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June 13, 2011

Double The Fun

If anybody should ever ask--and they probably won't, because Susan Lucci's status as a national treasure is accepted and approved of by all, even people who don't watch soaps or classic Lifetime Movies. "The little lady with all the hair?" a random construction worker in Tennessee would say. "Yeah, she's all right!"--why Susan Lucci is a national treasure, I will screech "EXAMPLE 432!" and show them clips of her current All My Children storyline, clapping my hands in childlike glee all the while because really: the madcap adventures of Jane Campbell and her prisoner Erica Kane are the most compelling, entertaining and all around giddy-making things to happen on television right now.

Yes, I realize that the grandness of that grand pronouncement diminishes considerably when you give it a little thought, since most of daytime is a pit of bleakness and recycled stories, and most of primetime is in reruns. Faint praise is still praise, though! And I am really and truly enjoying this storyline and, for the first time in ages, fast-forwarding to get TO a story rather than THROUGH one, which is incredibly rare.

Last week in doppelgangery, David (of course) discovered that the Erica currently flouncing around Pine Valley was an imposter after he nearly killed her with fennel.

David: I'm a very curious man. Who were you arguing with in the park? 
Jane: I have no idea what you're talking about.
David: This afternoon. You were tearing him a new one. I saw you, Erica. You were furious. What did he do?
Jane: What part of "I don't know what you're talking about" don't you understand?
David: I have one last question. Why did you have reconstructive surgery?

Well played, Hayward. He noticed Jane's surgical scars and, coupled with the fennel allergy and her total inability to keep her lips off of alcohol, came to the ludicrous yet true conclusion that some nutjob surgically altered herself in order to pass for Erica (is vocal cord surgery included in all of this, I wonder? Or is Jane just an incredibly skilled mimic? I mean, I can't do imitations at all, except for Stacy and Quinn from Daria, so the thought of being able to sound like someone all the time is weird. Not as weird as this whole surgery thing of course, but you know what I mean). Even he, of the myriad flawed plots and crazy death-faking, was aghast at the level of crazy he had stumbled upon. But David (of course!) wasn't so aghast that he couldn't use this to his advantage and now Jane is doing his bidding. Like...getting her to write him a letter of recommendation and suggesting that she buy Pine Valley Hospital for him.  

On this,  I am torn.

Yes, it makes TOTAL sense for David to completely work a bizarre situation to his advantage. But...shouldn't he be more concerned about the actual Erica? I know he almost throttled Jane when he thought she killed her, but I don't think I'd take the word of a deranged fan about Erica's safety. Shouldn't have have demanded to see her and make sure she was safe, and then gone about making this work for him? Because it's too weird for him to be like, "You seem trustworthy, obviously deranged woman! I'm sure you're right and that Erica is fine!" And financially, having a double make this purchase seems like it would be really complicated, but why am I paying attention to details in a campy story? Shame on me.

It is a whole lot of fun watching him subtly tweak Jane, though.

David: I was just telling Erica how beautiful she looks. No one would ever guess the ordeal you've been through. It's like you're a new woman.


And it is a whole lot of fun watching Jane do her best Erica, but have it wind up slightly...off. Like the way she was so gleeful to be signing autographs and basking in the attention. And, of course, her pleasant and supportive nature with Greenlee. And it makes a weird sort of sense for the people who know Erica best to write off her weirdness as PTSD from the kidnapping.

Even the end of Friday's episode, when Jack caught her picking up a random drink (incidentally, ew!) was entertaining. For all of her hard work in getting down Erica's gestures exactly, she still can't control her urges for a drink. She maybe should have assumed the life of a tiny, glamorous person who isn't a recovering alcoholic. But then this show would be completely without fun and we can't have that, so forget I said anything!


Mallory, you never fail! I was SO looking forward to your commentary on this s/l. It is delicious and I am loving every minute of the story. Initially, I was very skeptical when I heard that Erica was going to have a doppelganger, but the performances have been so much fun. I adore Susan Lucci and in all the years watching, this may be one of my favorite Erica Cane stories. AMC is a joy to watch these days and my favorite soap on air.

Fab as always, Mallory!

My favorite part so far has been Jane virtually bitch-slapping Kwak (which Erica should have been doing at every opportunity anyway), and how unsettling "Erica's" friendly attitude has been for Greenlee. This is the first time in years that I've actually enjoyed Greenlee at all. She's probably going to be only person in PV who will regret getting the real one back.

My fave part is when she says. "My daughter.....Kendall" or when she twirls and poses for pics! LOL

Susan Lucci is proving why she's La Lucci! I love her.

What all of you said.

When this first started, I thought "well, this will be interesting, but Susan is no David Canary" as much as I love her. But she is playing this great ... as you said, everything is just a bit off.

I hope Ian and Spike run in and Jane says "Come to Grandma" and that's when everyone knows she's a fake. :)

I have to admit, I've never been a fan of Susan Lucci, but she's obviously having a lot of fun with this and it's fun to watch!

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