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June 28, 2011

Asshole, PA (or The Day Vimal Got Hot)

I may be alone on an island here, but for me? On today's One Life to Live when Vimal learned Rama had faked her pregnancy, he turned on a dime from a cute one-dimensional archetype into.... kind of a hottie. 


I just thought that was important to mention.


So, Rex is an asshole. Even though he's been a total dick lately, I could sort of give him a little wiggle room. He's lost his fiancée, the mother of his son. Maybe he wasn't ready to pull the plug on Gigi -- that's certainly understandable. I could even go out on a limb and say maybe he would have had as stubborn a reaction had anyone been the recipient of Gigi's heart, and the fact that it was Clint and he hates him was a convenient outlet for his feelings. But today we learned that he'll use Gigi's heart as currency. He'll pull the plug right away, no problem! As long as he gets control of everything Clint and his family own. For revenge. 

Am I worried about Clint or his children? No, I'm not. Four of his five children all happen to be Lords as well as Buchanans, and clearly Viki won't put Clint himself out on the street (BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM). But to demand every memento and family heirloom on top of that? What happened to the Rex of a few days ago who was so concerned over how to be there for his now-motherless son? Cold. And, yes, it made him a little interesting. That whole transaction happening in the room with Viki? Viki, who took in Gigi and Shane and gave them a comfortable home for years and started an investment fund for Shane's future? Harsh.

I'm also wondering what Clint has up his sleeve. I find it hard to believe that he'd so easily give away all that he was leaving to his five other children, even to save his own life. If the surgery doesn't go well, his family inherits nothing from him. I'm guessing the small print that Cutter ignored when Clint signed over his house is a similar loophole to whatever's in place here.

I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see what happens when Natalie and Jessica find out what Rex has done. Especially since Natalie and Rex actually did grow up and siblings, as well as the fact that Jessica is now pretty much a raging unadulterated mega-bitch, so I imagine little will be held back. Whee!


Stray hilarity of the day:

  • Kate Hodge showing up to play Ionia, the actress playing Dorian in the movie about David (that was a mouthful), and just nailing it (best "temp" this show has hired in a while). The comedy of the best moment doesn't really translate here, but Ionia suggested that she and Dorian know each other "intimately," and David had an excited "What?!" and Robin Strasser held up her finger and quickly said, "NOT... No" in just the most adorable way ever and you just have to watch the moment to see how brilliantly and hilariously it's played by all three of them and, well, see? It doesn't translate.
  • The way Rama gave Aubrey the tiniest little pathetic half-shove as she walked away from Vimal. And oh yeah! The way Cristian just walked right away from her when she 'fessed up that she faked the pregnancy to convince Vimal to go to prison so she could cash in.
  • The proper glee with which Nigel delivered the news to Cutter that the Buchanan estate is no longer his.
  • Todd's punishment for Jack killing someone is giving him a newspaper internship for the summer? Boy, that's some really tough love there! (As infuriating as it is, these were also some really fiery scenes. And Andrew Trischitta [Jack] does shell-shocked sociopath [who just does not get it] a lot better that he does teen bully.)
  • No Fords again!

So much drama, y'all! So much comedy, y'all! So much scandalous news coming from behind the scenes, y'all! So many passionate but varying viewer opinions, y'all! You'd almost think this show is on its last legs and there's tons of insanity inevitably going on. Almost.

Destiny out!


I've thought Vimal was a lil hottie from day one.

Loved, loved, L-O-V-E-D Rama's shoving Aubrey.

Andrew Trischitta just doesn't cut it for me, especially in his scenes with Trevor St. John (who I cannot believe the show would let go, especially if it's so they can focus on Roger Howarth's Todd who I've never liked along with anything else from the Michael Malone years).

I'm in the minority when it comes to John Paul Lavoisier, but I love his work. I know a couple of over the top guys like him who make the same goofy faces. Rex isn't cookie cutter leading man and that makes him even more appealing to me. Hey -- they can't all be a Ford...

"they can't all be a Ford..."

Thank gawd for small favors. One more wretched Ford on this show would really be the last straw.

My interpretation of Rex's demands are that he wants the money so he can go after Jack and Todd. Jack gets off free for Gigi's murder b/c Todd paid off someone else to take the fall. So, Rex needs money and power (Clint's) so he can get his revenge. Demanding the Buchanan fortune really doesn't have anything to do with Clint, or Rex having money for the sake of being rich for rich's sake. It's all about revenge on Jack. Clint was just the opportunity.

__The biggest difference for me is that I can believe Natalie cares about people, even if she's flawed.__

I think you're right about this, but I would question how much that really matters, when her feelings for people always seem to be trumped by what she feels she needs at the time. I haven't seen Gnat ever take it on the chin for anyone else, or deny herself any immediate gratification, no matter the cost to others. I can't see that her affection is any prize for anyone.

__I don't believe Rex cares about anyone.__

I think you're spot on with this. And all of your examples really drives this truth home. His affetion for Gnat seems mostly driven by what she can do for him at the time, and his treatment of Roxie - and Echo, for that matter, well, the kindest description would be, selfish. Rex doesn't have the long-term maturity to be a decent father, and as for Gigi, I heard them talk a good game but never really saw it on screen.

Your essay’s momentum is magnificent, statements are sophisticated. I can’t believe that when writing your hobby along.

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