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June 28, 2011

Asshole, PA (or The Day Vimal Got Hot)

I may be alone on an island here, but for me? On today's One Life to Live when Vimal learned Rama had faked her pregnancy, he turned on a dime from a cute one-dimensional archetype into.... kind of a hottie. 


I just thought that was important to mention.


So, Rex is an asshole. Even though he's been a total dick lately, I could sort of give him a little wiggle room. He's lost his fiancée, the mother of his son. Maybe he wasn't ready to pull the plug on Gigi -- that's certainly understandable. I could even go out on a limb and say maybe he would have had as stubborn a reaction had anyone been the recipient of Gigi's heart, and the fact that it was Clint and he hates him was a convenient outlet for his feelings. But today we learned that he'll use Gigi's heart as currency. He'll pull the plug right away, no problem! As long as he gets control of everything Clint and his family own. For revenge. 

Am I worried about Clint or his children? No, I'm not. Four of his five children all happen to be Lords as well as Buchanans, and clearly Viki won't put Clint himself out on the street (BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM). But to demand every memento and family heirloom on top of that? What happened to the Rex of a few days ago who was so concerned over how to be there for his now-motherless son? Cold. And, yes, it made him a little interesting. That whole transaction happening in the room with Viki? Viki, who took in Gigi and Shane and gave them a comfortable home for years and started an investment fund for Shane's future? Harsh.

I'm also wondering what Clint has up his sleeve. I find it hard to believe that he'd so easily give away all that he was leaving to his five other children, even to save his own life. If the surgery doesn't go well, his family inherits nothing from him. I'm guessing the small print that Cutter ignored when Clint signed over his house is a similar loophole to whatever's in place here.

I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see what happens when Natalie and Jessica find out what Rex has done. Especially since Natalie and Rex actually did grow up and siblings, as well as the fact that Jessica is now pretty much a raging unadulterated mega-bitch, so I imagine little will be held back. Whee!


Stray hilarity of the day:

  • Kate Hodge showing up to play Ionia, the actress playing Dorian in the movie about David (that was a mouthful), and just nailing it (best "temp" this show has hired in a while). The comedy of the best moment doesn't really translate here, but Ionia suggested that she and Dorian know each other "intimately," and David had an excited "What?!" and Robin Strasser held up her finger and quickly said, "NOT... No" in just the most adorable way ever and you just have to watch the moment to see how brilliantly and hilariously it's played by all three of them and, well, see? It doesn't translate.
  • The way Rama gave Aubrey the tiniest little pathetic half-shove as she walked away from Vimal. And oh yeah! The way Cristian just walked right away from her when she 'fessed up that she faked the pregnancy to convince Vimal to go to prison so she could cash in.
  • The proper glee with which Nigel delivered the news to Cutter that the Buchanan estate is no longer his.
  • Todd's punishment for Jack killing someone is giving him a newspaper internship for the summer? Boy, that's some really tough love there! (As infuriating as it is, these were also some really fiery scenes. And Andrew Trischitta [Jack] does shell-shocked sociopath [who just does not get it] a lot better that he does teen bully.)
  • No Fords again!

So much drama, y'all! So much comedy, y'all! So much scandalous news coming from behind the scenes, y'all! So many passionate but varying viewer opinions, y'all! You'd almost think this show is on its last legs and there's tons of insanity inevitably going on. Almost.

Destiny out!


I can't wait to watch today's show!

Does anyone else think that Tess spontaneously integrated with Jessica and she doesn't know it? Jessica now has a back bone and a fire in her belly.. plus she has been sporting Tess's red red lipstick! Why isn't that girl committed to the hospital until a doctor spends a few months making sure she is sane and safe?

Vicki and Clint made me cry yesterday.

I totally don't care that TSJ is leaving the show. I NEVER cared for his portrayal of Todd.

If Rex got to get the entire Buchanan fortune and the mansion from Clint and his family in exchange to allow his dead wife's heart to be donated (he's doing all of this to seek revenge against Todd and Jack for his wife's death) then how come Cutter gets to still keep his piece of the Buchanan fortune, and not have it taken away from him by Clint to give to Rex along with losing the mansion? At least Rex is using the money for the greater good while Cutter got rich for selfish reasons for his con-job against Tessica and her parents!

There's no way for Clint to take back the money that he gave to Cutter. It's in Cutter's bank account and that's that. Rex demanded all Clint's money. The money Clint gave to Cutter is no longer Clint's money so it has nothing to do with Rex and his asshat demands.

Louise, I loved that there were no Fords AND "Jess" (because the only Jessica for me was played by Erin Torpey.)

It was a really good episode. I loved how much Viki, Clint, Dorian, David and Echo we got! The woman from the Calcitrate commercials annoyed me so glad you liked her! IMO, the actress that played Dr. Buhari was the last, best dayplayer.

I thought Shaun and Tea's heart-to-heart was wonderful. There is a clear affection between the actors. I am getting a bit tired of Original-Recipe-Todd walking around Llanview unseen by all but Sam.

