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June 19, 2011

Necessary Words: A Round-Up

As I've just caught up on all the soaps' Friday episodes, I wasn't planning to write up anything for them since it's already Sunday afternoon and we've got the Daytime Emmys coming up tonight (see you here at 8pm for the live blog!). But Friday's episode of One Life to Live was so effing awesome for so effing many reasons that I just had to show up to comment on a few minor things. I thought everyone in the storyline regarding Gigi's death did great work. I like it when the show does some good tear-jerking stuff, so I don't mind them killing people off as long as it's well-done, and so far they've really been doing a nice job with this. And we're making baby steps in the RHTodd story now that he's lurking and watching Blair (who, sadly, hasn't been filled in on what's up with her son so is running off to New York). But that's not the storyline I really want to address here. The most exciting thing happening on Friday's episode was Rama thwarting Cutter's attempt to keep his marriage to Jessica intact even though Ford, out of deep love and heroism, was trying to get Cutter to sign the divorce papers. Amazing! Okay, I might be joking. Because really, who cares.

Where it was really at was Jessica's emergence and its aftermath. I know I've given a lot of lip service to how pretty the Brody/Natalie/Liam family unit is in theory, but I won't sit here and pretend that Brody and Natalie have done a good thing here. Brody seemed determined to wait for Jessica for months and months while Tess was in control and then they finally got her admitted to the hospital... and that's when he finally decides to give up? He could wait months while she was running around town as Tess, but he could only wait a few days when she was actually getting in-patient psychiatric care? It was definitely bad timing, but I can't blame the guy for being done with that relationship. And he has every right to move on (and has, in fact, had the patience of a saint for years with Jess and she's done little to warrant it). But with her sister? Bad move. But the most unfortunate part of his having made that bad move is that it undermined the power of the completely valid take-down he delivered at her just-emerged door on Friday. Because it was truly a beautiful thing, chock-full of words that needed to be said. It's just a shame that his credibility is low at the moment and that she surely didn't hear a word of it (and has now, in fact, sworn vengeance on Brody and Natalie). So, for your reading pleasure:

Jessica: You slept with my sister last year when I wasn't myself. You lied to me.

Brody: I was wrong not to tell you. I've admitted that. I've apologized for it and I've paid for it. I lost Ryder, I lost you.

Jessica: So you just moved on with Natalie, with my sister? [Fair. --Ed.]

Brody: Do you have any idea how many times I've begged you to put up a fight, to take a chance and to come back to me, how many times I apologized to you? I tried to get through to you and it was not easy with Tess spitting in my face. I would look you in the eyes and I would pour my heart out. Nothing. Nothing worked, not begging you, not the therapy, not even the ECT. And that was it for me. Your mother didn't want to put you through another round, and since you were making no effort to help yourself or to help your family or to help me, that's when, yeah, I moved on. What choice did I have?

Jessica: What about me? What choice did I have? I was trapped.

Brody: The hell you were! That's the biggest load of bull I ever heard.

Jessica: You think I wanted Tess to come out? I have a disease. I was sick.

Brody: I know a thing or two about mental illness, Jessica. I've been there. And I'm not saying it's easy, but don't tell me you didn't have a choice. You chose to hide behind Tess, you used her to punish me. 

Jessica: That's not true.

Brody: Oh no? You let her out! And then you used her to throw yourself at Ford! It wasn't enough that you had his child, you had to have him, too.

Jessica: Ford is involved with Tess! He's Ryder's father!

Brody: You did not care about Ryder, all you wanted was the trust fund. You know, I almost feel sorry for Ford, at least he cared about his son. Not you! The minute Ford wouldn't do what you wanted him to do, you dumped him, you moved on to Cutter Wentworth.

Jessica: I don't... I don't know anything about Cutter. 

Brody: You married him. After you divorced Ford.

Jessica: What? [Yeah, lady, take a seat. Have we got some stories for you! --Ed.]

Brody: That's right. You married Ford so your family couldn't put you in treatment. Then you married Cutter. Our wedding never happened but you've been married twice since then to two different men. 

Jessica: It wasn't me. Whatever happened, it wasn't me, it was Tess!

