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June 17, 2011

Barreling Through At Breakneck Speed

It's seriously hard to keep up with One Life to Live these days with a million things happening at once -- I guess this is part of the promised "we're not so much rewriting what we'd planned but we're really speeding it up" that we heard about after the cancellation news. My neck hurts.

Some pretty amazing things happened yesterday:

1. I felt really sad... for Rex. I know, crazy, right?! 


John-Paul Lavoisier did nice work again yesterday as Rex experienced grief and denial about Gigi's diagnosis. (And by the way, Gigi's doctor is pretty much just as wretched as Matthew's doctor. Who knew? Where do these Llanview Hospital doctors learn their bedside manner? "Dude, I just said your wife's dead, let it go, get over it, sheesh. I have some flu shots to go administer, back off!") I don't know if I really understand why Gigi's death was "necessary," but on the other hand we're losing everyone in six months anyway so I can understand killing people off to milk it for high drama, and that's what we're getting. It's good, heartbreaking, gripping stuff at the moment, and coming from unlikely sources. And I am once again so glad Roxy has claimed her rightful place in this storyline.

2. Matthew opened his eyes, squeezed Nora's hand, and just all around offered his loved ones a lot more hope for his recovery. Selfishly, this is great news for me because I do want a few more months of Eddie Alderson on my show (unless this is a fake-out, which would be SO MEAN). But the best part of it? Bo got so jubilant and overcome with glee that he basically jumped up and down and hugged the nearest person... Shaun!


So cute!

3. Brody, Natalie, and Liam had some adorable family time.


They're just so pretty! Speaking of which, Brody told Natalie she was "smokin' hot" and then later had a moment where he was basically struck breathless and told her she was beautiful. Uh... are we supposed to be rooting for John's version of appreciating Natalie after that?

And Jessica's back. Jessica's back in a brand new way, because yesterday we learned that she intentionally and consciously let Tess stay in control for a while there because she was so upset about Brody and Natalie. No concern for her children or the rest of her family. Now, after Nash's death when apparently Jessica deliberately let Tess out (as opposed to this time when we saw her fighting it initially, but now know that for a while she stopped bothering) this made a little more sense -- first of all, watching your young husband die and knowing your sister played a part in what got him there is a pretty major blow. Second of all, at that time Tess was basically known as a hedonist nymphomaniac. Jess didn't know at that time that Tess was capable of murder, and was appropriately horrified once she re-emerged at what Tess had done. So this time, knowing that Tess is perfectly willing to murder Jessica's own family members (and doesn't give a damn about Jessica's children), she let her stay in control? Really? Okay, then. In other words, Jessica walking in on Brody and Natalie in bed?


I, in fact, couldn't care less. I have absolutely no sympathy for her in this situation after hearing her confess she hadn't even been fighting Tess for control. In fact, I hope losing Brody is just repercussion #1. He can do better than this woman who let a would-be murderer have access to her children. So, you know, thanks a bunch for ruining both Jessica and Brody as a couple and Jessica as a character for me, Mr. Carlivati! I certainly hope that was the intention, because otherwise this is a giant failure. She and Ford are welcome to ride off into the sunset together for all I care, as long as I don't have to look at them.

4. Trevor St. John was fascinating to me again. This whole return of Roger Howarth and question about TSJTodd's real identity has really breathed new life into the actor and I am seriously remembering why I liked him so much in the first place.

Destiny out (of her mind with joy)!


I read something Farah Fath/Gigi said that this SL of her dying was written before the show was canceled, so had they known, maybe they would've gone in different direction, and given Gigi and Rex a happy ending. I would've liked that better.

Where to start? OLTL is on FIYA!!!!

Fwhored is a douche and does not deserve to live.

Brody was right, Jessica needs to grow up and stop letting Tess fight her battles. This man and Natalie along with the rest of of the Buke's have been there for Jessica and her children every six months when she goes off the rails as one of her alters or teen Jess.

Dang. Brody and Natalie are hot and I too was wanting Jessica all up in this hot triangle! Liam and Ryder should be Brody's sons while he juggles being their father, his love for Bree, and bedding Natalie and Jessica on the side! Hot, Hot, Hot! A messy family all living at Llanfair!

Rexx actually made me sad today and I was glad that JPL kept the mugging low key.

Ahhh. A dead Gigi! Okay, in all seriousness, I use to like Gigi in small doses, but not when FF is given heavy drama to play. By the way, I know a lot of Internet posters were ticked when everyone was fired during the Stacy s/l accept for JPL and FF and now FF is gone. I guess karma finally hit FF!

Those scenes with Brody, Natalie and Liam were all kinds of awesome. Sigh.

@ guilty pleasure: Thanks for letting me know that! LoL, I really wasn't sure but I figured I might have missed something. However, knowing Asa, I don't think that he would have allowed her the option of giving the mansion to anyone other than Matthew.
I am wondering what they will reveal in order to get the mansion back from Cutter though.
(Oh, & just call me Miry, lol. Damn typepad won't let me post without signing in & my old AIM account is the only one I wanted to log-in with!)

I understand Brody's anger, but I just can't with him moving from one twin's bedroom to the next. As for him saying he finally gave up on Jessica after the ECT didn't work, it's funny b/c I would've thought he'd given up on her when he couldn't keep his lips off Natalie. *shrugs* He may have done some truth-telling, but I no longer feel sorry for anything that's coming his way, esp. since Natalie clearly doesn't look that into him, besides the sex, of course. He can cut the self-righteous bull.

I hate that Jess was never properly intergrated, b/c clearly Jess can give fire when she's written to have it.

None of this is to say that I hope Ford is truly Ryder's father, b/c he doesn't deserve to be rewarded after everything he's done. This pisses me off b/c Jess and Brody were ruined for this idiot and for what??? He will never be Nash.

I cried through most of this episode and the day before's. Rex and Roxy were so good. Shane and his "Mom? Mommy?" GOD, I just fell apart. This is the thing that makes OLTL the best - when the actors bring it.

THANK YOU, REALBRENDA4EVER!! Ford will never be Nash and this redux story pisses me off so much.

I'm soooo glad to read so many positive comments about Brody telling Jess the truth. Someone had to give it to her, so why not have it be one of the two actual MEN on this show? I don't really have a problem with him and Natalie hooking up after Jess being under for six months. I mean, it makes sense with them raising their kid together. It never would have happened if Jess hadn't gone under. It does look to me, though, that Natalie wasn't into it to the same degree as Brody. But I didn't like the sudden "God, you're beautiful," stuff. That felt like it was too soon after letting Jess go.

I'm just hopeful that since Brody did the truth-telling, he won't turn into another crazy victim when Liam's paternity comes out. That s/l has been done to death. No more crazy, please, Show.

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