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June 07, 2011

Words Of Wisdom From a Pocket-Sized Doormat

Reasons That Jason Morgan Should Not Even Consider Leaving The Mob Even Though "It's Dangerous" and "Our Unborn Child(ren) Will Be Shot At And/Or Kidnapped Eight Times Before Their Third Birthday" and "Remember The Time My Uterus Was Obliterated?"
A List By Sam McCall

Is it just me, or is Jason the world's most perfect boyfriend ever? I mean, hello, he asked me for my opinion on something! Can you imagine? It's like my wants and needs are as important as his, which is just crazy. But even crazier than THAT is the question he asked me: should he give up the business? And I was like, "Jason, you can do whatever you want, because you're Jason! And I will do whatever you tell me to because I love you! I love you so much Jason. Love."

Can you imagine Jason giving up the mob? Sure, we could make it through a week without being part of a shootout, and we could travel the world, which is apparently a dream of mine, but, um, have you ever heard a worse idea? Because I haven't, and here are just a few reasons why:

1. Spinelli would be super sad.

2. Carly cannot even function in the real world without Jason cleaning up her messes, and even though Carly is, without exaggeration, the worst person to walk the planet, it would just be cruel to expect her to take responsibility for her own actions.

3. If Jason leaves the mob, that means he won't be on call 24/7 for Michael to contact when he needs help covering up a crime or finishing his physics homework.

4. Also, I have a family! And I might miss them, maybe!


Did you read that and think it was satire? Oh, you fools. It was practically verbatim!

Jason: If it were up to you, what would you want?
Sam: Well, I don't see you being very happy doing anything ordinary.
Jason: Yeah, you're probably right about that.
Sam: I could see you traveling the world.
Jason: Oh, you like to travel...
Sam: Oh, I do and if you're offering to sail away with me, I just might be tempted. Then I start thinking, Jason. What about my family? My sisters and my mom...it's just not very realistic. Because what would Spinelli do without a PI partner? What would Carly do without her Jason? She would wind up in jail and probably go crazy. And who would Michael turn to?
Jason: So you want to stay?
Sam: I just want you tobe true to yourself, no matter what happens.

To summarize: the wants and needs of criminals with social disorders are more important than Sam's own wants and needs and also safety.

If Sam is going to exist solely to sing Jason's praises (usually to Jason), let's have her go all out, okay? I'm talking wearing a "JASON RULES!" sandwich board or breaking out into a high-concept "The Glory Of Jason" musical number, because this endless rehash of the "Is my life dangerous?"/"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, JASON? HOW CAN YOU DOUBT YOURSELF?!" conversation is making my ears bleed.


Mallory, I just... yes. Exactly. Thank you for bringing some levity to my lingering fury. Poor Sam.

It practically was a musical number. The way she was posing on the desk reminded me so strongly of Ulla the secretary in _The Producers_. The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous. I despised Sam today. There are times when I quite like her, but her Jason cheerleading (even when he's showing glimmers of sense!) and, especially, the thought of her *deliberately* creating her own mini-criminal child fill me with utter disgust. Pathetic.

And this right here is why I NEVER liked JaSam. Not that I disliked Sam. I like Sam just not when she is with Jason. She is so much more independent and all about herself when she is not with him. Whenever they are together she is nothing more than Jason's mouthpiece.

Dawn..you've just described every woman in a relationship with Jason. Why I'm ever supposed to root for him to be in a relationship when the female half sounds like she's had a lobotomy most of the time in BEYOND me.

Beth R. I disagree about "every woman", because Robin was still smart when with Jason, even criticizing the mob and telling AJ the truth about Michael being his son when Jason, Carly and Sonny would have kept the truth secret.

But, I do agree about Sam because she might as well be one of Jason's appendages, given she seems to not exist outside of Jason. JaSam's every conversation is about how he feels and what he wants and never about her feelings as his equal. That's why I am not a fan of the coupling.

But how can Sam help but subsume herself in the face of Jasus's infinite perfection?

