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July 03, 2011

A Genuinely Fond Farewell

On the one hand: YAY! Nikolas Cassadine got a well-written (probably because it was penned by Tyler Christopher and Jonathan Jackson and not the actual writing staff), superbly performed farewell that didn't include death or destruction.

On the other hand: the powers-that-be at General Hospital consider Spinelli more integral to this show and Port Charles than NIKOLAS FREAKING CASSADINE, WHAT THE HELL, I HATE THINGS AND PEOPLE.

As surprising as it might be for longtime readers or anybody who has spent a significant amount of time going through the Serial Drama archives, since most of what I've written about Nikolas in recent years can be summed up with "What a dick! /Boring!/ Does Tyler Christopher feel like his life would literally be in danger if he put any effort into his performance? Like, are there assassins lurking just off stage ready to strike at the first sign of engagement?", but I will always have a soft spot for Nikolas, as played by TC (I never really took to Coltin Scott's version). When Nikolas and the Cassadines (that sounds like a hilariously bad pop group, no?) came to Port Charles, my middle school mind nearly exploded from awesomeness. That whole time period is probably my favorite era of GH ever, and I remember loving everything about Nikolas, including how unbearably pretty TC/TB was.

Nearly everything that has happened to and with Nikolas since, well...let's move on.

So we said goodbye to Nikolas. It was a rushed and abbreviated goodbye--nothing with Alexis or Lulu?!--but I've gotten to the point with GH that I'm celebratory when a character leaves town alive, so I will just be grateful for the wonderful, wonderful scenes we got with Tyler Christopher and Jonathan Jackson.

Nikolas: When you're lying on your death bed and you're about to take your last breath, what do you think you're gonna think about? Huh? Some big case that you cracked that nobody else could solve? Some nice vacation that you took with all your friends? Not even that intervention that you had with Luke that apparently didn't do any good. You're not gonna think of any of that stuff. You're gonna think of one thing and one thing only. And that is... just before you pass and you hold your hand out, the only thing that you are gonna care about is whose hand is on the other end, brother. That is it. If you can answer that riddle... then you've figured it all out.
Lucky: I'm gonna miss you.
Nikolas: And I you. Another day.
Lucky: Hey, Nikolas. Um, there's just one more thing. It's been bugging me for like the last 15 years and I've just never asked you about it. But... you grew up in Russia and Greece. Never lived in America till you came here to help Lulu. How come you never had an accent?
Nikolas: [Doing his best Count von Count] Who says I haven't been using one the whole time? Farewell.

Also? Nikolas remembered to take Spencer out of town with him!

That's some impressive character growth! The old Nikolas, of like two months ago, would have left Alfred a checkbook and a note saying, "Take care of this, please. He eats three times a day. Maybe. Not really sure."

The rest of the show is pretty damn wretched: Lulu and Dante's bordello adventures? The never-ending battle over custody of Josslyn? I adore that fat-headed baby and I understand why neither parent is willing to give her up but STILL, I feel like Carly and Jax's conversations about her safety have been eating the show since she was born. And perhaps most egregiously, Spinelli's noir detective taking over. It makes me RAGE. If it were an episode-long tangent, I would still roll my eyes so hard they'd probably bleed, but for it to turn into an actual storyline? I quit. I quit life. Please feel free to divvy up my lip gloss and book collection amongst yourselves.


The Nik/Lucky scenes were fantastic. But where were the Nik/Alexis farewell scenes?? A big eff-u to long time fans to have skipped that.

I heard the new writter will be bringing Nik back in August for a few days so hopefully we'll get Lulu/Alexis scenes with him then. I too loved the goodbye scenes between Lucky and Nik and especially the part about the accent. Maybe if Guza whould have let the actors write their lines more he would still have a job!

Loved these scenes...how do you know they were written by TC and JJ? Just wondering...I'd like to read an article about that. Thanks

Suz, Tyler wrote about it in his blog that he and JJ wrote it out at Starbucks one afternoon. Here's the link:


JJ and TC aren't professional writers, and yet they put the best material on the GH screen that has been seen since...well we all know how long that's been. Guza seriously needs to be sent out to pasture.

Speaking of The Horrible Shit that Guza Wrote (that could make for excellent Dr. Seuss) he most definitely penned the "Lulu's gone'a whorin'" storyline. He's going to squeeze as much female objectification into his last days as he can. Douchebag...

