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July 17, 2011

Know Your Strengths And Exploit Them (or For The Love Of God, Know Your Weaknesses!)

Friday's One Life to Live ran the gamut of the folks in charge understanding what treasures they have on their hands and using them accordingly to the folks in charge completely misunderstanding... "entertainment" is the word I'm looking for, perhaps?

There's no question that both Robin Strasser and Kim Zimmer are spectacular at the over-the-top old-school soapy stuff: best when it gets seriously physical.


Miles better than that bizarre bit earlier in the week when Jessica hit Natalie and it was just as awkward as it gets. I love these two as rivals. I know the Viki/Dorian rivalry has been a staple of the show for decades, but I have to say I always struggled with it because I just liked both of them so much; it was so hard to know who to root for! But while I enjoy Echo a great deal (in a love-to-hate sort of way), Dorian's my girl. I'm Team Dorian all the way, and excited that Viki will be again, too!

In case you missed the episode and are thinking, "Uh, Louise, it's just a slap," don't worry. It got awesomer.


Way awesomer.


I love those ladies.

Meanwhile, across town at the Minuteman Motel, absolutely nothing the least bit interesting happened. It is still baffling to me that Rick is so obsessed with getting these teenagers to be in his porn flick, and I just felt really uncomfortable seeing the actors in those skimpy porn get-ups. And I really didn't need to see Nate's abs all oiled up.


Yeesh. I can't even tell what this story is. Because this storyline involves one character who was basically introduced with this whole thing and another who's a minor player that I don't really care about (especially since this storyline hinges so much on your heart needing to go out to this poor teenage boy and his fear and vulnerability about having to do this, but he's a grown man and is just too miscast for this to work on any level, regardless of how anyone feels about the Matthew part of it).


Oh no! Those poor kids! Or... I don't care at all.

Oh well, there's always this to make us all feel just a little bit better:


I just love it. But can we get on with it now?

Destiny out!


I enjoyed the epi despite the huge missteps. Loved all things Spiderman except for the seven adults leaving a child in a room with a complete stranger. Such lunacy. It's not as if a lit cake was a huge surprise for this kid, he's already at the party. Not that you should ever leave your child with strangers but Blair just learned that Sam witnessed a murder! I am trying to be a Blair fan but she is a terrible mother.

I am convinced I only like John and Natalie as work colleagues.

This ghastly, completely stupid porn story is the one and only time I've been happy that Old Man Nat is so horribly miscast. I sure as hell don't want to watch an actual teenager in this skeevy story.

Thank goodness that Friday's show had Echo & Dorian's water fight and RH as Spiderman to wash away the bad taste left by the porn.

Please please please let Deanna just disappear. The extent of her "acting" is a pouty face or a stank face. Done with her.

And Sam is just about the most adorable thing ever.

Sam is so adorable. I thought it was really stupid of them to leave this little guy all alone with a stranger. Blair gets my vote for Mother Of The Year.

I get why Nate would do the porn but I don't get why the girl who can't even spell her name needs to do the porn. Hasn't she heard of Bing or Google? I'm sure she'd find something if she looked online.

Oops and I loved the fight between Dorian and Echo. It was so lucky that two hoses were just waiting there for them both.

Loved the Dorian & Echo fight as well as the Spiderman scenes! I agree that Blair is a terrible mother (love KP though!). If we could just get rid of the "porn" story and Destiny's preggers story, the show would have been perfect. Sam is SO adorable & RH has always been good with kids. Can't wait for more of him with Sam!

I seriously have no clue what demo they're trying to target with this porn storyline. Do younger viewers want to watch characters their own age get blackmailed into porn? I think not.

The Dorian/Echo fight was a hoot, however. I hope the writers write a good catfight for Kim when she gets back.

I can't believe that I'm going to say this but I didn't mind the porno story as much in this epi. I guess because it seems to be finally picking up steam. Plus, I have resigned to just laughing my head off at how ridiculous the s/l is. It really feels like it's played for comedy rather than the high-drama of teenagers being coerced into sex by some pervert (who could afford to hire crew but obsessed with blackmailing teens into performing for free.) When Nate came up with porn names for him and Deanna I was convinced that the audience is not supposed to take the story seriously.

Laughed my buns off watching Spider Todd whipping his head back & forth at Blair & Tea...like his spidey sense was tingling.

As for the porn s/l: what if this is something that Deanna cooked up to try to get Nate for herself? She could be blackmailing Rick to help her pull this off. I'm thinking along the lines of her lying about her age & then threatening to reveal her age if he doesn't help her (remember the porn actress that used fake ID when she was 15?)

I have to say, I didn't mind Nate's oiled abs. But, then, I'm a very superficial person.

The SpiderTodd and Dorian/Echo fight were definitely the highlights of the show. RH really did a good job body-acting through the spandex; you could tell it was him even if you didn't know it was him, if that makes any sense.

I also liked Viki and Dorian working out, in parallel, Echo's Evil Scheme. I liked that it showed both of them being smart women. Plus, David going through his list of enemies was funny. "The Buddhists! They don't appreciate my interpretations of the Eightfold Path!"

John and Natalie definitely are much, much better as colleagues than as partners. Speaking of John, though, what about him and Sam? ADORABLE! That kid is a goldmine of cuteness.