Pfft. Why would a woman that was dumped like a bag of garbage on Jason's door step presumed to be treated with any kind of respect? Sam has no life unless it's Jason's life. Sam only became a PI so that she could get her butt back into Jason's life by helping to get Spinelli away from the FBI. This woman was too darn lazy to get her G.E.D five years ago because she was more concerned about trying to get back at her mother for her breakup with Jason and seducing her step-father Ric. Sam is dumb and Jason is smart to keep her around to fetch his beverages, warm his bed and agree to his every comment.

soapbaby, I think that was in the pre-Guza era, though I could be mistaken.

Speaking of dresses, could we just talk for a moment about Kristina's "makeover?" Apparently it consists of her dressing like she's going to a cocktail party every time she leaves the house.

Jason: If it were up to you, what would you want?
Sam: Well, I don't see you being very happy doing anything ordinary.

Um, I can think of alot of occupations or hobbies that aren't ordinary and also don't involve murdering people. I hate that Jason sucks the life out of every female he's paired with. Maybe he should get with Lisa.

I have never wanted Jason and Sam as a pairing for the sole reason that Jason being with a woman 'just like him' is as good as Jason being by himself. Sam is a non-entity in Jasam. Always has been. She is nothing without him... even less with him.

I'm still not understanding why she was sitting on that desk the way she was with her twat basically in his face. But as to the actual convo. I disagree about the 'every woman' comment also because like on poster said, Robin had opinions and a life outside of Jason. Elizabeth also had a life outside of Jason. They had friends, they went to work, neither one sat on a couch waiting for Jason to come home to pay attention to them. Unlike Sam who never goes home. Not a fan of Jasam but then again I'm not really a fan of Sam because I believe that she's an ill-conceived character that has lived past her time. She conforms herself to every man she has been placed with. When with Sonny/Jax, she was supposed to be this hard edge Brenda wannabe that really wasn't that hard edge. When she was with Jason she was this 'ride or die' chick that always needed to be rescued. When she was with Lucky, she was scared all the time she was with Jason and she's happy that she was away from the mob lifestyle. Now she's back with Jason and she's all "I love the mob" again. Let's get serious, when she's still mentioning a dead baby that died in 2004 and that's all she got going for her and the only 'great' memory Jasam can really only talk about is when they went to Hawaii when Jason thought he was dying back in 2005 then you have a serious problem with both character and couple. My major problem with the scene yesterday was that Jason has no growth with Sam. He's self reflecting, thinking about how he needs to change some of the things in his life and she's basically like 'nope you don't need to change' which is basically telling him that he doesn't need to grow as a person because she doesn't want him to grow since she likes him just the way he is. Which always bring up the question I often ponder when it comes to Sam. Does Sam actually loves Jason or does she like the power that comes along with being in Jason's world?

Love love your blog.... so enjoy it... I can't stand Jason and Sam as a couple. I liked Sam and Lucky -- muy caliente.. the hot scene was hot (GV was Lucky at the time). I like Sam by herself. Why was she sitting on the desk like that very strange. The whole conversation stranger -- why would anyone think a hit would be a good father. Who is going to bring their kid over for playgroup with guards and bulletproof glass? UGH..... Jason has a child to raise Michael and he has not done a stellar job there.

THANK YOU. Yesterday I thought I was the only lunatic sitting in her living room screaming "HEY, REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU GOT SHOT IN THE WOMB?!?!! REMEMBER THAT?!?!?!" at the tv.

I loved the scene today where Sam told Kristina she wasn't complete because of Jason -- she's complete because she has her own life and is a confident woman. Girl needs to shack up with Lisa at Shadybrook if she's that delusional. I'm more a fan of Kristina and Ethan than JaSam. Seriously.

Yes, sandwich board, please!!! Steve Burton is handsome, but this show has never really conveyed to me why anyone would want Jason as a boyfriend. As a one night stand/friend's with benefits--no problem there, but why would anyone want an actual relationship with him?! I'm that fussy type, who wouldn't be into a guy who only wears black t-shirts, doesn't take me on dates, doesn't talk, and could get me shot for the pleasure of such company.

I usually ffwd through all things Jason and Sam because they are so mind-numbingly boring. But just reading this -- OMG. All I can say is -- Guza got rid of all of the vets, the Cassadines, and the Quartermaines for THIS sort of scintillating, Stepford Wife-ish conversation??? Really????

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