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June 23, 2011

Three Cheers For Soapy Reactions

The fast-tracked demise of our beloved genre is sad for so many, many reasons. There are daytime serial tropes that really exist only in this milieu, and I'm going to love them for all they're worth while we've still got them. Today's The Bold and the Beautiful gave us a slew of them, but at the top of the list was the random, out-of-nowhere, "I was happy with my current wife two weeks ago but now we're separated," lightning-fast marriage proposal in order to "reunite" a family... a family with exclusively adult children, I might add. (In fact, Ridge -- the proposing Lothario in question -- actually does have minor children, but no matter!)


No matter that one of his adult sons he's working so hard to "do right by" by reuniting this family was 50% of the (alleged) act that made him decide his wife is perverse and beyond redemption (although he certainly doesn't treat Brooke as though he thinks that about her... dude's all over the place!). Who cares? The important thing is that seductive women don't sex up his adult, heavy-on-the-chiseled-features, sexually active son, because when that happens? They are evil! His son is just a baby and a victim!

But the other daytime serial trope that got the best moment in today's episode? The "I announce to my loved ones the ridiculous, hyperbolic thing I've done!" moment.

Brooke (to her sisters): I did something on that island after I ate the berries. And it was horrible and so... perverse. I'm sorry, I -- I -- I can't even tell you, I'm so ashamed.

Katie: Honey, we are your sisters, you can tell us anything!

Donna: Please, Brooke! Please. I mean we're gonna find out -- please!

Brooke: I slept with his son!

Katie/Donna: Katiedonna2


Spec-freaking-tacular. (And damn I love Heather Tom.)

Dear Soaps, Please never die. I love you so!

Whipple out! 


Bloody hell tha is amazing. Well played ladies, well played.

"reunite" a family...a family with exclusively adult children, I might add

That's nothing new with this show, I'm afraid. When Eric and Stephanie were separated a couple years back, Thorne and Felicia (both adults in their 40s) were wanting Mommy and Daddy back together. It's like, grow the hell up.

It really is bizarre how they're acting like she molested a 12-year-old. Is he developmentally disabled or something?

There's only one way to answer that proposal: "I'll marry you under one condition: You have to PROMISE me that you will never, EVER, go to that barbershop again."

Seriously, does the guy wear bell-bottoms too? Those sideburns make mullets look stylish.

I have to agree, B&B keeps the soapy aspect bubbling! A few weeks ago, Ridge uttered the following line: "Mother, what am I going to do? My wife and my son!" Now THAT is pure soap.

I love Heather Tom's reaction, since I remember her Kelly (OLTL) sleeping with her husband's son. Good times.

So much plastic surgery going on in those screen caps, it's really scary!

I'm sorry, I can't focus on your comments, I'm too busy being horrified by Ron Moss. I've become impervious to the horrors that are Hunter Tylo's face, but I thought he'd let his hair go gray? And now it's shoe polish black and for some odd reason, his ears are sticking out like he's an elf?

My god. That awful, awful, show.

Haven't watched in a while and then I caught this episode.......soaps at their best worst, and i LOVE it! You captured it all so well.

I kind of preferred the gray hair myself, but I love the sideburns. With the ears, he's like a middle-aged elf!

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