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June 27, 2011

Now This Is Just Not Playing Fair

Call me old-fashioned, but try as I might to see them with other people, to see them as other people, I'm a sucker for Viki and Clint. I've loved their friendship, I've loved their romance, and I've loved both of those with both Clint Ritchie (I seriously get misty even typing his name) and Jerry verDorn portraying Clint. Maybe it's because Viki and Clint's love story was the first major story that really drew me into a soap opera. Maybe it's because it's Erika Slezak and two men with wild charisma. Maybe it's, uncharacteristically, writer after writer on this show getting one thing very right. I don't know. But it gets me every time. And today?

Clint: I'm not the man that you married. 

Viki: Twice. I think that's proof that maybe you weren't all that bad.

Clint: Maybe not back then. But I changed.

Viki: Everyone changes, Clint.

Clint: Yeah, but you're supposed to get better with age. You did. And maybe I would've, too, if... 

Viki: If what?

Clint (with tears in his eyes): If I had somehow found my way back... to you. I was my best self with you. Hell, I had to be because you wouldn't settle for anything less. And that is what I'm going to take with me. Knowing that there was one point in time where I did something good. Because there was a certain someone there that brought it out in me. Dear Viki, I'll die owing you for that.

Viki (now with tears in her eyes... and most certainly in mine): I think... I think we'll call it even, huh? 


I just have one question: why are they trying to kill me?

And as if that weren't enough? Then we had Dorian do a full about-face when she realized that Clint really might die. She did care about him once and, sure, has some guilty feelings about what happened (though it's clearly not her fault), but most importantly? She cares about Viki. 


I just love that woman. Am I the only one who watches half of the episodes these days rolling my eyes and sighing, and the other half all choked up, vowing "I won't say goodbye to these people; they can't make me!!!"

And oh yeah, I won't even go into how hot the Todd/Tea scenes were today (not that kind of hot), because one tiny thing. HOLY CRAP-OLA CASTING NEWS. Or rather, de-casting news. I am seriously dumbfounded. Trevor St. John is out soon. Very soon. I did not see this coming. I have not had time to process, so for now I will say that I really do wish him the best in his career. He fascinated me when he first arrived on the scene and, yes, I complained over the years when they took Todd in the direction they did, but he's been deeply engrossing again since the new Tale of Two Todds story -- I can barely keep my eyes off him. But you know what? I'm not worried about him at all. I think he's actually got a shot at a legitimate prime time career. Where are everyone else's thoughts on this rather huge news?


I KNOW! That was some major misty-eyes action. Those two are totally getting back together. Kim will probably just be an obstacle.

Really great show just generally. Loved Brody/Shane. Todd and Tea's fight was great! Now someone please go to tell Blair what's going on!

Can't wait to hear what you think of the latest casting news, Louise. Personally, I'm fine with it, but there's lots of bleating, of course. It's an affront to soaps and a personal attack by Frank Valentini and people are NEVER WATCHING AGAIN!

Bourgeois Nerd, excellent timing. I literally JUST HEARD and added a little blip up there. Still... processing...

Agree on Clint/Viki, but almost tossed my cookies with the 'prayer' about Clint and how much he loves his family. Except when he is getting revenge on them, like, say, having his brother's wife kidnapped, almost raped, then convincing his nephew that his parents are having affairs, which drives him to a crazy place that puts him in the position to kill a man, which then put him in the position to be punched by the son of the previously mentioned man, which almost killed him in a head-trauma/coma.

Sorry OLTL - you may think you can just sweep that under the carpet, but not so much. I'm always gonna remember that, and I think Nora will too....

And agree, loved Dorian....

I've run out of words to describe this show. When it's good, it's great. And today, it went far beyond great.

Jerry Van Dorn OWNED the show today. His deathbed scenes with everyone were very affecting. But his scenes with Vicki were.....here's the problem, I've got no words to adequately describe how good they were. His regrets and her devastation at losing him were so beautifully done. ES got across the pain with such subtle, such human expressions.