Brody: Tess is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. She's part of you. She is the mean, angry, hateful part of you.

Jessica: That isn't fair.

Brody: Oh no? The man who killed that boy in Iraq, who kidnapped Shane, he's part of me. But I take responsibility. I get on my knees every day and I pray for the strength to live a good life.

Jessica: A good life? By sleeping with my sister? [A salient point. --Ed.]

Brody: Instead of wallowing in my mistakes, or use my illness to get back at people. You have been punishing me for months. I have found you in, in parking lots and motel rooms, bars. You even turned into a guy one night, you hit on Aubrey and Rama.

Jessica: That's not true. [Oh, we all wish that Jessica, we truly do. But it really happened. --Ed.)

Brody: Oh no? His name was Wes. You even used my dead best friend to hurt me. And now that you're back it's okay because Jessica would never do that. Well, I've got news for you. Tess is as much a part of you as that sweet and caring woman that I fell in love with. That is why I hung in there, that is why I was just willing you to grow up. But no, you didn't care about your kids, your mom and dad. We all needed you. I needed you. And that's why I turned to Natalie, because you weren't there.

Jessica: Well that's convenient.

Brody: It's the truth. Liam was kidnapped. He was gone for days, held hostage by a madwoman. [A madwoman who, you might mention this Brody, one of Jess' alters assisted and covered for! --Ed.] And I had no one to turn to except Natalie! So yeah, we got closer. And then the ECT didn't work, and I gave up. I gave up on you, Jessica. And I made the decision to move on, because I was dying inside. And the hoping and praying and getting slapped down and humiliated -- I couldn't take it anymore. I'm sorry I hurt you, but that's the truth.

And there you have it. Oh yeah, Jessica then damned him and Natalie to hell because after hearing all of the stories about the shitstorm her alters caused over the last few months, she should really be focusing on revenge and not, you know, getting her act together so that she's not the world's worst mother. So yes, it's a shame that Brody moved on to Jessica's twin sister because that did nothing but undermine his completely fair and accurate take on the whole situation. Whether Jessica has some control over her alters or not, the fact of the matter is that it's even more insane than four personalities to think that your boyfriend can watch you cavorting around town for months on end, marrying two other men (and as far as he knows, sexing up half the town), and insulting him to his core every time he tries to get through to you and then be all "okee dokes, everything's back to normal now!" the second you re-appear as the dominant personality. It truly does not matter what promises a man has made; no one can withstand that and I'd honestly find the writing and the characterization more disingenuous if Brody had just stood strong through all of it. 

It's just that pesky "twin sister" thing. Damn, Brody! Just keep it out of the family! No fair that they make such a pretty pairing. But I just had to transcribe that scene because, isolated from the twin sister situation, it's so damn truthy! Too bad she heard not a word. And likely never will, since she seems all kinds of righteous-feeling at this point.

Also, Aubrey had her best day yet (not counting the cat fight) when Jessica showed up and acted all shocked and indignant that she didn't just get her children handed back to her immediately, no questions asked. Of course she's anxious to see them, but lady, you've re-emerged a few times and none of these times have lasted more than roughly thirty minutes! Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that the people caring for your children are more vigilant than that? 

At the end of the day, though, the most frustrating part of this is that this version of Jessica would have been so much more interesting after the initial Natalie/Brody/Ryder reveal -- she would have had every right to be this enraged, and it would have actually been compelling to watch her manage it somehow. I could have rooted for that person. Now I just want everyone in town to handle her the way Aubrey did on Friday, because after everything everyone's been put through, she should keep her head down and focus on getting better and worry about all the other stuff later. I also worry that when she gets in the loop on what's going on with her father, she might just stick with only unleashing on Brody and bury the hatchet immediately with Natalie because of the family crisis, which seriously diminishes any promise for drama in this conflict. 

I seriously just meant to transcribe that and leave it at that, but I seem unable to shut up! I will leave it there and go pick out a fancy dress to sit here and live-blog the awards show that will... not have jack shit to do with One Life to Live. Can't wait!


I do enjoy Rama. I just wonder why she hasn't used her power before now since she had the goods on both Cutter and Bimbo Barbie who actually seems to care about Jessica's kids.

