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June 17, 2011

Barreling Through At Breakneck Speed

It's seriously hard to keep up with One Life to Live these days with a million things happening at once -- I guess this is part of the promised "we're not so much rewriting what we'd planned but we're really speeding it up" that we heard about after the cancellation news. My neck hurts.

Some pretty amazing things happened yesterday:

1. I felt really sad... for Rex. I know, crazy, right?! 


John-Paul Lavoisier did nice work again yesterday as Rex experienced grief and denial about Gigi's diagnosis. (And by the way, Gigi's doctor is pretty much just as wretched as Matthew's doctor. Who knew? Where do these Llanview Hospital doctors learn their bedside manner? "Dude, I just said your wife's dead, let it go, get over it, sheesh. I have some flu shots to go administer, back off!") I don't know if I really understand why Gigi's death was "necessary," but on the other hand we're losing everyone in six months anyway so I can understand killing people off to milk it for high drama, and that's what we're getting. It's good, heartbreaking, gripping stuff at the moment, and coming from unlikely sources. And I am once again so glad Roxy has claimed her rightful place in this storyline.

2. Matthew opened his eyes, squeezed Nora's hand, and just all around offered his loved ones a lot more hope for his recovery. Selfishly, this is great news for me because I do want a few more months of Eddie Alderson on my show (unless this is a fake-out, which would be SO MEAN). But the best part of it? Bo got so jubilant and overcome with glee that he basically jumped up and down and hugged the nearest person... Shaun!


So cute!

3. Brody, Natalie, and Liam had some adorable family time.


They're just so pretty! Speaking of which, Brody told Natalie she was "smokin' hot" and then later had a moment where he was basically struck breathless and told her she was beautiful. Uh... are we supposed to be rooting for John's version of appreciating Natalie after that?

And Jessica's back. Jessica's back in a brand new way, because yesterday we learned that she intentionally and consciously let Tess stay in control for a while there because she was so upset about Brody and Natalie. No concern for her children or the rest of her family. Now, after Nash's death when apparently Jessica deliberately let Tess out (as opposed to this time when we saw her fighting it initially, but now know that for a while she stopped bothering) this made a little more sense -- first of all, watching your young husband die and knowing your sister played a part in what got him there is a pretty major blow. Second of all, at that time Tess was basically known as a hedonist nymphomaniac. Jess didn't know at that time that Tess was capable of murder, and was appropriately horrified once she re-emerged at what Tess had done. So this time, knowing that Tess is perfectly willing to murder Jessica's own family members (and doesn't give a damn about Jessica's children), she let her stay in control? Really? Okay, then. In other words, Jessica walking in on Brody and Natalie in bed?


I, in fact, couldn't care less. I have absolutely no sympathy for her in this situation after hearing her confess she hadn't even been fighting Tess for control. In fact, I hope losing Brody is just repercussion #1. He can do better than this woman who let a would-be murderer have access to her children. So, you know, thanks a bunch for ruining both Jessica and Brody as a couple and Jessica as a character for me, Mr. Carlivati! I certainly hope that was the intention, because otherwise this is a giant failure. She and Ford are welcome to ride off into the sunset together for all I care, as long as I don't have to look at them.

4. Trevor St. John was fascinating to me again. This whole return of Roger Howarth and question about TSJTodd's real identity has really breathed new life into the actor and I am seriously remembering why I liked him so much in the first place.

Destiny out (of her mind with joy)!


JPL definitely was amazing yesterday. He is so much better when he uses subtle facial expressions instead of the OTT ones. I am also so glad that Roxy is back in this storyline. Echo may be Rex's biological mother, but Roxy is his mother and it was a travesty that she wasn't involved in the bullying storyline before then.

I'm also pretty much at the end of my Jessica and Jessica/Brody love. RC has totally ruined them for a rapist and it really sucks.

