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June 12, 2011

This Situation Just Got Seriously Adorable

Well, this is certainly not what I anticipated. 

First of all, apparently Sam is getting better life lessons from his family than his big brother Jack is, since little Sam has learned from his Aunt Dorian that we should help the homeless, which manifested itself in his gifting a cola to RHTodd (Roger Howarth's Todd, as opposed to TSJTodd... for the time being).


Little did he know that RHTodd is... or might be... his mother's ex-husband? The father of his siblings? 

Anyway, the point is that on Friday little Sam met RHTodd. 


And it was so effing cute! And you know? It was a little reminiscent of RHTodd's past relationships with small children -- whether we're talking his friendship with little CJ and Sarah or with Starr, all times that he was missing or on-the-run or unknown by the adults nearby, at any rate. I'm enjoying this little call-back, and I'd forgotten just how good Roger Howarth is with little kids. I think it always did a lot to keep us interested in Todd back when there was little reason to do much but hate him for his myriad crimes. There was actually always something about Howarth's Todd that was still a child, and children brought out the part of him that wasn't yet broken.

Also, again, just really effing cute.


Isn't it? So cute. Also, did you check out that headline? So "McPain" isn't just Jack's nickname for John McBain, but also what Todd calls him in newspaper headlines? In papers that presumably sell, which means there's at least a relatively large part of the Llanview populace that doesn't worship John McBain and think he's the greatest ever? Yeah, I'm making a leap here. I find comfort in tiny things sometimes.

But most importantly, there was a quite decent Friday cliffhanger:


RHTodd saw Starr! RHTodd saw Starr! I'm a tad giddy. I'll admit I'd thought about Roger Howarth and how we'll soon see him in scenes again with Erika Slezak and Kassie dePaiva and Florencia Lozano and Hilary B. Smith (by the way, can I be a huge asshole here for a second and say that I adore Smith and think she's a hell of an actress, but can they please let her use a menthol tear stick??) and the rest of the grownups, but I hadn't even thought about what a great father/daughter team Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson made. I know I give her a hard time, but I really did love Starr as a kid and am psyched to see how this plays out and am psyched to see all these actors getting to work together again.


Well, I could take a moment now to speculate on why Kelly's hair got blonder as the episode progressed, or complain about how Clint ordained Natalie with John and Kelly with Joey from his death bed (so, of course, it must be!) or how weird it is that I do have some affection for the Morasco/Balsom family now after spending much of 2010 complaining about them or how OH MY GOD NORA AND BO NEED TO FIND A NEW DOCTOR FOR MATTHEW, but it's almost time for the Tony Awards so I have to get going. So on that note, earlier today I was watching an episode of Working in the Theatre (it's a television series that covers theatre, which I mention only because I feel like maybe it only airs in the New York area) that had a panel of actors from this season's Broadway shows and Judith Light (ex-Karen Wolek!) was on it. She played Marie Lombardi in Lombardi this year and, I might add, is nominated for a Tony Award for it tonight (and it was much-deserved -- she was absolutely phenomenal in the show). The point is, they were asking about the cast of her show and she said that she'd worked with Dan Lauria (he played Lombardi himself in the show) before and mentioned that he played her pimp on One Life to Live! This made me all a-flutter and excited, and it also cracked up the rest of the panel which just happened to include Renee Elise Goldsberry (ex-Evangeline), who was there speaking about all of the ass-kicking awesomeness she laid out on stage this year in Good People

We've got almost seven months to go here, so of course OLTL isn't racking up the long-list of big-name returns yet the way All My Children is with about three months to go (ouch), but I imagine in the fall we'll start seeing those names pop up. This is the one the show has to do. Has to do. Because seriously. Doing some sort of a retrospective clip show will not be enough. We need visitors toward the end and we need Judith Light (damn, remember when trials on soaps were awesome?) and she would surely do it, even if only for a day or two.  


What is up with that doctor? "I can give you the light and you can do it!". I wanted Nora to take her earrings off and jump across that bed and choke her. While Bo eases over to the door and closes it in order for Nora to take the bitch down in private!

That doctor is just horrible. But it did help to have the adorableness that is Sam. He's so damn cute. His big brother could learn from his little brother.

Okay so I'm not crazy because I thought I was. I was watching earlier and was thinking that Kelly's hair was changing during the episode.

It was annoying to have Clint anointing True Loves all over the place, but, still, that was such a great scene. If I actually thought for a minute that Clint was going to die, I'd complain that Kevin and Cord need to be there (though at least they're getting mentioned and not just ignored), but since there's no way in hell he is, I don't care.

