hey honey, I'm home! No matter that for months I was dissing you every chance I could get, married TWO men during that time, sleazed my way around town, but you DARED to stop pining for my return??" Jessica deserved that verbal slapdown Brody gave her, and more. I don't like Aubrey, but she was right to refuse to buy this "cure". And Joey continues to prove he is dumber than a box of rocks when he blithely hands the kids over to her. Why isn't Jessica back in St. Anne's, like the last time? Jessica's "the alters made me do it" has worn VERY thin.

Fudd, laughing about tieing up a nun just clinches his adorability, doesn't it? Even Middle Fudd knew that was a creepy thing to do. But not Major Fudd. What a creep.

I just about damn near melted with the Same/Todd? stuff. Seriously adorable.

God I can't wait until Natalie and Viki tear into Jess. She's such a bitch. Ford can have her; Brody's too good for her. Still, I did like that they showed that Brody really does still care about her, even if she doesn't want to hear it. Notice that he had his bag packed to move out like she asked him to do at the end.

ITA. Jessica is completely disgusting after coming back. Her complete lack of concern about Gigi and how it would affect Rex/Shane/Viki was very disgusting. And she's proving what a horrible mother, daughter, sister, etc. that she is by staying out of St. Anne's. Outpatient therapy is not going to cut it. She needs to march her butt back into St. Anne's. Only when she is completely "integrated" should she want to be around her kids. And her sudden concern for Bree and Ryder doesn't fly with especially when Brody begged Jessica to come back for her kids and she refused. I am totally on team Brody for this because while Jessica does have the right to be angry, she just is such a disgusting character at the moment that I can't root for her.

I loved the RH's Todd/Sam scenes. His fear for Sam was great as was his high kick on that agent dude. And I loved him picking up Sam and Sam telling him he wasn't a bad person. Him seeing memories as pictures doesn't really bother me because he did just go through electric shock. That has to scramble one guy's brain. It's the fact that he's already acting like Todd and TSJ's Todd isn't that makes me feel fairly confident that RH will end up being Todd. Besides, so many people want him to like KDP and even TSJ.

Viki can't very well come down hard on Natalie since she broke up her own marriage to Clint years ago by sleeping with Sloan Carpenter.

Jessica's needs her butt kicked, hard!

Fwhored is such a douche and should have been tied up and left in St. Anne's.

Sam is so adorable.

Blair's MO is to be no where in sight while her children or family is in danger while she's with some man.

To be fair, Blair has yet to learn of Jack's latest shenanigans. I have no doubt she'll be horrified and present if/when she finds out -- but it's true that they frequently take Blair out of her kids' stories. I don't get it.

And of course the only reason Jack's other parent is involved in this is that he's already in police custody, which is kind of apt when you think about it. One parent in jail and the other chasing down some sexy con man -- what do we expect from Jack? Not much.

Todd and Sam are just adorable. IMO the show would be at least 50% better if they cut all Ford's scenes and substituted Todd and Sam just hanging out together. They don't need to explain it or attempt to make it make sense in any way. Just stop showing Ford and give me more Todd & Sam and Show's quality would go way up.

Jess is incredibly unsympathetic right now and I also fear that TPTB don't realize that. If she falls in love with Ford I will also totally lose my shit.

Unfortunately I think Louise is giving Blair more credit than she deserves. Blair is my girl, but she's seriously failing Motherhood right now. It's true that she doesn't know that Jack killed Gigi---because she never bothered to check on him at all & so didn't see that he's not at her house where he's supposed to be on restriction. Then she just ran off to NY chasing her lying boyfriend without giving the little psycho a thought. Bad move, Blair. Bad move.

LoriK, I definitely think Blair is looking bad as a mother in this situation. However, since Jack was with Tea when this all went down, I was just assuming he was staying at Todd/Tea's and that Blair assumed she'd be contacted if there were an issue. Who knows what their custody arrangement is, though.

Then again Sam is just running around completely unsupervised at this point, so it's getting ridiculous.

Louise, ITA that this was the Jessica that should have stayed out after the non-weddings. She gave Nat what-for before turning into Tess, and it pissed me off so much that the writers went back to boring old Tess again. Seriously, how many times does a person need to be integrated? Tess had her cute moments, but it would have been SOOO much more interesting to see Jessica be a fucking adult for once. And I, too, will lose my shit if she falls for Ford. That would dishonor the memory of my beloved Nash :(

On the other hand, the Brody truthtelling was awesome! I was thinking watching Monday's show that he and Aubrey might be a good pairing in the end, if they don't put him and Jess back together. Up to now the Aubrey story hasn't really rung my bells, but they had a moment there with Ryder. Seems like Brody has chemistry with everyone, heh!

Also Louise, RHTodd HAS to be real Todd - why would those spooks go to the trouble of giving him a scar only to keep him locked up for eight years? I think TSJTodd is the one who was brainwashed - after all, he really acts like a dad when it comes to "his" kids.

Louise, please tell me we're gonna get your take on Jessica laying the smackdown on Ford today.

I do not get why people call Natalie fat. She is NOT fat- she is a lovely REAL woman.

Secondly, I hate this story.

Thirdly- more RHTodd with kids please? SO cute. My ovaries hurt over Sam anyway but he's cranked up the adorable with Maybe?Todd.

Silly me. Carly doesn't have to ask for forgiveness. Yet, Jax, who did nothing wrong took blame on himself?

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