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June 11, 2011

Romantic Heroine Fail

So Marissa is pretty perfect, yes? JR is obsessed with her. Bianca is head over heels in love with her. Maybe I've missed the scenes where she demonstrated having a single personality trait that would lead one to exhibit mild interest in her, let alone utter devotion; it's possible, since I have a habit of tuning out during her scenes.

But when I listen to JR and Bianca justify their love, well...

Bianca: [Marissa is] a woman who makes me laugh, and who makes me feel good about myself.

JR: She amazes me everyday. How much she loves AJ, how much she never lets anything get in the way of what she wants.

Her most sterling qualities are: (1) isn't mean (2) loves her son (3) is obnoxious in her single-minded pursuit of what she wants? Like, why not just have Bianca say "I love her because the writers say she is awesome?" That would be something else she shares with her twin!

Much more to come this weekend, about Kendall and Griffin, and Susan Lucci's epic performance as Erica and Jane. It's been a crazy few weeks--I have started about a million All My Children and General Hospital and--are you sitting? I hope you're sitting. And, for good measure, not eating anything, lest you choke--Days Of Our Lives (I KNOW! A Days post on Serial Drama! I mean, a hypothetical, anticipated Days post on Serial Drama which, still, was a good reason for me to warn you to sit down and stop eating! You could have choked or fallen down and got a concussion, and I'd feel super guilty) posts this week and then got distracted by all sorts of real life things and the haunting malaise that comes with 98 degree temperatures, so...I'm a deadbeat blogger right now, basically, and I owe you huge posts for all of these shows.


The reason Marisa is so gosh-darn wonderful is the fact that she is the twin of that "Walking miracle" (Throwing up a little in my mouth to type that) Babe. And she is Krystal's daughter, so of course she is awesome. I am guessing the writers will recycle old scripts from the Babe-era and replace the word Babe with Marisa.

The writers are confusing exposition for character development.

"Like, why not just have Bianca say "I love her because the writers say she is awesome?" That would be something else she shares with her twin"

Oh! That would also be something she shares with Reese!

Marissa/Bianca is another fail pairing. For me, they can try as hard as they like but nothing will ever compare to BAM. Bianca and Maggie not only had the best chemistry but an actual emotional journey. We saw them grow together and form a real bond. They fought for each other. That was love. Everything else is just a poor imitation of the real thing as far as I'm concerned.

Marissa propping is getting on my last dam mnerves I feel bad for JY and CBL who have to say these stupid lines all to prop a person who all AMC fans cannot stand. Marissa should have left when Pratt left she is useless and boring and she makes no sense on the show at all.

I cannot believe I am about to type this, but, I kinda like Marissa. I know, I know, she's just one big Babe redux but the new actress has a spunk I enjoy. I am willing to pretend that she is not a biological Carey! Friday's Marissa and JR scenes were watchable and cute. I haven't cared about JR since he slept with Annie. I love Bianca crushing on Marissa. It's well-written and provides Bianca something meaty to play since she was reintroduced last year. I love her anxiety over making a big move and feel it's realistic. Plus, Bianca/Kendall bonding time and it was wonderful. Bianca's gift for Marissa was super-sweet. I must have walked away from the TV. Did Bianca give Marissa the music box?

I am all for a triangle between Bianca/Marissa/JR.

Can't wait to the review of this week's doppelganger story!

At least this Marissa registers, unlike the first one. She was like the human embodiment of paint drying.

I must say I am growing to love the new Bianca. And her hair is gorgeous!

I want Annie back for JR please MCE comeback

I loathe this Marissa so much. I find her smug and annoying. I do not understand why Erica and Adam's kids have to prop her that pisses me off so much.

They writers can have a millon strories for JR and Bianca. There is a lot of history bwetween JR and Bianca and yes even Kendall and Erica so why did the writers choose the dumbest most awful story to center around a uselss Marissa? Makes no sense at all.

Ughh on this nuMarissa. I can't STAND her! She's smug, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou and acts like her crap doesn't stink. To have the characters singing her praises to prop this worthless character is just a testament as to how useless she truly is. No matter what JR says about this 'epic love' he has for Marissa, I DON'T BUY IT! Jacob Young obviously doesn't either because I don't see any passion or heat emanating from JR for this character. Even when she was busting out of dress and practically in his lap, JR didn't even sneak a peak at said cleavage. JR is not physically attracted to Marissa -- to him it's all about re-creating this ridiculous vision of 'family' that he's concocted. He has never been truly in love with her, like he was with Annie, and instead of dealing with the feelings he had for Annie, he repressed them & started chasing Marissa for no explicable reason.
The writing for this triangle has SUCKED! I don't believe one word that comes out of JR's mouth with regard to Marissa and the chemistry of those two actors is actually in the negative range. BRING BACK Missy Egan to enliven Jacob Young again! He has been a dim, gutted version of himself ever since she left. JR & Annie belong together! Not JR/Marissa, where he can NEVER live up to her hypocritical expectations & where he doesn't even physically desire her. What crack-pipe have they had JR smoking that he believes that they were meant to be?

Don't forget Scott tripping allover Marissa and her amazingness or AJ whose sole purpose on the show now is to show up and drill it in to viewers what a wonderful mommy Marissa is, despite the fact that the kid actor looking terrified of even being near her.

It pisses me off watching two legacy characters like Bianca and JR fawn allover Marissa who to me is now as insufferable as her twin sister who at least managed to have chem with her costars unlike Sarah Glendening who still hasn't managed to pick which accent to use and who thinks that if you grimace and make silly faces the fans will think you are "fierce" and "cute".
She's actually making me miss Brittany Allen who at least managed to give *some* humanity and warmth to the character.

Jacob Young choking on his words and looking like he was about to break out in hives when he had to profess to KWAK his undying love for Marissa was one of the highlights for me this week. LOL! You could literally see him dying on the inside and thinking how a year ago he was paired with Melissa Claire Egan and now he's reduced to prop another useless character played by another crappy actress.

At least this Marissa actually looks like she could BE Babe's sister. Still a pointless character, and the love/hate yo-yo they have JR on is...bizarre. I guess it IS Babe redux isn't it?

Looking forward to a post about Days ... I think.

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