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June 15, 2011

Wait A Second.

Did that really just happen? 

Damn. I don't think I've had that many extreme emotions elicited by one lone episode of One Life to Live in a long, long time. That was (as I prepare myself for getting totally eviscerated in the comments for saying this about an episode that included Ford) a really good show. That's right, I said it. Really good. 

Here we have the lovely family unit of Rex, Gigi, and Shane. As I mentioned the other day, as a sweet family unit (not on the front burner) they've really grown on me quite a bit. And John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex), whose facial expressions I've spent a great deal of internet space poking fun at, did a really nice job today, running the gamut from scared to worried to angry to shocked and back through a few times -- and he did it all without twitching and mugging and clownish double-takes. And Austin Williams (Shane) did some more meaty work today when he exploded at Jack and later had the anguished realization that what happened to his mother had been intended for him. But really, the best part of all these family scenes today was that they included Roxy, who thankfully has been allowed to re-instate herself as Shane's non-DNA grandma. Seeing Roxy stand up for Shane against Jack after Rex had run off warmed my heart, and I'm so glad she's there for this. Now at the end, the doctor just said "it's too late," which we're clearly supposed to think means that Gigi has died. I try to avoid spoilers but it's been hard to avoid rumors that this will happen for the last few days, but honestly, that's not a lot of advance notice and this did take me by surprise, but I'm trying not to have a full reaction because... I don't know, tomorrow the doctor could say, "It was too late to save her without surgery, which she's now in, so that's why you can't see her yet!" Who knows, right? This show has certainly played bigger psych-outs than that in the past. 

And now for the current star of One Life to Live, clocking in at more screentime than Todd, John, Ford, and Natalie combined, the tape recorder! It returned today and got a few dramatic close-ups (as if the damn tape recorder is what we care about when Rex is trying to rescue his unconscious fiancée). Thankfully beyond those early moments and a few more hints from Todd to John that he has big news for him, it sort of faded into the background.

Elsewhere (there was so much going on today, seriously! is it really just a Wednesday??), we had stories overlapping in the hospital, with Viki confronting Clint about not accepting Rex (and really, Erika Slezak and Jerry verDorn in scenes together are always masterful) and Starr talking to Dani about the possibility that Destiny's pregnant, and Destiny talking to an unconscious Matthew about how they didn't actually use protection but there's no way she's preggers (which, if you speak soap, means she's pregnant, so... GLURGH) and John showing up to get information about what happened to Gigi and how. And at the very end, with the doctor telling Rex that it was too late, Matthew opened his eyes! I got chills. This was all so heartbreaking to watch, but heartbreaking in a good way. No, really! I was sad because the scenes were sad, not because they were bad! And now I really can't wait till tomorrow because I don't know if the Matthew thing was a fakeout (we've all heard stories about brain-dead people opening their eyes and it means nothing) or if the Gigi thing was a fakeout ("it's too late" could mean a few things) or if this is all leading up to Gigi's heart going to Clint in an ugly twist of fate, considering Rex and Clint's last exchange. And I'm praying that Destiny's pregnancy is a fakeout, but I'm holding out little hope on that front. Especially because the simul-sex going on the episode by both pairs involved in last spring's oopsie pregnancies was preceded in both cases by the characters going out of their way to discuss protection, so I'm assuming that juxtaposition was for a reason.

(Also, if both Matthew and Clint live, who is taking the rap for killing Eddie Ford? I'm confused. Would they really save Clint just to send him off to prison? And would they really let Matthew get away with murder while having Jack penalized for killing Gigi [if she died], or would Matthew be penalized for killing Eddie while Jack goes unpunished since his stepmother Tea vowed today that she wouldn't let anything happen to him? I am so confused! So many questions! See? Big episode!)

So... there was that other thing. Brody and Natalie got it on because being each other's mutual second choice is an aphrodesiac in Llanfair, I suppose. I didn't really understand Brody's "Even if Jessica does come back, we won't work out" comments, because that's a hell of a turnaround from just the other day, but of course it's all because this was rushed to up the ante when the truth about Liam's paternity finally comes out. Brody and Natalie were pretty, but I have mixed feelings about it. If Jessica ever does come back, this is a hell of a homecoming!

Ford and Tess, on the other hand, were not pretty. Tess revealed today that Jessica is fighting hard to come back, but Ford doesn't care. Ford isn't interested in the fact that the mother of his child, the woman who chose to keep and then carried and gave birth to and loved Ryder, is trying to come back. He's happier if Ryder never sees his actual mother again for the rest of his life, so Ford once again is clearly in the running for Father of the Year. And oh yeah, Jessica's other child? Remember Bree? Ford doesn't. Tess doesn't (inexplicably, since Bree is Nash's). Ford doesn't think there's anything wrong with Bree (whose father is dead, mind you) never seeing her mother again for the rest of her life. He's trying to orphan a child so that he can get it on with the alter personality who emerged because he was sexually violating her host-person while she had amnesia due to sexual abuse and exploitation. I mean seriously, read that sentence three times. It's what's actually happening. So yeah, those scenes made me physically sick. See? Extreme emotions.

