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July 19, 2011

Kidnappings Are Adorable (Apparently)!

I'm not even being sarcastic, y'all. It's become completely impossible for me to apply any sort of moral compass to this daytime television program (the possibility that my moral compass might be a little rusty anyway as it applies to other life components notwithstanding), because...


Sam: My mom knows you?

RHTodd: Yes, she does. We go way back. She knows that you're here with me and she would want me to protect you.


I mean come on! Logically I know that cute costumes and presents and playtime in the midst of a kidnapping doesn't matter and kidnapping is, you know, like, still wrong. In fact, if this were a scenario in the real world, it would seriously up the creepiness quotient. However, I'm looking for neither verisimilitude nor moral lessons in my soaps (fortunately, 'cause there's a significant dearth of both all across daytime) and this is damn entertaining to watch. Sure, flash a gun in front of a little boy! Sure, leave him alone in a seedy motel room! Considering no fewer than seven people* who should know better allowed a hired masked man to supervise him alone in a room (with an outside-leading door) earlier in the day, hey, no biggie! If that's the paradigm we're working in, so be it. Because...






Admittedly I've been complaining about RHTodd spending months just hiding and spying on people, but I could watch scenes between Sam and RHTodd for days. And it looks like we're getting some movement on this story based on the final scene of yesterday's episode, but the two Todds didn't even share a frame so I have little faith it's not just another fake-out.

Okay, back to day-dreaming about how incredibly super-fun it would be to be kidnapped by RHTodd! And practicing my blood-curdling scream for the next time I see a shirtless man.

*Okay, Jack doesn't count as someone who should "know better," since he needs round-the-clock supervision himself.


I know, Louise! Kidnapping never looked so cute. That kid is just an adorableness magnet.

No comment on yesterday's most momentous moment, though? Yes, Porno Rick finally got Deanna and Nate to do it! It was so magical!

Sam jumping up and down on the bed while he and RH!Todd shot webs at each other was just way, way, WAY beyond cute.

And you know why I love Roger Howarth as Todd? (Or, well, one of the too-numerous-to-count reasons?) That he's 100% cute with Sam...and then just as menacing, though Sam doesn't know it, when he's explaining how he's going to get the "Green Goblin" by the throat, tell him he's a fake, and that he can't steal someone else's life. THAT is the Todd Manning I've missed for so long. I think TSJ is a great actor and really talented, but you really can't beat (or even match) RH as Todd, IMO.

Oh, and after RH left and Sam had the mask on and was shooting webs at the camera? He was giggling! I don't even think he was acting at all at that point, LOL. And I loved the little gasp at the beginning of the episode ("It's you! You're Spiderman?!") That kid is adorable.

What a cliffhanger! On a Monday! And I don't think it's a fake-out at all. TSJ!Todd walked into his office at The Sun, and RH!Todd was sitting behind TSJ!Todd's desk in his office at the Sun. TSJ!Todd was certainly going to go wherever the "kidnapper" said to go, and we know that RH!Todd is just ITCHING for this confrontation. And we saw them looking dead at each other. They didn't have them in one complete shot, but if it was a fake out, I think they would have ended on TSJ's completely gobsmacked face after he walked in the door, without switching shots to let us see who or what he was supposed to be reacting too. It's so ON today!!!! Can't wait!

SOAPnet was advertising the two Todds finally coming face-to-face today. No fake out!

The kidnapping has my moral compass all wonky too. It's totally wrong to use a 7 year old as a weapon against his father, but the whole thing was so cute and sweet. And this is the most attention that Sam has gotten is forever, so there's that.

I also found the kidnapping adorable. RH is so amazing with children and Sam is just an awesome character. I want more of him.

I can't wait until today's confrontation (hopefully). And I can't wait to see RH's Todd start interacting with more people. I really want to see his and Blair's reunion even more now since she'll have a reason to be angry at him as well.

Oh good! Glad to hear we really will see the confrontation today. I bet TSJ and RH will be awesome, even if the material makes no sense, so I'm looking forward to it.

Aww, I think ADORABLE is the only word for it. Sam and RHTodd scenes stole my heart! My cheeks hurt from smiling. I did grimace by RHTodd's handling of the handgun with Sam so close but went back to smiling and enjoying the scenes. Yep, my moral compass is broken! Also, I laugh my ass off at Destiny's preggers and "teenage dream" porn s/l too!

You know, with all the talk of Sam turning seven and RHTodd being gone for "eight years", part of me wonders if they're going to try and retcon him as RHTodd's kid. I mean, we saw Margaret rape TSJTodd and all, but that's never stopped this show before. Maybe she stopped by RHTodd's cell for a "sample" just to be sure she was pregnant with a Manning child?

Yeah, that's probably a stretch. But so is Dani, and people seem to have accepted her baffling existence.

Even I am having a hard time staying awake during the porno epic, but my guy Ron C is delivering with the rest of the show and I pray that he can somehow stay on as headwriter after the show switches over to the internet.

Sam is adorable!

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