By the way, I am in the process of interviewing an actor from the film Prom Night, a horror movie Guza wrote the story for way back in the late 70's. Guza was showing his proclivity for female hatred even then. I was dying to ask the actor, "did you meet the writer?? What was he like back then?? Was he as big of an asshole as I know him to be now?" But I didn't. Boy I wanted to, though.

I wish there had been scenes with just RH/TC since those two were around long after JJ took off back in 1999.

Guza should have sent Spinelli, Olivia, Dr. Terrell, Lisa, and Matt packing, while throwing Maxie into scenes with Lucky and the Irish Spitter. Liz needs a new hot and sexy man!

A poster on another board pointed out that Liz has been either pregnant or carrying around babies and toddlers since 2004! Enough is enough!

I'm sorry, I really wasn't moved by the scenes and I truly didn't think that the writing was all that great except the accent part at the end. But the reason the scene definitely didn't move me was that I was counting down till Lucky started crying because you knew it was going to happen. And I have now figured out that emotional scenes involving with JJ/Lucky crying, I'm immune to them now because that's all he does. The part about the whole 'who's hand are you going to be holding' came so out of left field to me. Probably because these are two young men, so they have like 35-40 years to go before they are even having this death bed moment so I was like 'hmm, is Lucky really going to remember this 40 years from now'. It was just too much of a death bed epiphany for me instead of two brothers telling each other good-bye.

I am going to put out some hope though...I hope with the new writer, Elizabeth gets like a week of happiness even if its just her sitting in the park blowing bubbles with her kids. And no I do not mean her going back to LL666 hell with Lucky. Leave him with Irish. It's like the writers have a "How can we make Elizabeth's life miserable" dart board up. But you do have to laugh at how supposedly there was no storyline left for the Elizabeth character, reason they were getting rid of Becky, but yet Elizabeth has had back, to back, to back things going on in her life.

Hmmmm, I just watched the scene on SoapNet, & to be honest, Nicolas' accent sounded more like Chekov from the original Star Trek show.

I couldn't help but like Lucky's last question to Nik. I actually giggled. That scene kind of killed the pain of watching this ridiculous SL of Lulu and Dante. I'm not a prude at all, but it makes me go yuck. It's cheap and trashy. Whatever. :[

and a big wtf@ Spinelli's SL. What is that? Ugh. I'm too old for this.

I agree that JJ/Lucky cries too often and too easily. Hell, his eyes water when someone doesn't smile at him. Not only does it lose its impact, one begins to suspect that he has allergies.

"I agree that JJ/Lucky cries too often and too easily. Hell, his eyes water when someone doesn't smile at him. Not only does it lose its impact, one begins to suspect that he has allergies."

iawtc! :)

I would complain more about an actor who "dry cries" rather than one who can truly cry and make you believe the emotion the character is feeling. JJ is a very good actor, and his character Lucky has had a lot to cry about.
That being said, I loved the goodbye scene with Lucky and Nik. It felt very real, honest and I teared up a little myself watching it. both actors did an excellent job with that.

@MelP: Since Chekov was Russian, that works!

I actually learned from a Russian with no accent that Russian kids are taught to speak perfect English.

Considering the many, many Russians out there who speak English with an accent, I suspect the goal is to speak perfect English but one which few actually achieve. That said, I can believe Nikolas being taught to speak English without an "accent".


Especially if accent-less Stefan (loved him! still miss him!) taught him!

"I quit. I quit life. Please feel free to divvy up my lip gloss and book collection amongst yourselves."

May I have your cardigans? I need them.

Loved Nik's farewell. Loved the accent line. I've oft wondered that as well and am glad it was mentioned. I, too, can't believe Nik is leaving and yet this Jackal, P.I. mess is an actual story. Alas, I miss Tyler. He did such a good job in his final scenes.

I enjoyed JJ and TC's last scene together. It was sincere and honest - two things in short supply at GH. It was nice to see Tyler paying attention and caring about his work. Of course they wrote it. It referenced character history, was based on drama and emotion rather than plot and showed a sense of humor. No way in hell Guza's pen was anywhere near that!

I would love it if JJ got to do something besides cry, but honestly, Lucky's life sucks and has for years. And in this scene, it was subtle and well-placed. I am so glad JJ is back. He is one of the few bright spots on this crap fest of a show and one of only four characters that don't fast forward through.

e is one of the few bright spots on this crap fest of a show and one of only four characters that don't fast forward through.

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