Hell, I'm even excited about tomorrow's episode so I can see the continuation of TSJTodd and Jack's scene at the precinct! I'm all over the place after that. Perhaps a nice glass of Pinot will help.

Destiny out (of anvilicious denials of pregancy)!


My God the show was good today! I mean the REAL OLTL, not those scenes that somehow inexplicably made it into the show starring Fudd and Messica.

I've never been a fan of Gigi and Rex, but they have been keeping my interest since the bullying storyline started. This was is a very affecting storyline right now. Even Rex, not known for his subtlety, is doing really well. Shane and Roxie? FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC.

Todd and John.....they really should be a couple, they're very entertaining together. I think I can see that the actors enjoy it too. PsychoTodd, who plays it like he's a malicious imp is just great. Even McPain can't keep the enjoyment out of his eyes.

Gnat is just one big ol' Carey, isn't she? With her own code of morality and self-entitlement, she really should be on AMC. It's been like what, a couple of months, but she can't go any longer without a man? I guess the "love of her life" is nowhere near as important as "any port in a storm". Not that Brody is that, I like the guy - but she's going to trash his life, no doubt about it. All while she's skanking her way back to McPain.

Vicki and Clint.........what classy talents they both are. ES and JVD are pitch perfect every time.

And Matthew opens his eyes!! Some payoff for Nora, finally. I'm really glad he's not a goner. I didn't even mind the Destiny or Starr and and Dani scenes today. They were underplayed, and part of the story, and appropriate.

And I can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

Then there is Fudd and Messica, the nun abusers. Disgusting, and not part of the real show at all.

Today show was great!!! The only thing is yes I know alot of people (including me) can't stand NuJack but this is the 3rd teen in less than a year who has become a murderer. Cole, Matthew and now Jack.....good lord!

LaTanya, good point. And almost Nate, too! Weird. That's a little morbid!

Ron, yeah, I actually thought Kelley Missal did some lovely work today, too. Very low-key but when she spoke of Matthew I really bought that she's scared and sad for someone she genuinely cares about.

YES, Louise! This show has just been so good lately.

It was amusingly ham-handed about the "Use protection, y'all!" stuff, but I actually like that. It's a good message for The Youngs.

I'm in total agreement with you: the Balsom-Morascos are adorable as a family unit. It's when it's about Rex and Gigi's romantic angst that they're unbearable. I hope Gigi isn't dead!

I think they might go, "Clint wasn't in his right mind when he confessed" route, and, at least in soap terms, Matthew has now "payed" for killing Eddie with his injury. Also, I think he's not going to reveal (or not remember) it's Nate who did it to him, Nate who was going on about "being a man" but hasn't come forward his damn self, and they're going to be "even."

Brody and Natalie are really hot together physically. But they're not a good fit, at least right now. I mean, we all know she's going to go running back to John the minute that goddamn Tape (who should be nominated for some sort of Inanimate Object Emmy next year for getting more screen time than some actors on the show), and he'll lose yet ANOTHER son. I'll enjoy the man-tears, because Mark Lawson's man-tears are wonderful, but if they do some stupid-ass "Brody goes crazy so Ford can look good" thing, I will be LIVID! Livid, I say!

It's been so great to see Roxy again. I loved Rex calling her "mom."

Damn. I don't think I've had that many extreme emotions elicited by one lone episode of One Life to Live in a long, long time. That was (as I prepare myself for getting totally eviscerated in the comments for saying this about an episode that included Ford) a really good show. That's right, I said it. Really good.

Can Gigi really give Clint her heart, though? I mean, when Shane needed blood, she couldn't donate, but Clint was able to save Shane's life with his blood or however that whole fiasco happened. That would mean they're not a match, right? I don't really know all that goes in to organ donation. The writers are probably counting on that!

I was particularly proud of Brody's comment that he and Jessica might not work out if she were to return. I understand that she has a personality disorder and hasn't been herself for the better part of a year and a half, in fact she hasn't been herself for most of their relationship. However, the body of the woman he loves has said and done a shitload of cruel things to him during these periods. That is naturally difficult for anyone to get past, if he really thought about it (it would have been nice for him to go back into therapy to deal with it). To me it's the equivalent to being with the identical twin of the person who tortured you viciously for a year and a half. Sympathy can only take a person so far. If Jessica's personalities are components of her true self, then most of Jessica apparently loathes Brody. I think Brody is a basically good guy and deserves better. I have no illusions that Brody and Natalie will have a happy ending (no pun intended) after the paternity reveal, but it would be nice if Mark Lawson could leave OLTL with some dignity after all this torment.