As for TSJ's scenes, when he wants to bring it, he brings it. He hasn't seemed bored these past two days, which is really nice. And I think that AT has definitely shown that he's become a better actor in those scenes because his fear at what Todd would do once he found out was very real to me.

Louise, what do you think about Ford wanting Cutter to annul his marriage to Tess/Jessica? I posted this in your last OLTL post, but at least something good will come out of this wretched Tess/Ford storyline, and Jessica will have one less piece of crap to deal with in her messed up life!!!!

guilty pleasure, I have to say I found it sort of inconsequential. Ford's not trying to help Jessica, who would (by the way) have ZERO problem getting that marriage annulled all on her own. I didn't really understand the point of it; were we supposed to think Ford was doing something gallant for his victim? I didn't understand Tess' "plan" regarding Cutter.

I think Ford wants Cutter to divorce Tess so Ford can remarry her and be able to keep her out of St. Anne's.

Why Ford wouldn't be prosecuted for the crimes he's committed up to this point (like ATTACKING A NUN)...I have no idea.

I too am sooo glad that Roxy has been playing a big part in the Rex storyline the last few days. She's the one with the history with Rex/Gigi/Shane, it would have felt like a cheat having her absent or having Echo there in her place.

C, I have the same question. Ford seems to be aware that Tess needs to be hidden now, but he doesn't seem to be aware of his own culpability. It's as if he thinks Tess is only at risk for being put back in St. Anne's, and as if they didn't do a slew of illegal things. You can't actually break someone out of a mental institution, go get a marriage annulled, and then go "oh the breakout wasn't really illegal since we retroactively canceled her marriage, so she shouldn't have been committed and I have dibs!"

Wait...Viki was the one who authorized Tess getting the ECT treatments, right? So doesn't that mean that Viki's the person in charge of making medical decision for Jess, not Cutter?

I, too, was totally and completely shocked to have my heart BREAKING for REX of all people yesterday. I'll give kudos to JPL; they're deserved. Though if he goes back to jazz hands and clay face, I can't promise anything. And YES to Roxy!

I don't really think Gigi "needs" to die (except for the fact that no one on soaps can get an organ transplant unless someone they know died), but I agree, Louise, if they're going to do it, do it right, and boy are they! I was close to crying several times yesterday, and I'm sure that will continue.

Jessica is just such a mess as a character. You all know I'm a very annoying Ron Carlivati fanboy, but Jessica (as well as Todd) is the one character his writing and whole conception of I just can't stand. Granted, he's not the one who created the alters and the kiddie porn, but what he's done hasn't exactly been great.

Poor Brody. Poor, poor Brody. This just isn't going to end well. Natalie will go running back to John the instant he crooks his fingers, and he'll lose YET ANOTHER SON when the paternity comes out. I really just hope they don't make him a villain or crazy to make Ford/Jess (and that's totally where they're going to go) look good. I will be LIVID if they do.

I do think TSJ has been much more alive lately.

Why is Cutter still living in the Buchanan mansion even after he annulled his mariage to Tess/Jessica? Now that Jessica (integrated, for now at least!) is out of St. Anne's, what's the point of Cutter still shacking up there? Will anyonne tell Jessica that extortion deal that he made with her father in order to get her treated? Once Clint gets out of the hospital, he's going to want his mansion back! Cutter could just move out of the mansionn and either buy his own place, or move into The Palace Hotel. And how will Vimal and Rama explain to Vimal's parents regarding their living arrangements with Cutter at the mansion? Louise, Tess married Cutter so that she can stay out of St. Anne's!

I understand why Tess married Cutter, what I was confused about was what her big "plan" was this time with Cutter. (i.e. yesterday when she said, "I do have a plan and it involves Cutter.") They (Ford/Tess) seemed to be under the mistaken impression that a marriage annulment would keep Tess out of St. Anne's and remove their accountability for the crimes they've committed, which doesn't make sense to me.

