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June 23, 2011

I Do Not Remember This

Because if I did, this would've been discussed already. Long, long ago. A lot. I mean, did I know this back then? I did not. Because I would remember this.


I know I would remember that. I remember finding this man attractive, but in a "he's so haunted and such a fascinating character played by this actor who's brought so many layers to someone who's ostensibly just a bastard, so isn't that kind of sexy" sort of way. But not in this sort of way. I mean I think I get it. Present day One Life to Live is heavy on the hot-bodied men (generally with little-to-nothing to back that up in the substance department) and we see a lot more abs than we ever did back then. More importantly, Roger Howarth's Todd was never paraded as a sex symbol (even though he became one to the actor's own -- and many of our -- ambivalence) because a tremendous amount of his characterization was solely based on how incredibly repressed and, let's face it, fucked up he was about anything sex-related, both because of his own childhood and because of the heinous ways in which he'd used sex for violent means himself. So it was never about how hot he looked out of a shirt, though he may very well have. But, as I said, I DO NOT REMEMBER THIS. Because... I WOULD REMEMBER THAT.

And I'll wrap this up with four minor, unrelated thoughts:

1. I love Echo as a bad guy with attachments. "I know a thing or two... about a thing or two." She's such a dreadful person but not in an Eli/Mitch/Spencer sort of way. She's just that nasty, nasty woman who makes the least ethical choice at every turn and is such a necessity on soaps. 

2. Oh my stars, someone call Blair. Send her an email. Bring her a candygram. Her son killed a lady. He's been arrested. Can she be in her story now, please?

3. Matthew woke up and talked!!

4. Why does Porn Guy Rick need Deanna in his skin flick so badly that he'll blackmail her for it? Unemployment is through the roof right now; he might want to turn on the news. I'm sure he could find someone who would do something crazy like take the job. (Also: WHO CARES.)

Destiny out!


OMG, Louise, I totally was like, "Hel-LO, Roger Howarth's torso!" I did not know that existed, either.

1. I like it, too. Like, Echo's nasty, but she's not irredeemably evil or anything.

2. YES! Smoke signals, semaphore, anything!

3. Just remember, it's because of David! *LOL*

4. Yeah, it's weird and totally makes no sense. I mean, she pretty and all, but... But can I just say that, though I don't care about this storyline or the people involved in it, I thoroughly enjoy Austin Peck's performance? Because I do. He just cracks me up.

You do not remember RH this way because he got a lot more fit for Paul Ryan on ATWT. Just super-sexy.

1. I love Echo but can both she and Roxy be featured on the same day? Such wonderful actresses and yet there seems to be a trade-off when it comes to their screentime. I mean, we get all of the Fords on in one episode and they are interchangeable. Same goes for Starr and Dani these days. They are like the same character.

2. Ugh. I just FF Blair these days. She really needs to be involved with Jack's story right now. Todd is too unstable a presence and Tea is an enabled. Blair would be the only parent utterly appalled by Jack killing Gigi and may want him to own up to it.

3. Bourgeois Nerd said everything! Lol!

4. Ok, Rick the Porn Guy 'recruiting talent' at the high school. Seriously? Suck a waste. I like Austin Peck but he infuses a lightness and humor to this character where there should be a menacing, creepy quality ala Eddie Ford or Marco Dane. Funny and underaged-porn-recruiter does not mesh. AP should have been cast as Joey Buchanan instead of the wasted months on Tom Degnan. Austin Peck would have had chemistry with Terri Conn and Gina Tognoni. Well, too late for that.

Blair being ousted from the Jack story is utterly fucking ridiculous.


As for Roger and his rather fiiiine torso. Yeah... when he was on last you only got the barest of glimpses. Or you'd have to notice how completely skin tight some of the shirts he wore were and realize... there's a BODY under there!

He was quite insistent on keeping his light under a bushel. If I don't get a smoking hot love scene between Roger Howarth's amazing torso and Kassie DePaiva's goddess body then there is something seriously wrong with the world.

Two things that gorgeous should be attracted to each other just out of principle.

Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that David calls Bo "Pa" and Clint "Uncle Clint"?? I mean seriously it sounds soooooooooo stupid.

I think we got flashes of RH's hot body on ATWT, but yesterday he looked great. But why did he have to put that shirt back on so quickly? Dirty old lady signing off now.

I wrote this on Facebook yesterday:

Roger, no shirt, a gun, and smart assed comments..."who could ask for anything more?" (to quote the song).

That first screencap is SERIOUSLY a thing of beauty. I mean, they all are, but hot DAMN, Roger.

And yes please to it somehow being arranged that we get an epic RH/KdP love scene before this show leaves us. We saw KdP bring the heat in Blair's almost-love scene with Tomas just recently...all these years after Todd and Blair first got together, and those two are both still HAWT AS HELL.

I remember RH on OLTL in the 90s. I remember them insisting on dressing him in grunge ALL THE TIME. You had to look through about three layers of shirts at any given time to see there was a smoking hot body under there. (Also at the time I totally got why RH was like "sex symbol? Todd? Are you nuts?" So....I let it slide BUT NO MORE)


I was an avid OLTL watcher back in the 90s. I..do not remember Todd's abs, either.

But I approve, show. I approve.

Maybe "Amnesia Todd," combined with RH's long absence and the general sigh of relief at the idea that all the terrible character development in the past years might be undone, makes it somehow more acceptable to see a sexier version of Todd.

Or maybe OLTL is just obsessed with abs.

Either way, those are some nice abs.

Soapbaby, I was just watching this today and Rick the Porn Guy and the blackmail totally reminded me of Marco Dane! I actually really like Rick a little funny, but it's true it blunts the blackmail angle.

Still, with Deanna as his foil, menacing wouldn't work - she's no Judith Light. I also think he'd have been a good choice for Joey.

As for RH, I've just been loving the short hair. The abs are a total bonus.

You don't remember this because he did not do it often on OLTL. Those of us who worship Roger DEFINITELY CONCUR, but have sought out the few times he did this as Todd. It was not often. You'd find him shirtless more often at ATWT as Paul. Isn't he stunning?

Roger was definitely this fit on OLTL before. There are some pretty classic tight t-shirt scenes that I could watch over and over again. My favorite t-shirts appear in the years 1994 and 2001 respectively, so I know this guy had an amazing body during those particular years (as well as on ATWT, OMG).

I've been watching Todd (Roger)'s story all the way through on YouTube. He does appear shirtless on occasion, but it's a rare treat. :) I find him so beautiful

The evidence: :D

Thank you for that evidence S. There was whole lot going on in the second clip...the shirt, the pants.... Yummy.

I missed the 90s of OLTL and wow, I am SO glad I'm getting the short haired version of RH. Grunge makes me hurl. He's definitely one of those men who got better with age. And as for the shirtlessness, yes, I will have one of those with a milkshake, please.

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