The taperecorder has replaced the bag of blood from last year as a possible nominee for a Guest Emmy. And speaking of that bag of blood, when Shane had leukemia, wasn't Gigi tested and found that her blood was not a match? Which means, her blood type won't be B negative and she can't be a heart donor for Clint. If anyone knows anything about medicine, could you clear this up for me?

Linda - I was just thinkng the same thing about that stupid tape recorder being this years 'bag of blood' (bob). I wouldn't overthink this organ donation thing, they will do whatever they want, regardless of the science! But hey, that's a soap thing!

There was a show several years ago that had somebody that had a rare & totally made up blood type, and there was a big storyline about it. It had to have been an ABC soap & it's driving me crazy trying to remember the details. It was a long time ago. It was something totally stupid like blood type 'G'. Does anytone remember this?

The tape recorder is definitely the new Bag of Blood which is going to be so annoying.

Poor Brody. I can definitely see the beginning of his destruction. He's given up on Jessica and moved onto Natalie, only for it to all be taken away. He'll probably find the tape recorder, listen to it, decide to and keep it a secret to have his family. Natalie will then remember and tell John and they will get back together. Brody will go crazy and kidnap Liam and Ryder. John and Ford will then team up to get their children back and Brody will die as a result while John and Ford go back to Natalie and Jess. It really sucks that Brody will be destroyed to prop John and Ford because he is 100x better than them.

As for the bullying storyline, it's getting good again, but the month where there wasn't really anything about it has definitely hurt the storyline's power. Also hurting the storyline's power is Jack's lack of perspective. Being the son of Todd and Blair, he at least deserves a perspective. I have to give props to Andrew T because I definitely believed the fear he was showing when Tea was talking to Todd about what happened. Props to everyone involved in the bullying storyline.

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oltlgirl, it was Jamie, Antonio's daughter, who had the made up blood type X. And RJ was a match for her if I remember correctly. I think I made fun of that one for a LOOONG time because the writers were too stupid to even google blood types.

Louise, what did you think of today's episode when Ford and Tess decided to let Tess get an annullment from Cutter? Even though everyone (including me!) hates the Ford/Tessica s/l, at least someyhing good like Cutter and Tess' annullment will come out of this disgusting s/l, since Cutter only married Tessica for her family's money, and that's one less piece of crap that Jessica has to deal with in her life!

OOPS! Spelled "something" wrong!

Agreed that this has been a great turn in the storylines. Also I agree with our good host's anti-Ford agenda, but I should admit I disagree with Louise by being pro-DID storylines (come on, it's such a huge part of the show's history!). But I do hope Jessica being set up for another breakdown means her storyline will go beyond being yet another DID love triangle, like what we had with Tess/Jess, Antonio, and Nash not that far back.

Also I can't help but wonder how much of what we're seeing was brought on by the cancellation news. Maybe it's me, but it does look like the gears are being changed quickly, especially in regard to Matthew's storyline. At least so far it looks like it's for the better!

Just to clarify, from the start I've rarely been happy with how Jessica's DID has been handled. All the stories about it have mostly been about how her DID affects her relationships with her lovers and her family. Granted this is a soap, but it doesn't feel like Jessica as a character is ever allowed to own the DID storylines, the same way Vicki and Vicki alone drove her famous 1995 DID storyline.

At the top of my wish list for the last months is that the writers really do a storyline that's about the DID and not just puts up the DID as a romantic obstacle or as a problem for Vicki. Let's have a story where Jessica has to revisit the origins of her alters and/or where she has to confront her/Tess' rage against her mother/Niki Smith, with neither Ford or even Brody directly involved.

oltlgirl: Thanks for giving me some perspective on the donor situation. I wasn't a oltl viewer when they fabricated a blood type. That's pretty 'out there'.

Then there is Fudd and Messica, the nun abusers. Disgusting, and not part of the real show at all.

It is as if you've taken my thoughts and put them directly on your blog for all the world to see. Granted I'm only 2 years down this road of infertility but I've tried convincing myself that maybe children just aren't in the cards for us, that we can be happy living our spoiled dual income no kids lifestyle, that I enjoy my sleep and having nice things too much to brings kids in to mess that all up. I'm presumably a week away from ovulating and I realized just this morning that I really don't care. It is too hard to get my hopes up so much every month only to be shattered when Aunt Flo rears her ugly head. I know it is probably just a form of self preservation, but lowered expectations go a long way towards preventing disappointment. If I don't set myself up for another failure I can just pretend this childless life is by my own choosing and that all is as it should be.

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