I loved the Vimal/Rama/Cutter/Aubrey/Nigel stuff and hope all of the stories with newbies pick up the pace and they get off my screen. Too bad because I love Terri Conn. The actor playing Vimal has charmed me since his first scene and today was no different.

And I am totally Team Rex! Rex is justified because Clint has been a monster. Clint has mistreated Rex for years and for what? Doing the same thing as Natalie: trying to fleece the Buchanan fortune? Clint's behavior still makes no sense to me. And I am liking JPL's acting in the story but can they give him a day off? I mean, there are other characters and stories.

P.S. Andrew T. is really, really awful. I don't think he is making the sociopath but is just truly unprepared and flat.

@Lori k: How can Cutter have a bank account when he's only been in Llanview for five months and wasn't born in that town?

I don't know. I could give a crap about Clint losing all his money, but Rex just extorted not just money but heirlooms and memories and mementos from the rest of Clint's family including people who've never been anything but kind to him, because the revenge you can obtain from power means the most to him right now because of how he thinks he's been wronged -- the lesson his son learns from this is not relevant to him right now. To me, Rex is turning into a man and father exactly like Todd. Good luck to him pretending he's better than Clint or Todd now. Poor Shane.

(Mind you I'm loving this!)

I kept waiting for Rex to pull out the Bo card. To add to what he hated Clint for was what he did to his own brother, sister in law and son. Since Bo is supposedly a father figure to Rex, it would have made sense to have had some play in what he was asking. But I guess I'm still the only one who remembers this.

And that was a twist that I didn't expect. I swore at the end of yesterday's show that Rex was going to ask Clint to be a grandfather to Shane, even if he wouldn't accept Rex as a son. Guess I was REALLY wrong....

I think the point is that he's lowering himself to Todd/Clint levels. He's saying it's in the name of justice, but I think we're supposed to see that's he's struggling with it.

I agree with the person who said there has to be more to the document than Clint is saying (though, I'm hoping that he has to live in Viki's mansion and they fall in love before January and the show ends with their huge wedding). It as written in case he went to jail. Is it possible that there's a clause that says upon his early release he gets some money back. He wrote it with the intention that the sons split everything, unless Nigel stopped by a lawyer's office on his way to the hospital, I don't see that Rex is getting more than a 6th of the fortune.

@guilty pleasure: Since when does having a bank account require being born in town? Also, since when does a bank account take more than 5 months to open? You go down to the bank, you show them ID, you give them a minimum deposit and you have a bank account.

Besides, Cutter doesn't need an account in a Llanview bank at all. Clint handed over the money via electronic transfer. It could have gone to any bank, anywhere. In fact, I assume Cutter's account is in an offshore bank. It's not like he's going to pay taxes on money he gets from running cons. Cutter has been a con man for a while. I'm sure he knows about offshore accounts.

I think that's going to the thrust of the story, Louise: when will Rex realize that in his pursuit of revenge he's become that which he most hates (Clint and Todd)? Good stuff.

I'm not worried about the Buch kids, either. For one thing, I doubt that this is permanent. Either through trickery or Rex's eventual coming to his senses, Clint'll get the fortune back. And most of them are Lords and have trust funds anyway, and if Cord and Kevin don't have a pile of money of their own by now, they're utter fools.

Also? That document totally has a clever little clause in it. Both Clint and Nigel had that look on their faces. It's probably in force for only so long or something.

@soap baby: I have always felt that Clint's reason for accepting Natalie but not Rex is due to who their mothers are. Clint loves and respects Viking while he detests Echo so it is easier for him to look past the scuzzy things Natalie did. I have been waiting for the show to have Clint verbalize those feelings for months and thin it has been a major error on e shows part to not have had at least one scene where he says it out loud.
And I could never be Team Rex just because the character is a gigantic douche. I am hoping that he starts to get treated like the asshat he is by people like Bo soon too after this act of extortion he perpetrated.

I'm loving it all, even with Rex, who is my second-least favorite character on the show. I have to admit that JPL has done far better with this drama than I expected he would, particularly when his anger is cold. When Rex heats up, he gets too shrill and cartoony for me to take seriously. Today, he was as cold as ice with Clint, and with everyone else until he was alone with Gigi. Frankly, I don't see a dime's difference between Gnat and Rex. They both are dumber than a box of rocks and have a sense of entitlement that veered off into fantasy land some time ago. BUT - I love their storylines. I want Clint to get it all back, and I bet he will, but I also want Clint to do some serious re-evaluation of his behavior, because he's been awful. (And awfully entertaining while at it.) Until he does that, I don't want Vicki taking him back, no matter how affecting those two are together.

I wonder if, with Rex getting the Buchanan money and power, if he'll be a big player in the Tale of the Two Todds. If so, I hope he can hold up his end, because he'll be playing off some pretty powerful talents in TSJ, RH, FL and KdP.

And Vimal - love the guy, one dimensional or two. The actor, no matter how stereotyped they make the character, always injects a sweetness and vulnerability, naivete, that is just charming.

Daniel,,,I think the way that Clint looks at Echo as compared to Viki says it all that his hatred of Rexx stems from cheating on Viki years ago. I am puzzled as to why Echo has never mentioned her brother Giles who was by her side back during her scheme to break up Viki and Clint.

