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June 29, 2011

The Worst Part of a Horrible Thing

We all knew it was coming. We knew that All My Children couldn't wrap up without Greenlee and Ryan having another, legal wedding filled with smugness and bitchface and smarm. We knew that there would be FLASHBACKS and unbearably CHEESY WEDDING VOWS and DOUCHEY facial expressions. We even knew--we hoped it wouldn't come to it, but deep down, we knew--that each of them would affirm their deep and true love of the other and ONLY THE OTHER, because they had never been in love with anybody else before, no matter what history and YouTube clips say.

Ryan: I do love you more now than I ever have before. Ever. And that's saying a lot, because I have loved you so much. People talk about soulmates, and I don't think until you have one you really know what that means. But I know. I know exactly what a soulmate is. Even when we've been apart, it's always been you. I've always been deeply connected to you. Just you.

Greenlee: I know how you feel. All the things that tried to keep us apart, they never really could. And no matter how I tried to stay away, I couldn't. It's always been you.I've always been deeply connected to you. Just you.

Gross, right?! I mean, even though we expected it, nothing can truly prepare you for that. "Just you...and the other loves of my life who I discarded on a whim". "Just you...and, you know, LEO, who actually WAS the love of my life".

But I at least thought, perhaps foolishly, that Emma would at least be given the opportunity to stick it to her stepmonster one more time! Perhaps hitting her father with some knowledge when it came time to speak now, or forever hold [her] peace,or cocking an eyebrow at the end of the ceremony, as if to say "This isn't over, Greens". But nothing! In the blink of an eye, one of my favorite plots in recent memory was completely erased. THANKS FOR NOTHING, AMC WRITERS!


Ughh, I completely agree. I got a bit nauseous during The Super Awesome Ryan and Greenlee Love Story Part 3532753982761679384523097.

BUT. Sadly, that wasn't the worst part for me. The worst part was that during the show, I saw a commercial for... THE CHEW. THE FREAKING CHEW. Classy, ABC. Showing that during AMC's time slot with a little "Coming in September!" at the end. ABC already wants to destroy my soul; must they ruin my birth month, too????

Aww man, I had been praising AMC lately but between this and Colby's "singing" a few episodes back, I think I have to take everything back. Didn't Lorraine Broderick's writing start already? Please tell me no. What's the worst part for me? I was actually beginning to like Greenlee and Ryan more over the past month because they were featured less often and less often in scenes together. I liked Greenlee in Jane/Erica's storyline before Ryan got involved and Ryan's supporting Madison after losing the baby. Please AMC, backburner these two quick! Well, at least their real wedding sucked.

I like Kendall & Griffin a lot. Almost too bad Zach is coming back. I did hate that Griffin and Cara got flashbacks in their conversation. I like these two characters but they are featured nearly everyday.

And for me, I've always consider Gillian (Merrick) Andrassy to be the love of Ryan's life. Their marriage of convenience-turned true love-was the ONLY reason I ever liked Ryan in the first place. I love Josh Duhamel, but I can see him anytime. The ghostly return of Esta TerBlanche would be an actual treat.

I have soooooo changed my stance on Josh Dumel coming back. I can already see it. He is going to be some entity that makes it okay for Greelee to be with Ryan. UGH! At this point I don't want his return to be about Greenlee at all. Let it be about David.

Leanne: I saw that horrible Chew promo, too. Way to rub salt in AMC viewers wounds, ABC. I called them up to complain. I called David Haslett, Media Relations for AMC at [212] 456-6558. I told them to have the decency to take that stupid ad down, and give us a few months of peace. We all know The Chew is coming, and don't need to be reminded of it.

Scenes like that, and the elevation of characters like those two are the reason the show's viewers deserted it. We obsessed few, who have held on, either have stronger stomachs or something, to be able to sit through stuff like this again and again and again. Through in the Careys along with McSpittle and the Bug, along with the dismissal of most vets and the mistreatment of the few remaining, a sperm storyline obsession and there's AMC's recipe for show death.

Lorraine Broderick sure doesn't have much to work with.

The only thing that got me through the wedding was how cute Spike and Emma were, they were adorable!

This is a serious question---does Rylee have actual fans outside TPTB? I hate them and they were a big part of the reason that I stopped watching AMC, and it seems like everywhere I look everyone else hates them too. Are their many fans simply hanging out places I never go? If not, why is Rylee still together and being pushed as The Greatest Love of All (which they so totally aren't)?

***This is a serious question---does Rylee have actual fans outside TPTB?***

There must be someone, somewhere out there, that likes them. After all, there are people who "fall in love" with incarcerated prisoners, and people who believe Elvis isn't dead, people who read the Enquirer for news, and people who have hired Frons and Sweeney and put them in top positions, so anything is possible.

But truth be told, if those two, and Gigi and Rex from OLTL hadn't spent all their time in Frons hot tub, they wouldn't be front and center on screen so often.

I just pity the poor guy who has to CLEAN that hot tub....can you imagine what it's like to have pick Clown Noses and Thongs out of that water??

So I've been watching old Greenlee and Leo clips on YouTube to see what all the fuss is about, and it took approximately 3 videos to conclude that those two CLEARLY belong together. They were, if there is such a thing, soulmates.

Here's the thing: "Leo" died. Greenlee had to carry on without him, and in doing so she fell in love with Ryan. Why not just leave it at that? Every day, people die and their partners live on, so why the need to rewrite history? I'd have more respect for the couple and their story if Greenlee was all "Hey, I already did the soulmate thing and I know I'll never have that again, but I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you." THAT'S real.

This stupid need of soaps to elevate the current love interest to Truest Wuviest Wuv Eva is one of the things that helps alienate viewers, in my opinion. These characters are on for decades. Because of the nature of daytime, viewers see them in multiple pairings, root for them in multiple pairings...it's just a slap in the face. "It's always been you"? "Just you"? Gimme a break. It's like the writers deliberately try to annoy longtime viewers - and of course that is one of the few things at which they succeed.

Does anybody else remember one of the very worst examples - that of Anna and David? Remember when he was grieving Leora, and she told him that she had never loved any man as much as she did him, he was it, blah blah? Now look, I liked Anna/David a lot, and I had actually never seen her GH pairings with Robert and Duke, though I heard plenty because I was watching during the Robin/Stone years...but I still knew that was offensive and wrong.

Sometimes I wish soap characters could go back and watch old clips on YouTube like we do. "It's always been you. You're the only one I've ever REALLY loved." Uh huh. We saw you fall in love with a zillion other people. I get that it's a soap opera and everything's exaggerated, but you can't have ten different "loves of your life."

Rylee soulmates? Pıfffft! Only on TIIC's non existent minds.

I would believe Zendull before i buy Rylee and trust me Kendall with that greasy haired gangster sucked really bad.

Ryan's soulmate is Kendall. TIIC can rewrite till cows come home.

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