I can see why Cutter's still at the Buke mansion, though. I'm sure whatever papers he and Clint drew up didn't say that Cutter keeps the mansion only if he's married to Jess or only if she's in the nuthouse. He signed the mansion over, period. But yes, once everyone's healthy again I'm sure they'll have no problem proving it was extortion and getting it nullified.

Can I just say that Shawn's smile in that picture is just beautiful? I am loathing the eventual John and Natalie reunion. That scene with Natalie and Brodie is just so sweet. My heart breaks for him. I had really been wishing that OLTL would truly get edgy and go for a sister-wives scenario, but someone in power just doesn't want the nicest guy on the show to be happy.

If you live in the Central time zone, they cut away from Rex's heart-breaking (so I'm hearing) scene with poor dead GiGi, to go to the announcement of the resignation of the Weiner man. Maybe, he can get a bit part on OLTL as the owner of the hot dog place that Ford works for! SO NOT newsworthy, ABC.

Anyway the parts I did see were so good - Brody & Natalie are really selling themselves as a couple, am going to HATE it when she inevitably goes back to McPain. I too have lost any interest in the Jessica character & wish she would ride off with the hot dog, into the sunset. Soon.

Clint and Cutter didn't sign any papers to hand Cutter the mansion! Viki and Clint just gave him only the deed to the place, Louise! Also Tess and Ford couldn' t really figure out their "plan" only Ford came up with the plan to get Tess an annullment with Cutter. Tess original "plan" with Cutter was to swindle the Buke fortune from Clint, and escape town together!

Yes, the deed is what I mean by "papers." Clint signed the deed for the house over to Cutter. Which means Jessica being back or the Cutter/Jess marriage being annulled has nothing to do with whether or not Cutter owns the house. He still owns it.

I'm sure he'll be out soon enough, though. He lost his leverage.

Today was amazing. Brody totally just owned Jessica from start to finish. His, 'I was waiting for you to GROW UP' was amazing and I love that at no point did Natalie or he apologize. Also? I really hope that the end result of the spoiler I saw WRT John's 'love' for Natalie, ends with her going 'Sorry, not good enough. You didn't want Liam or I when he wasn't biologically yours so sorry but beyond joint custody? You can keep on keeping on.' I actually have hope that it'll happen based on them having Brody actually call Jessica out on how utterly awful she is as a human being. When even Aubrey is like, 'Bitch. No' you know you've hit rock bottom.

Rama could've also blackmailed Cutter to sign over the deed to the mansion to her and Vimal! That way, Vimal and Rama could impress Vimal's parents with their "rich" lifestyle! Rama could also have asked Cutter for some of the money they were promised in that deal they made with him and Aubrey when Vimal took the fall for Clint to go to jail for switching the DNA results!

I wish, I wish, I wish, that it would turn out that Vimal changed Liam's paternity to John by accident & then Marty changed it back!

MelP, I wish the same. I love Brody and Natalie together and want poor Brody to keep his son. First he lost Shane, then Ryder...it's just too much and I really enjoy his character.

I know I will stand alone in saying this, but I for one have no problem with Jessica letting Tess take control -- I'd be pissed off, too. Natalie is a horrible sister and Brody is an even worse boyfriend. Everybody seems to forgive Natalie's hopping from man to man to man ("I love John! No, Christian! No, wait -- Jared! No, John -- definitely John!"). Jessica came clean about her paternity mess but Natalie and Brody just kept mum. Ugh. Those two deserve each other.

As for Gigi, it's great drama but damn I wanted a happy ending for her and Rex.

And to Bourgeois Nerd: I'm a HUGE Ron Carlivati fanboy, too!

Yes, Dirk, but she could have been pissed off without letting out a potentially-homicidal alter who ignored her children to do it. I think that was Brody's point. And I think Brody has a right to be just as pissed off at the way Tess, who IS a part of Jessica, treated him. He begged for Jess to come back and she wouldn't.

Sorry, I'm a bit of a Brody fanboy, too.