TSJ's Todd was even more captivatingly loathsome than usual today. His messed up logic, his messed up feelings about protecting Jack were impossible to turn away from. Tea's horror at both his actions and what Jack has become were spot on. Even Jack, whether by accident or design, played the clueless, heartless, dead-souled teen perfectly. I am really really going to miss TSJ. He's the only Todd I know, although I'm enjoying RH and this storyline. For me, TSJ could hang around as long as he wanted to and make this storyline even more must-see OLTL.

And Brody.....once again, he walks the walk, watching out and being there for the people he loves. He is such a MATURE character, perhaps the closest in integrity and empathy to Vicki of all the characters on screen right now. He's certainly has more integrity of character than Jessica or Gnat or that bumbling moron Joey.

Even Rex, when he was quietly furious, wasn't bad. And Shane, talking to his brain-dead mother, expressing his grief and his guilt, was so well done.

David and Dorian provided some needed light comedy, and then Dorian took it in another direction and expressed her conflicted feelings about Clint's possible death. So lovely, so real.

I could complain about Gnat, about Rex's screeching when he's worked up, about the WTF of Jessica not being in St. Anne's, or some other things. But today, even the things that weren't up to par were absorbed by the rest of the show.

It does not get any better than this.

I, too, think he's been great since the start of The Tale of Two Todds, but I think it just highlights that he's been detached and bored with the role for a long time. And, though we can't absolve the writing, I just never cared for his interpretation of the character.

Also, everyone's moaning about how this is a travesty and what about all the storylines we saw and how could the DNA test for Dani work and this is FV and RC destroying daytime. WE STILL DON'T KNOW HOW THIS STORYLINE IS GOING TO WORK OUT! TSJ could still be the "real" Todd, and he and Tea ride off into the sunset together. And he's filming through July, so it may be September or even October when his final air date is! This show is over in January; he's really not going to miss much. Sorry, but I've just been reading some real nonsense and it makes me made. I'd get mad if they fired JvD or something, and I'd be wailing all over the Internet, but I'd like to think I would be half-reasonable.

People think Valentini and Carlivati are destroying daytime? Because of this? Wow. I guess they should all boycott the show. That'll show 'em! Then it would totally get canceled.

Oh wait.

Anyway, I do wonder if they're clearing the roster for some planned returns. That could be exciting. But if Blair and Tea both stay to the end, who gets RHTodd? Uh-oh!

Ron, I admire your passion for this show, as always! And you're right, there are no words for how good Clint/Viki were today.

Yeah, some people have gotten a bit heated.

Listen, I totally get being upset. As evidenced by my obsessive posting on soap commenting boards, I'm deeply passionate about soaps. And Lord knows I've sat around writing screeds about Brian Frons and Bob Guza and how they're destroying daytime, killing kittens, and causing global warming. But at the end of the day, I'm a fan of shows, not actors. I have my favorites, but if the show stays good even if they're fired, I'm still going to watch. I like to think, too, that my Brian Frons and Bob Guza rants are the semi-rational results of years worth of moves and patterns of behavior, not that they just didn't do everything I wanted them to. Maybe I'm deluded and self-rationalizing. I despise hypocrisy, and hope I'm not indulging in it here, but it just irks me.

We're definitely going to get some returns. Did you hear about Erin Torpey (though that sounds like it'll only be a few scenes, and she won't be Jessica). I'll bet you dollars to donuts that once they get rid of NuJoey that they'll have Nathan Fillion come on for a day at the end. I'm also sure there are plenty of other moves they're making. And let's be real here: TSJ wasn't fired. They just didn't renew his contract. It isn't like they went up to him in the middle of shooting a scene, told him to pack his bags, and plopped RH in his place. They've been negotiating for a while. Also, THE SHOW IS CANCELLED IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER ANYMORE!