Why does Deanna look like a reject from the 1960's? Her outfit last week was out of the wardrobe for the defunct NBC drama, "American Dreams" and even her lingerie is old school-school! Her hair and body-type, she looks like a Black Annette Funicello!

Oops! Excuse any typos in my last post. Just to clarify, the actress playing Deanna is gorgeous, can't act worth a damn but absolutely gorgeous.

Sam is so adorable with his little glasses.

David and his list of enemies had me LMAO.

Team Dorian and Viki, but I love evil Echo!

The saving grace of the porn story -- for me, at least -- has been watching the guy who played "Virtual Eden" era Austin on Days and couldn't give a seven word interview without talking about how much he LOVED Jesus and wouldn't play a character who dishonored his Christian beliefs... blackmail two teenagers into making porn.

Also, priceless lines like "I either do this porno or I go to jail." Who among us HASN'T faced that perplexing choice?

I love OLTL but I love Days of Our Lives even more!! Did you hear about this really exciting contest to meet James Scott and Joseph Mascolo on the Days Set and to appear with them in Soap Opera Digest? Check it out at http://www.classwish.org/days/fame

Dorian/Echo, Viki/David, and the birthday party were the best parts of the show. They should just focus on those two storylines and forget about everything else.

You know, I have to say... as much as it seemed like Spidey!Todd was supposed to be torn between Tea and Blair, it didn't really look like it. He looked at Tea, yes. A few times. But when he looked at Blair, he looked at her with his whole body.

Tea gave me the impression of just trying too hard during that party.

Blair may be a lousy mother for going 'Hey Spidey, watch my kid for a minute' but she's surrounded by people who practically make their living telling Blair what a lousy mother she is and NOT ONE OF THEM made the slightest peep that anything was wrong. Not 'I shove my daughter in a boarding school and live in Llanview working to get into Todd's pants for a year and don't even MENTION her' Perfect Mother Tea (who has loved to point out what a failure of a mother Blair is even as recently as last week.) Not schizo!Starr who only in recent years has decided her mother is okay. Not Jack but he's got his own shit. And certainly not faker!Todd who just the other day was proving his brilliant parenting by telling his in crisis son to not TRUST his mother but only to trust him. Not ONE of those said a damn thing about leaving Sam with SpiderTodd.


Lousy plot point writing. They could have done anything but have something so lazy and stupid hit the screen. FEH!

I freaking LOVED it when Dorian finally wised up and realized that Echo was behind it all. Up to that point, THAT was lousy plot point writing, too. I kept thinking 'Why hasn't Dorian caught onto this very obvious ploy yet? What the hell?' But then she did and all was forgiven for that one.

The porn story? I can't even... I can't! I CAN'T!!

I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, so I have to agree with Soapbaby and JordanBaker that I find the "porno" (god, who calls them that anymore?) storyline painful, but hilarious. It's like one of those cheezy sexploitation movies I used to watch on USA's Up All Night when I was a girl. I'm totally expecting Nate and Deanna to start making out and some adult contemporary/cool jazz to start playing, and suddenly they both know exactly what to do. And clearly, Rick has been watching the same movies because I have no other idea why he thinks this is a better idea than trolling the internet and trashy newspapers for exhibitionists.

The only thing better than Nate's "Busta Ridge" porn name or the overtly vulgar (Ball U and I F U) sports pennants was watching Mr. Devoutly-christian Adulterer bounce up and down on the mattress holding some imaginary person's hips.

@Dandesun OMG, thank you so much for pointing out the whole thing with Blair. She might have been the one to say "Hey Spidey, can you watch Sam?" but how about the other 8 million people in the room like his older siblings or his stepmother or his FATHER who could have been "Oh, I'll stay with him since we don't need everyone to go light a cake!"

I am so ready for this storyline to get a small jump & have RHTodd revealed to Llanview so we can figure out the "truth" which I know won't be what anyone is thinking. LOL

I thought Dorian and Echo were gonna end up in the pool a la Krystle and Alexis, but this was SO MUCH BETTER! I laughed my head off!

Barbara, thank you for the LOL on the "girl who can't spell her name!" I have been wondering about that since Day One of Deanna. Maybe someone in the cast can't read?

Also love how cute Sam is with Spidey! He's a little kid who is not a great actor yet, but he totally sold me on the Spider-Man love! It's even cuter in today's show.

BTW, I got to meet KdP, RC, Austin Peck, Gina Tognoni, and a few others on Friday at the OLTL bday party. I missed RH, RSW, and HBS. It was still really fun - they're all so nice. David Gregory came just for the fans - really, really nice guy. I don't like the character of Ford, but DG is cool. Also a lot hotter IRL ;)

I know this is days later but I was not impressed with the "fight" between Dorian and Echo. It was embarrassing to watch these iconic actresses play buffoons and it continued in big, bumbling way, on 7/20's episode in a big way. I had heard a few months back that Robin Strasser and Kim Zimmer made a commotion on the OLTL set regarding some scenes that hey were unhappy with and I think we can be sure of what scenes were referred to.

Kim Zimmer fans will also enjoy the Mr. Media VIDEO interview in which she talks about working with her friend Alec Baldwin on "The Doctors," replacing Kathleen Turner on "The Doctors" and playing her double onscreen in "Body Heat," her 26 years on "The Guiding Light," and her struggles with alcohol in the show's final years. Check it out: http://www.mrmedia.com/?p=2172!

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