Will someone PLEASE clock that doctor? Geez, at this point I'd rather have Terrell Tilford flailing about a brain not being a foot than her ass.

I must admit, I have tremendous affection for the Balsom-Morascos, too. I've always liked them when they're being a FAMILY. It's when it's about Rex and Gigi's romantic angst that things get unbearable. And Farah Fath and Austin Williams have always portrayed a particularly cute and heartwarming relationship. When Gigi proclaimed, "She's an imposter!" due to not knowing who Black Cat is, I just about giggled.

So I'm the only one who was REALLY, REALLY bummed out by John and Kelly's break-up? GT and ME just work so well together, and have ten times more chemistry than either has with their other romantic partners.

Total WORD to Judith Light coming back. I wasn't even born when she did that courtroom scene, but I grew up with my mother describing how awesome it was. It really is one of OLTL's most classic scenes. She's said she'd do it, and I totally see RC and FV going for it, so here's hoping it all works out! Her and Andrea Evans and Princess David Vickers and Alex Olanov and Danny Wolek are the other ones on my wishlist.

You loved Starr as a kid? OMG I DESPISED Starr when she was a child. She was such a spoiled little brat and soooooooooo Todd's daughter. UGH. She was right on up there with Michael Quartermaine, er Corinthos for me. I was so happy to see her character was more down to earth as she got older. I am, however, looking forward to her scenes with RHTodd. Those will be great.

"There was actually always something about Howarth's Todd that was still a child, and children brought out the part of him that wasn't yet broken."

Louise, with one sentence you've shown more understanding of this character and the viewing audience than any of the writers have for the last 15 years. Brava!

Seriously, even though I can't stand to watch the show right now, I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep 'em coming!

RH's Todd and Sam were to adorable together. With the way I'm predicting things to go regarding Brody/Jess/Ford/John/Natalie, the Two Todds storyline is the only thing that is making me interested in the show right now. Thank God for Youtube.

I watched Roger when he was on ATWT & there was a scene towards the end of the show when he went over to pick up his character's daughter (guessing that the child actress was about 18 months) and she took a couple of steps towards him & held up her arms before he got to her. I've been waiting for a repeat of that! Wonder what it's going to be like when he sees Hope.

RHTodd and Sam really were so effing cute. I've pretty well resigned myself to hating most of the stories they're going to do from here to the end, so much so that I have serious doubts that I'll be able to keep watching (Tess/ Ford is just so wrong in every way that I can't stand it). If I manage to hang in it will be for moments like these.

What LaTanya said about Nora needing to just hit Mathew's doctor and Bo needing to let her. Did they intend for the doctor to be a heinous beotch or is the actress just that bad?

I hate that they're giving us good Gigi/Shane stuff right now. I can't stand Gigi and Rex as a couple (or really Rex in any form), but I always liked Gigi as a single mom. Her scenes with Shane on Friday sort of broke my heart. And not in a good way.

That doctor is jaw-droppingly terrible. And no matter how emphatic Nora is with her, she's still determined to harvest Matthew's organs like she's picking apples. I hope no-body ever falls asleep for too long around her, or they'll wake up without a kidney.

First time for me seeing RH is action with this storyline, and I agree, he was totally charming with Sam. And Sam is one cute kid. I loved hiim kicking Jack.

I'm dreading whatever is going to happen to Gigi, not because of the character, but because we'll have to watch JPL's interpretation of grief, which will undoubtedly include an enormous amount of blinking, twitchy body movements, and a LOT of screeching.

@Ron ^5 for this comment, loved it!

"I hope no-body ever falls asleep for too long around her, or they'll wake up without a kidney"

Bourgeois Nerd, LOL about Terrell Tilford, totally had forgotten about that! What the hell happened to him? He was revealed as Destiny's father, and then I never saw him again! WTF? Did I just miss an episode?

Louise, I never liked KA as a kid. She was one of those precocious overacting kids that I detest. I have enjoyed her acting much more as a teenager, despite the recent whining storylines. Loved her whole story arc with Cole, Hope, etc.

Gigi and Shane and the comic book stuff was so cute! And I have to say I thought Rex today was really good in his final scene with Clint. Won't say much more since y'all may not have seen it yet, but his facial expression at the end was VERY effective IMO.

Oh, yeah, about Kelly's hair. I noticed too and it's because they film scenes out of sequence, so they obviously did that one before she went darker. This is also the explanation for every single time Aubrey and Joey have discussed the judge and how HE granted them custody despite a woman playing the judge who made that ruling!

A brain is not a foot! I miss Greg! I hated that Destiny's Daddy drama was so short before Greg was hauled off to prison for 4 years.

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