There's nothing left to watch, almost. Soaps wise, that is. I'll always miss Phil Carey and Clint Ritchie, but I'm grateful for Jerry VerDorn. Never thought of him as a recast. I just want Viki and Clint to go out on a high note, somehow, that would be a fitting ending for them, for me. I mean, for me, that would be great, if they got together, again. I hope it won't be another GL. I hope, against hope, there will be a lot of returning stars from the past, even for one episode. And I hope against hope that there will be a reprieve for at least one show. I've told my husband and friends..just you wait. In my lifetime all the "daytime soaps" will be taken off the air. And in my lifetime, much later, when everyone is sick to death of reality/talk/game/ no content shows.....real soaps will be rebooted, as they say. I just hope I live that long.

Today was such an awesome show. Clint/Viki, Jessica/Natalie, Brody/Shane, Rex/Clint, TSJ Todd/Tea/Jack, and RH listening in. You know what made it even better?? No Fords.

Now, if only Blair would become privy to the fact that her son killed someone. And, I really hope that we get to see RH's Todd react to everything he heard and how Jack has become just like him.

Most viewers are already sick of reality/talk show/no content shows. I wouldn't mind game shows so much if they weren't so...I'm not sure what the word is I'm looking for. If they were more fun (like Match Game or Family Feud.). But even non-soap viewers have told me they don't want to watch cooking/diet/talk etc. They just won't turn their televisions on during the day. If the networks don't start listening to the viewers instead of focus groups and/or doing what they want, they will be gone.

I am beyond angry that TSJ is being let go so that RH can be Todd.
I too am a fan of shows, and not of actors, but this is so wrong on so many levels.

It's like the Greg Vaughn/Jonathan Jackson saga all over again regarding Lucky on GH. In both cases, story could have been worked to keep both actors, especially with OLTL ending in a few months. Ironic, both TSJ and GV were in the role for 8 years before being unceremoniously dumped in favor of the original actor.

Bottom line, though: this may be a kindness. He would have been out of work three months later anyway, and now he'll get a jump on the job market. Considering the whole cast will be looking for work at once and all have similar resumes, this might be an advantage for him and I would not be surprised if it's intentional. (I also think if he's willing to relocate he might be the first OLTL-er to move to GH.) I don't worry for him, and there's no question that Carlivati and Valentini are huge fans of what he can do.

At the end of the day since they're all leaving anyway, there's really only one person I'd be truly furious about not being around for the finale, and that's Erika Slezak. As for everyone else, as long as their departure stories are fun or engaging to watch, it might be easier to let them go in small doses!

What a loss for the audience. I was really looking forward to "The Tale of Two Todds" story. Trevor St. John is a phenomenal actor. I have watched the execution scene on YouTube several times since it aired in 2006 because it is one of the greatest scenes in soaps. It ranks up there against Karen Wolek on the witness stand. INCREDIBLE. Throughout that entire storyline, Trevor St. John proved just how great an actor he is. He was snubbed and not even pre-nominated for Best Lead Actor that year or the year Susan Haskell won Lead Actress for the "rapemance...a horrible story with great acting from the leads. Trevor St. John's chemistry with all of the cast was magical, especially with Renee Elise Goldsberry's Evangeline, but also Michael Easton and Florencia Lozano. TSJ elevates every scene he is in and lifted one terribly written character moment after the next on the last eight years. Best of luck to him.

What a shame OLTL will go off the air without Trevor St. John, Robin Strasser, Gina Tognoni and Susan Haskell but instead give us month after month of other lesser actors portraying useless roles. I had high hopes that OLTL would leave on top but it feels like it may limp to the finish line.

@Ciindy. I think the word you might have been looking for was "mindless". Boring, too.

How the hell are they going to wrap up the Tale of Two Todds in this short a time? That's one storyline that really deserves justice.

Am I the only one who watches half of the episodes these days rolling my eyes and sighing, and the other half all choked up, vowing "I won't say goodbye to these people; they can't make me!!!"

^^No you are not.

Your essay’s momentum is magnificent, statements are sophisticated. I can’t believe that when writing your hobby along.

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