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July 31, 2011

Crazy For You

Erica: So you still believe that I lost it, that I belong side by side with Marian and Annie and Janet from Another Planet?

Yes, Erica, I do firmly believe that you belong side by side with the aforementioned trio of zaniness. Specifically, you belong side by side with them in the credits for what would surely be a hit spinoff show called Crazy Is As Crazy Does following their nutty exploits as they do arts and crafts and therapeutic yoga and say hilarious things to each other while wearing tracksuits.

Seriously, I cannot overstate how delightful everything that took place in Oak Haven this week was. For so long, All My Children has been completely averse to whimsy and humor, so it was a surprise and a treat to see the show embrace the funny so thoroughly; that gang of involuntarily committed ladies provided me with more laughs than most sitcoms do.

Annie: You are in a mental institution. You might want to cool it with the above-it-all attitude.
Janet: I would put you both in a freezer if I could! Kidding. Ha! No, we just all need a refresher about the rules, hmm? Discussions about past transgressions are forbidden. This is a place where we move forward. So if you get angry, take it out on a hunk of clay. Although, you're probably a more macramé kind of girl, aren't you?
Erica: A macra-what?
Marian: Oh, darling, you remember. We had those hanging plants in the seventies with all those twisted knots in them?
Janet: So we would make such a good team, E-Kay, like -- like when that time we buried your pill-pushing doctor in your backyard?
Annie: And I'm the psychotic one?
Erica: He was not actually dead.
Annie: Oh. That makes it so much better.

Janet: We didn't get to do our shavasana!
Marian: Don't say "shiv" anything in front of Annie.

Annie: This is because I stabbed you, isn't it? I said I was sorry. Where's the forgiveness?

Annie: You can stay here and do all the JAZZ HANDS you want.

Annie: Is that what you told your porkchop husband before you put him in the deep freeze?
Janet: Well, of course not! He was dead already.

Plus, Opal showing up looking like...this?

Classic. I could have quoted and screencapped all of it on account of the amazing factor, but it is begging to be watched. If you have not seen it? You must. That is an order, not a request. Go watch. I'll wait.

AMAZING, right?

All of that PLUS! The last few seconds of Friday's episode, where a shocked Erica stumbled upon Dixie? I may have gotten goosebumps. I am so, so looking forward to seeing where this story goes, mostly because I know it will lead to "Zach and Leoville" and I want to go to there.


Those scenes are hilarious. I had no idea I missed Janet so much! Thanks for posting the clips.

How GREAT was that?!?? I laughed out loud, more than once. Not only were the characterizations spot on, the dialogue was perfect!

Annie and Erica, Opal and everybody, Marian and Tad, Janet and everybody - just one of the funniest episodes I've seen on AMC in years. Everyone i was in character, the references to history were spot on, it all just worked. (I have my serious quibbles with the direction of the Janet character in particular over these last few years but, it is what it is at this point.)

And the JR and Tad scenes were also wonderful, but then the change in JR around AJ and Marissa were a little jarring.

And, even though he may not be at the top of my list, Griff and David were good. And it certainly moved the story along.

And ending with Erica seeing Dixie was just stellar!

I practically lost my shit watching those ladies in the Oak Haven scenes. JFAP is completely awesome! How I have missed Annie so...

"Downward-Facing Death Squad!"

Some bitch of a green butterfly. Heeeee!
Is there an Emmy for most copious use of track suits since the death of Alan Quartermaine??

I LOVED this! I do have to say that as much as I loved it, I felt a pang in my heart at every Trevor reference. Opal helped me get over b/c she is full of amazing-ness.

I have already booked my ticket to Zach and Leoville.

Never has Oak Haven been so delightful and full of fun! I could've watched Janet directing Yoga Class for the entire hour! And all the references to their past crimes was rich with history and humor!

What a wonderful reward for all the months and years of blah-ness.

love all the oakhaven ladies friday ;s show was good

but i am a little sad that JR and Annie are not going to be endgame.

funny as can be. I got the biggest kick out of this. Why didn't the people in charge see this before. .
tad and marian. I also liked Annie.I also wanted to see her end up with JR.
I had stopped watching but I liked marian with Stuart.
janet from another planet!

The fake yoga was pretty funny :)

realbrenda4ever, did something happen to Trevor? I don't usually watch AMC, but I didn't hear about anything.

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