Rexx and his high moral grounds and "poop" not stink philosophy when he has done a lot of shizzy things over the last decade makes me dislike him more and more. Rexx seems to have forgotten that Todd is Viki's brother and Jack is her nephew plus she allowed him and his girlfriend and son to live off of her estate for several years. Gigi offered to pay rent in the beginning and Viki turned her down, so the recent comment from Viki about the rent money is a complete WTF from me.

I like Shaun and Tea's friendship.

One of the things that I like about OLTL is that folks eventually get theirs handed to them on a platter with syrup on top!

I chalk up Clint's blind hatred of Rex to the writers attempt to create uber-evil Clint versus developing story. Clint was practically twirling his mustache in being evil toward Rex the day he learned Shane attempted suicide and the day Gigi was killed. Clint has stated over and over that he despises Rex for being a gold-digger and not because of his mother. Clint was soft toward Echo in several scenes since her return, so I don't buy the maternity argument in his hating Rex. Story doesn't make sense to me but I enjoy the performances and feel JPL has stepped his game up considerably.

I wish I could share your enthusiasm for this Ionia, but just NO. RS will be gone so soon and her final story is this? David and his schtick? Echo and her revenge? Some silly actress "stealing " her man?

It saddens me that there will be no opportunity to see Dorian finally find happiness and love. Instead it is more of the same.

LadyBug - the only mention of Giles in this entire story was when Echo was explaining what happened when she was pregnant. In the 1983 story, Giles was sent to prison for his part in trying to ruin Clint's life, while Echo was apparently banished from town instead of going to jail. In the rewritten history, Echo said she went to live with Giles in NM for a while, but eventually left because he wanted her to use the baby to get money out of Clint. Echo has said she abandoned her baby because Clint wouldn't love her and to keep the baby away from Giles.

During the first part of Echo's return, Clint seemed to profusely apologize every week to Viki about cheating on her with Echo. I think that's supposed to be his greatest regret and shame. Plus in 1983, Echo also tried to frame Clint for her murder and almost succeeded if Viki hadn't found Echo still alive. In Clint's mind, Echo is a scheming gold-digging con artist, and I can see how horrified he'd be to have a child with her from that "affair". And Rex has his own shady criminal past, so he's just like his mother, whom Clint hates.

"Clint has mistreated Rex for years and for what?"

I dunno about years...

All Rex's outrage over what a bad daddy Clint is just also rings false to me since, before Clint, Rex's daddy was Mitch Laurence, a cult leader/rapist/murderer. Are we really supposed to believe Clint's worse than that? I sure as hell don't.

"One of the things that I like about OLTL is that folks eventually get theirs handed to them on a platter with syrup on top!"

Unless they're named Ford. Or Todd. Or Rex.

"Frankly, I don't see a dime's difference between Gnat and Rex. "

The biggest difference for me is that I can believe Natalie cares about people, even if she's flawed. I don't believe Rex cares about anyone. He used Jen. He used Gigi (a free place to live, a verbal punching bag, a justification for sleeping with her sister and not having to take any blame). He has ignored Shane. He only notices Natalie when it suits him (when Tess had Natalie held hostage for most of the summer a few years ago and Jared tried to ask for Rex's help, Rex said he didn't care). He only notices Roxy when it suits him.

He's always been a two bit con artist whose only skill is twitching and sucker punching men who can't or won't hit him back.

It says a lot that they had to invent a litany of evil actions for Clint in order to manipulate sympathy for Rex.

So now we come to this story where Rex casually sells his true love's body parts, almost giddy about the jewelry he can pocket in the process.

If this is to tell me he's a bastard who only cares about his bank account, I knew that a long time ago. If it's to say, "Clint and Todd aren't any better," then that's a laugh, because Clint is an unrecognizable monster - so I'm supposed to be happy because there are 2 of them? And the show has spent years and years and years telling viewers how wonderful Todd is. If they are saying otherwise now, it's too little, too late.

The show is ending with dead-eyed and nasty creeps who treat women like expired meat and, with the exception of Jerry ver Dorn, struggle to even read their lines. This is a finale??

As for Vimal, he's always been handsome, much more than the generic Nair brigade of the Fords and Cutter. Unfortunately his being Asian means he has zero chance of anything beyond a token role on a rapidly dying genre.

@Carl: Vimal isn't Asian, he (and Rama) are Indian-American.

I guess I was thinking of Eastenders; most of the characters like the Masoods are called Asian. Sorry for the mixup.

Yesterday's episode was awesome, surely it has something to do with the fact there that there were no Fords AND no McBain!!

Didn't Clint have sort of the same dynamic, to a lesser extent, with Cord at first? I'm going only on Wikipedia info, of course, but it sounds like they didn't get alone either.

I vaguely remember that Clint/Cord got along just fine until he found out the man was involved with Tina!

The situation between Clint & Cord was totally different than the one between Clint & Rex. Clint never had a huge problem with Cord. Their issues were more about Maria having lied to Clint for so long and about Asa and Tina's interference than a feud between Clint & Cord.

India is a part of Asia, so yes, Vimal and Rama are Asian.

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