Agreed that what Jessica did is beyond inexcusable. She was mad at Brody and Natalie, fine, she had every right to be. But she should have stayed JESSICA and taken her anger out on them as JESSICA.

Instead, she knowingly abandoned her infant son who had just lost his father, and knowingly abandoned her young daughter who had just lost her adoptive-father-to-be...the same daughter who she knowingly abandoned before when Bree had just lost her biological father.

Not to mention that Tess's last stint resulted in the death of Jessica's daughter Chloe, and the near-deaths of her other daughter Bree as well as her mother, sister, aunt, mother's boyfriend and sister's boyfriend. That's one death and SIX near-deaths at Tess's door.

Inexcusable, absolutely inexcusable that Jessica would allow Tess out again, no matter what was going on. I rolled my eyes when she was claiming to Tess that her children are everything to her. As if. Jessica abandons them and puts them in danger whenever life gets tough.

No Dirk you are not alone! Yes Brody has a right to be mad but the way he was going off on Jessica I wanted her to knock the mess out of him. Hello sir you knew this woman had more baggage then Kamora Lee takes on vacation when you got with her. Plus I'm sorry but Natalie is her sister and this isn't the first time she has screwed over Jessica. I still go back to Nash's funeral when Jessica went off on her and Jared (one of my favorite scenes) But if the spoilers are true Brody won't be sitting on his high hoarse much longer. Natalie will have her "perfect" family with John (eyeroll) and Jessica will chuck him the duces and move on!

First time ever - JPL was GOOD today, and I never thought I'd say that about him in a dramatic scene. Whatever he's doing, I hope he keeps it up. In fact, all of the drama around Gigi was very well acted, from Bo to Roxy, to Shane. And that horrid, horrid doctor.
Is there some sort of contest at Llanview Hospital to see which doctor can harvest the most organs? Is it like some sort of a medical treasure hunt?

I like Brody a lot, and the mistakes he's made concerning Jessica and Gnat pale in comparison to every other adult in that storyline. He's the only one whose primary concern has been for those infants. Even Gnat, whose heart is in the right place regarding her son, put him in harms way with Marty. She doesn't always think very clearly. And her bouncing from man to man makes any sort of "true love" a macabre joke. She'll dump Brody faster than she forgot Jared when Jawn rears his greasy head and throws a smirk her way. And Brody has stood by Jessica with more devotion than anyone other than Vicki. His decision to step away was completely understandable. His decision to pursue any sort of relationship with Gnat is the dumbest thing he's ever done. That's going to bite him in the butt big time. BUT he's the only adult I see around those kids. The rest are a bunch of petulant brats more interested in scratching their itch than being a parent. And it was time Jessica heard a few home truths - and she won't be hearing them from her family.

As for Fudd - he's the most disgusting character currently on daytime IMO, and it takes a lot to knock Ryass Lavery off THAT throne. And even worse, he's dull as dishwater. They might be able to wax that guy, but they can't teach him to act.

Bourgeois Nerd: okay, so Jessica let out a potentially-homicidal alter who ignored her children -- who among us hasn't acted rashly when love kicked our a$$?

And if I'm not mistaken Natalie might be the first daytime character who was once her own sister's step-mother (when she was married to Mitch Laurence). That girl is no good.

My question in all of this is that unless I missed something, NORA is the one who actually owns the Buch mansion! Didn't Asa give it to HER in his will because he knew that Matthew was the Buch future and he loved Nora and he wanted to make sure that they both stayed very close to all things Buchanan no matter who he was or wasn't married to. So, unless I missed that epi when Nora signed over the mansion to Clint, technically, according to Asa's last will and testament (the one in which he made everyone be on the board and get along or they'd lose the company, which they in fact did to Dorian), Nora is the one that owns that mansion and so Clint basically sighed away to Cutter a worthless piece of paper.

Sexymiry99: Clint got the deed to the mansion back to his custody during his divorce settlement with Nora last year.

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