Nat was a bad choice for Brody but yeah he has had a lot to put up with for months now. And before that it was the crazy I'm a teen Jess but at least Ford managed to end her marriage to Cutter so he can't sell her off again. I think all my hate in soap land goes to EJ Dimera so I'm probably an oddball since I kind of like the guy. Maybe I'm influenced by the lack of shirtoffaphobia he has.

Gigi dying is just so damn sad. Poor Shane. I just wanted to slap Nat when she was going on about Clint getting a heart to Rex who was clearly upset. I just wish Jess had slapped Nat at least after all she was entitled since she did find her fiancee and sister in bed together and this time they can't blame it on the booze.

I wonder if Rama will also blackmail Cutter
to signing over the deed to the masnsion to both her and Vimal (along with some of the money Aubrey and Cutter promised Vimal and Cutter when Vimal went to jail to take the fall for Clint for swithcing the DNA results, or did that deal fall through when vimal was exonerated of the charges when Clint confessed to being behind the DNA tampering, and when Aubrey fell in love with her "mark" Joey)so that Vimal and Rama can impress Vimal's parents when they visit them in Llanview?

I meant to put Rama after Vimal when I typed about the deal Vimal and Rama made with Aubrey and cutter when vimal went to jail! OOPS!!!

I also mispelled mansion!

That really was the best smackdown of Jess. And next week I hear Nat and Viki give her a few words, too, and probably cluing her into some of the OTHER awful stuff her alters have been up to! Can't wait.

Yes, Brody lost a little bit of the moral high-ground, but I think he's still right. As you said, Louise, he's put up with a lot more than most would for their beloved. Nat definitely is a bad choice for moving on, but it is understandable. He's the mother of his "son" and they've gotten close taking care of him. Of course, WE know it won't last, because the minute Liam's paternity is revealed and John crooks his finger, Nat'll go right back to him.

I have a feeling, though, that all might not be over with Jess and Brody, BTW judging by that look he gave her picture at the end of the episode, and a picture I saw of them in the nursery for next week. Maybe once this all shakes out, and if RC is good to us Ryder ends up being his after all, they'll get their happy ending.

BN, I hope to God you're right about Brody and Jess. But, I've also heard that Brody listens to the tape and decides to keep the truth a secret. He's going to go under the bus to prop Ford and John and I hate it.

I don't know, Andrea, I've also heard that the truth comes out fairly soon. I guess we'll just have to see.

Oh, Andrea, I just saw the spoilers you were talking about. But I also saw some that make me think that he might not fully get thrown under the bus. And I think from a story perspective, having him snap might actually make a reunion with Jess more probable. We'll have to see how things develop.

BN, what were those spoilers that you saw?? Jessica/Brody are really damaged, but seeing as there are less than 6 months left, he's her only viable option. Despite throwing himself headfirst into a relationship with Natalie, I think that Brody still loves Jessica and despite what he's done, she still loves him. I really hope that they can find their way back to each other.

I, for one love soapy, messy family drama and this situation with Jessica, Brody, and Natalie is a good one! I think RC or Frons missed the boat in not allowing Brody to father both Ryder and Liam since it would have provided drama for decades to come!

Jessica, dear, you just left Ford's bed with his drippings running down your legs and you act all high and mighty about Brody and Natalie? Ummm. No! Jessica let Tess out to do her dirty work and she knows that means drinking and sex with strange men. She could have ended up pregnant AGAIN and not know who fathered the child.

Brody and Natalie were friends way before they had the ONS last year and stayed close all through the BS after the wedding.

John would be in bed right now with Kelly if she had not ended things, so i don't care that Brody and Natalie finally moved on since they do share a "child".

Brody's smackdown of Jessica was indeed delicious, but of COURSE the writers also had to have Brody prop Ford in the same breath. Weak.

What Louise said. I thought the stuff about Gigi dying was done well. I still think it shouldn't have happened at all, but if they had to go there at least they did a good job. That's something.

@Bourgeois Nerd: I'm sort of over Jessica now, but there's a little tiny part of me that still hopes you're right and RC stops the crap with Ford and gets Brody & Jess back together at the end.

