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June 22, 2011

Second Lives for One Life to Live Characters, Installment #1

We have to assume that in the months to come, we'll be getting a string of actors returning to One Life to Live to re-visit their former characters, whether they be characters from way back when (c'mon Karen Wolek!) or characters we've seen more recently but might come back one more time to wrap up a storyline somehow (Alex Olanov? Tina? [pleasepleasepleasepleaseTina] Cord? Mitch?). I've said before that I don't think we're going to be getting many of them till closer to the finale date (I'm thinking the parade, if there is one, will start around late October), but we did indeed get one announced today: Amanda Setton will be back as Kim!


Now we all know I've always been very quiet about my feelings on Kim. Virtual silence here. I barely even remember what I thought of the character. I wonder if her departure bothered me? It's so hard to think that far back. I probably completely forgot her after she left.

So, you know... cool.


I loves me some Kim.

This is the best news I've heard all week.

I like Kim and her relationship with Clint, so I'm fine with this. I know a lot of people are frothing at the mouth that WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!11!! and such, but I'm with you, Louise: we're not going to get the Walk Down Memory Lane/Victory Lap until the fall. Six months of wrap-up is just unrealistic.

Also, as much as I want them to jettison Ford, and as much as I want to see Judith Light up in this even more, what I REALLY want is the show to go out on a high note. If it does that without a single character return and ten more Fords on the canvas, I'm fine with that. Am I crazy?

Not crazy -- just an awesomely devoted fan who is more than ABC Daytime deserves.

"ten more Fords on the canvas..."

Don't tempt them. 'So it turns out the entire Ford clad is a bunch of cloned Abercrombie models from the underground wreckage of Eterna sent by the CIA (or whoever had/didn't have TM) and a mad scientist-turned-relative-out-for-revenge Snitch Laurence..."

(Okay, that could be awesome, if it meant that the Fords were established as inhuman monsters that aren't worth loving)

I never liked Kim because of her association with the Stacy "Fiasco" Morasco storyline, and I didn't care about her phony relationship with Clint either!!! Isn't bad enough we are stuck with newbie characters like Aubrey, Cutter, Vimal, Rama, Deanna, and Baz?

Eeee...Kim! With David back and the Rex vs. Clint feud still boiling, there's so much our girl can get into when she rolls back into town.

And I dunno about you, Louise, but the return of a character like Kim has bolstered my hopes that we might see Kyle and Fish again before the end.

"'So it turns out the entire Ford clad is a bunch of cloned Abercrombie models from the underground wreckage of Eterna sent by the CIA (or whoever had/didn't have TM) and a mad scientist-turned-relative-out-for-revenge Snitch Laurence..."

OMG, if they did that, I think I'd faint from delight! *LOL*

Yay!!! This excites me!!! Although, I think the show is going for a Viki/Clint reunion, so I don't know too much of what Kim could do.

Yeah, I loved Kim with Clint, Kyle, Fish, Stacy, Natalie, David and Viki.

I agree with BN, a lot of the OLTL fan favs will not be showing up until Sept / Oct time frame so I will continue enjoying my show.

I have been impatient with the new characters and certain storylines myself. But if the show would just get on with the 2 Todds stuff and let me know whether I'm getting my RH-Todd/Blair reunion, I would be much less annoyed by everything else!

I wasn't watching at the time, but your recap in which Clint told her that he knew she wanted a sugar daddy, and it was time to talk about the sugar, and I just LOVED IT.

C, yes! I was just wishing they would cameo Kish and Sierra in for Gigi's funeral, and I hope Kim coming back will open the door for Kyle and Fish. I loved them!

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