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July 05, 2011

Bad Idea Jeans (I'm Understating Things Substantially)

I'm sorry, what?

Abby: I pretend to cheat on you with Ethan, let Kristina catch us.

Let's make a list explaining to Abby all of the reasons that this is beyond stupid. Remember to use small words because, you know...effing dumbass, etc.

1. Every single All aspect of it is parts is terrible = bad.

2. Even MICHAEL made this face when you broached the subject.

MICHAEL. Who has not made a good decision since he got out of Pentonville. Even HE thought it was dumb. And then promptly went along with it! So it's actually DOUBLE PROOF that this is a terrible idea!

Is this seriously a thing? Or is it a joke? Maybe I'll go with joke because, when you think about it, "So, a con artist, a stripper, and her emotionally stunted teenage boyfriend walk into a coffee shop" really does sound like the setup for a some sort of hilarious zinger and because imagining that a writing staff thought that this, alongside the offensively terrible Spinelli story, would actually entertain human people is too depressing for me to even think about.


Wow. This confirms two things: 1.) my decision to not watch GH was a good one and 2.) Michael and Abby have no value.

So does anyone know if these horrifically stupid storylines (Spinelli, Ethan/Abby, & let's not forget Lulu in a brothel)will disappear when the new head writer starts.

These shows are too painful to watch--and I'm getting a finger cramp from holding down the fast-forward button.

Wow, this show has reached a whole new level of low. (Lulu in the bordello, Michael saying that Carly and Sonny divorcing each other about 20 times is the worst thing that even happened to him - you know the bullet to the head was just a walk in the park, Carly...well Carly, and of course the dreaded Spinelli).

Thank goodness I don't watch this show anymore.

This is gonna the like the billionth storyline involving cheating during Guza's reign. How original.

Okay, it wasn't just me today that saw that scene and thought it had to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard - like, seriously, did anyone NOT take 1/2 a second to realize it was the dumbest idea of the dumbest ideas. So, Kristina already hates Abby - and this is going to help that situation how exactly? And then in order to stay together because, you know, they aren't breaking up, Michael and Abby are going to have to pretend she really cheated and either work their way through ti or just pretend it's okay? And Michael is completely fine with everyone - because everyone will find out - that his girlfriend is a cheating tramp? Please let tomorrow's episode start with Kristina calling everyone on this idiotic idea.

Ethan is already one of the show's least appealing characters, IMO. Aside from getting a good haircut recently, his only redeeming and intriguing feature is his unexplained appeal to Kristina. Although the writing has NEVER established why he has that appeal to her, at least he is attractive to someone, and that should be nurtured. If he is Kritina's hero, then let them run with it. Let him prove that he is worthy of it. Let him try to resist her because he feels he is not good enough for her. Let us see that he really cares about her. This is a pretty superficial love story right now. That's what Guza does ...stories that don't captivate, are not relevant, and that are not romantic in any way. That's why Guza is GONE and should have been gone long ago.

I heard Kristina calls him on his bullshit right away, so that's comforting. God, when is Garin Wolf's writing gonna air?

Dear Ethan, If you want Kristina to leave you alone, perhaps you could STOP SENDING HER MIXED MESSAGES. I think it would work better than embarking on a madcap charade. Maybe you could stop letting her kiss you? Or stop dancing with her? Or stop going to her house and drinking wine with her when her mother isn't home? Or something. Love, Gwen

Seriously everything about Mabby is idiotic to me. From the moment they met until now. Them trying to sale Abby as a good girl never rings true considering they introduced her wanting to sleep with a complete stranger and the only reason she didn't was Michael, not her stopped. I don't care if she got paid or not, she's a hooker. Then her supposedly helping Michael through his rape never rung true considering the first person he ever told he was raped was Jason and not her.

They should have made her a gold digger that duped Michael into believing she loved him, got the fool to marry her when all the family is trying to say hell no, don't do it, and then went fake pregnancy route. They are already making him the biggest idiot walking, so it would have been believable and I would probably had found myself semi-interested in Mabby whereas now alli do is FF or RMEs at them when they come on screen.

I have finally figured out the current writing team's secret. It's their own version of Mad Libs, with the "fill-in" words coming from past episodes. Today Shiobhan threatens to sue the staff for malpractice. Didn't Theo JUST do this?

It's worse than Mad Libs, because with Mad Libs you're supposed to fill in the blanks with new and original words. They keep using the same ones.

I'm not sure Guza even puts nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the right blanks. Maybe that's why I haven't understood the behavior of any character on this show since the 90s.

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