Unfortunately, I've heard rumors that they're thinking about bringing back a past love to pair with Jessica at the end. And no, it's not Nash.

You know, I read the spoilers again, and they really are so vague at this point that they don't actually point to any sort of support for my feeling that Brody won't be fully thrown under the bus and might reunite with Jess. It's really just a feeling. But considering the fact that last week I was half-convinced that Gigi wasn't going to die, my feelings aren't always the most accurate things. (Though in my intuition's defense, I've also been convinced for weeks that Matthew wasn't going to die, and that Destiny might be pregnant.)

But, really, I'm sort of at the same point that Louise is: I'm tired of getting mad/worried about what I THINK might happen. Spoilers can be wrong or misleading. And the show has just been so good even with stuff like Gigi's death that I wouldn't necessarily have wanted that I feel it's a real disservice to them to hate something before it's even been shown.

Being a part time viewer of OLTL for the last few years (I've never been a 'regular' viewer as I once was with GH and Y&R), I have to say I was wanting someone to tell Jessica to shut up. I really just didn't like her attitude through the whole thing.

Seriously, what was Brody supposed to do? He had no idea when or if Jessica was ever going to come back out - or for how long - so ... he was supposed to pretend he didn't have some relationship with Natalie, the mother of his child (well ...) that could be explored? Jessica expected him to wait, for everyone's life to just go on hold while she retreated into herself to let out someone who ALWAYS unleashes a whirlwind of destruction on her family? She wants Brody to keep pining for her, a woman who - when faced with some major trauma or upset - can't seem to handle it and disappears within herself for weeks and months on end. And when she's ready, everyone's supposed jump for joy and finally resume their lives because, hey, Jessica's back?

Please, girl needs to get over herself. She came off like a spoiled brat who couldn't grasp that the whole world hadn't stopped while she was gone.

Jessica rant by Brody was a thing of beauty. Yeah, the timing of Brodalie hookup was bad. But the Jess smack down was needed and deserved. The whole nonsense of Jess/Tess/Bess and whoever else the writers want to add shouldn't be an excuse for Jess to just check out of her life and her responsiblities as a freaking parent of 2 small children. Honestly, if writers do want to use a serious mental illness in a storyline, then they need to do it correctly. Why the fuck is Jessica acting like Tess'/Bess'/etc actions weren't about Jessica's deepest darkest ugly feelings? She is supposed to have been successfully treated for her disorder. So she should know this crap.

The reaction I didn't care for was Bree's excitement at "Mommy's" return. It has been about 4 months since the kid has seen or talked to her mother. And she had dealt with Jess' abandonment/absence not too long ago. I just don't think that Bree would've been quite so emotional/excited with "Mommy's" homecoming.

And there was finally a good use for Aubrey. Why the hell would Jessica ever think that everyone in the family would just know that "Jess" was really back and wasn't going anywhere? What sane parent thinks that that with this recent history that they should immediately have total access to young children? While not being in some sort of immediate therapy? For Pete's sake, she just found out that she has been married to two guys in the past few months and she still thinks that she is just fine? This whole storyline is just making Jessica look more and more like a spoiled princess brat. Who hasn't learned a damn thing. And the writing seems to be slanted towards the audience being on "poor widdle" Jessica's side.

I adore Brody and never more than when he told Jessica what he needed to get off his chest and what she needed to hear. Damnit, I don't even object to him moving on with Natalie. He would never have moved on had Jessica not dis-integrated and used her alter Tess to humiliate and diss Brody at every opportunity. Of course, he and Natalie are attracted to one another, and they share a child. Had Jess not left for 4 months none of this would have happened. That said, I'm hopeful that Bourgeois Nerd is onto something. My scenario is if Brody loses it when he finds out Liam isn't his and it's revealed that Vimal screwed up (not a stretch by any means) and that Brody is really the dad of Ryder and Jess helps Brody get through his crisis and they both agree to ongoing psychiatric monitoring and must live at Llanfair with the children until they can be on their own. I love Brody. OLTL Please don't hurt him. I know Jolie is destined to be the couple but I do NOT want Brody to be hurt. Side note: IK, AW and JPL made me cry while watching then keep vigil at Gigi's bedside. Damn them.

I'm still wondering how Jessica's first action was to go through Llanfair (sp?) looking for Brody, as opposed to immediately finding the children she apparently abandonded intentionally.

Also, as much as I want Natalie and Brody together, I know it's not going to happen (eff McBain). If I can't have those two together, I'll take Brody and Jess reuniting over Brody getting the shaft.

After witnessing part of today's show live, all I can say is "Wow". Really. Joey Buchannan really is tied with Ford as dumbest male in Llanview, PA. Ford has convinced himself that a deranged, murderous alter of a certified crazy woman is the latest love of his life. But Joey has deemed okay that his sister(the same certified crazy woman---who just escaped from treatment and assaulted a freaking nun for the love of Pete!) is allowed full access to her poor confused daughter and infant son. Both of whom she didn't bother to think of when she willingly allowed her alter(s) to take control of her mental state.

I'm just waiting for the police to show up and arrest Princess Jess for her crimes. Although I'm betting that she'll just say "but, it wasn't me. It isn't my fault. Tess did it!" And it wouldn't surprise me if the incompetant Llanview judical system decided that screwy logic was okay with them.

Is it wrong that I've come to hate Jess an want to see her locked the eff up an Brodalie raising all three kids together? Because I do. What a spoiled, hateful bitch. Even her father's illness and brother's wife's death are all about Jessica.

Izzy, I was just thinking the same thing. She was horrible today. She can be angry at Natalie and Brody all she wants, but today she acted like a smug, entitled little brat to everyone she allegedly loves.

I'm soooo looking forward to the smackdown Viki's supposed to give her next week. I also think her and Nat are supposed to have it out, too.

Can I say that I'm again hopeful that Brody might not be fully thrown under the bus, and him and Jess might get back together (though she doesn't deserve him) after today? It's plain he still loves her and wants to help her.

@Izzy - I couldn't have said it better. For me, the character of Jessica has been assassinated. Once it was stated that Jessica allowed Tess to emerge, I was done. Bree Williamson's acting choices do not help. I pray for Erin Torpey's return to finish up final run of the show but I know it won't happen. ET's return would be the only thing to salvage Jessica.

Ugh, today's episode was nauseating with so much focus on Jessica being back and Ford's chuckling over Tess' idea to put a nun in a straitjacket. Ugh, again. Another "hell no" from me came about the very odd, smirky young man ogling Starr. Yuck. Really, do we need new characters at this point?

Only saving graces were Erika Slezak and JPL's acting over Gigi's death. I also enjoyed Roger Howarth and Terri Conn's performances as well. Man, I really like a reformed Aubrey because I think TC is a wonderful actress.

"Ford's chuckling over Tess' idea to put a nun in a straitjacket." The only thing I liked about that was James's total "Dude, seriously?" look at it. I have to say, I'm coming to like James, mostly because he seems to be the only one calling his brother out for being the dumb-ass he is.

I've come to dislike Jessica even more today. Her complete lack of concern for Gigi and what Rex/Shane would be going through was disgusting. And the fact that she won't march her butt back to St. Anne's is also disgusting. It shows that she doesn't really care about her children because if she did, she would make sure that she was 100% mentally healthy. Outpatient sessions with Dr. Levin aren't going to cut it. Tess is going to come back and whatever Tess does, Jessica will be at fault for.

Today actually made me glad that Brody and Jessica are done. He deserves so much better than her and her inability to take responsibility for her alters' actions because while she can't control them, they do represent her feelings.

I don't want Brody to move on with Natalie, but he and Aubrey had some nice scenes today. Maybe they can start commiserating together about their troubles and slowly fall in love. Aubrey clearly loves Ryder and I'm still holding onto hope that Ryder is Brody's, so she would get to be around him.

@Louise I was so utterly disgusted with her. I sat there through the whole episode in shock that this is what she's become. I did however love Natalie's 'Bitch. Please' looks of varying shapes and sizes. So amazing. MA is slowly coming up on Rebecca Herbst heels as being able to convey a world of WTF in just one look. I didn't see any of the Ford stuff because I loathe and and all Ford's and fast forward through all their scenes but the Roger Howarth stuff was fantastic. He is so good with children and they clearly adore him.

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