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July 17, 2011

Offensiveness Plus Offensiveness, Multiplied By Horror

My neck is LITERALLY sore, because I have WHIPLASH from whipping my head around FURIOUSLY in all directions so that I can VOMIT from the disgusting attempts at entertainment that comprise a typical episode of General Hospital because oh...my god.

Jax: No, you're not seeing the big picture, ok? This is nothing. Me being arrested right now is nothing. Yeah, sure, it's humiliating and Sonny is probably loving this right now. But his real goal here is to take my little girl away from me. Come on, detective, you know my stepson, right? You know that he was shot in the head standing next to Sonny. I don't want that happening to my little girl, ok? I'm trying to save her life. I'm trying to save her life here. Ok? I need your help. I need you to help me. I need you--I need you to help me prove that I was set up. Grace, Grace! Please! I don't-- I don't want to lose my little girl. You have to tell the truth, ok? You gotta tell the truth. You--you have to tell them that Sonny set me up.

On almost any other show...

1.) this would be the undisputed choice for the worst. Just...the worst. A twist of awful coming at the end of a custody story that hasn't wavered from its stance of egregious badness.

2.) Sonny's actions would be universally reviled because, you know, he's horrible. But considering the writers have treated Jax with indifference at best and a strange sort of hostility at worst ("Look at him, all tall and blonde, with an accent. Who does this bastard think he is?"), I worry that people will be irked momentarily before moving on with a shrug, only to revisit it in the future during stories prefaced with "Remember the time that Sonny did that HILARIOUS thing?" Considering that this show turned Lucky's "death" in the fire into an inside joke between Helena and Luke, it's not like I am completely out of my mind here.

But no. For a show that is wholly unambitious when it comes to creativity, General Hospital is downright pathological about not resting on its laurels when it comes to disturbing its audience.

Javier: If I help you... I need some compensation. Sleep with me and I'll tell you where your father is.

Javier: Well, you're in no position to make demands.
Lulu: How do I know you'll keep your end of the bargain?
Javier: Well, first you'll please me. And if you're very, very good...I'll tell you everything you need to know.

There is not enough UGH in the world. "You know what this universally loathed exercise in illogic and randomness needs? SEXUAL VIOLENCE. I smell Emmy!"


Since they've gone out og their way to make Jax unlikeable for the last 3-6 mos., perhaps they think the viewers will cheer on Sonny's actions. I just think this is Bob Guza's last one-finger salute to all us knee-jerk Web whiners who don't "appreciate" his writing and storytelling. I hope he doesn't have another travesty up his sleeve before he exits- like, for instance, Javier raping Lulu. Now, that would be a treat, wouldn't it? And very Guza-esque.

Well, at least Brenda seemed rightfully horrified by the situation. And if spoilers are correct, she kicks Sonny to the curb and Brax will get a reasonably happy ending. If Jax has to go down like this at least he gets his girl. Right? No, the story blows and makes Sonny look like a bigger asshat than usual. I hope Carly will keep him warm at night because his obsession with the cost him his wife.

Oh Lord. This sounds awful and insulting. An assault on my sensibilities and longtime viewership. Gonna erase the epi from DVR without watching. This all sounds so disgusting.

If anyone, now or in the future, wants to know what killed daytime TV, all they need to do is watch Bob Guza's General Hospital. It is a soap without heart or soul.

I think he believes his target audience is low-level thugs and prisoners, who watch to validate their life choices.

I know he's done, but what the hell took so long? And how is GW going to rescue this mess?

I really have no words left. Lucy above me is right, no heart or soul left indeed.

I'm literally counting the days until the new writer, it starts on my anniversary with my dude. Double happiness.

I'm salivating for when Brenda will tell that disgusting orange goomba to go eff himself, of course it probably won't be nearly as brutal as I hope.

I feel no sympathy for Jax. I feel no sympathy for Carly. This whole custody thing is blah to me considering Mercedes is going to end up with this kid anyway. And this might be an unpopular opinion but it's my opinion and I'm not trying to get anyone to change their opinion at all. The question of Jax and is he being done wrong. I say no. I don't even think he's being written OOC. I might would have felt sorry for Jax if his motives were geniune. But do I think his motives are geniune? Hell no.

Like someone so eloquently stated on another board. If he had a problem with the danger, why didn't he leave Sonny's 'women' alone. He's been through Angel, Brenda, Courtney (sonny's sister), and Carly (both as a business partner and wife). He had Chloe, he threw her away. He had Skye, he threw her away. He had V, he threw her away. Like seriously after knowing Carly as many years as he has it should have never entered his head that she would ever cut ties with SaSon especially considering that the kids are really truly the only way that she gets SaSon to do things for her and to an extent tolerate her. The fact that he stood back and had no true objections about Carly letting Jason be the Godfather for Joss, the fact that he did't tell Carly to break ties with Jason after the first Franco go around or even before they tried the second time to have a child. Because let's not forget that they already lost a baby to the 'danger' with the cannery exploding. Then we have the Brenda aspect of still wanting her to have some kind of relationship with Joss when she is married to Sonny. So him trying to scream 'I'm doing this to keep my little girl out of danger' is not ringing true for me.

Now, them writing Jax OOC for this. Some see it. I have to honestly say that I don't. They wrote Jax as a character that would win at all cost. This is a man that knew Sonny didn't kill Claudia but still pushed that case with calling in favors for a special prosecutor for Sonny to go to prison for killing Claudia. This is a man who was going to keep Nikolas's son away from him. This is a man that has given his sociopathetic brother chance after chance. So him paying off a mediator when he's faked paternity test and he's made a 10 million dollar bet with Courtney that he could bed her, and he threatened Claire's career for not putting Sonny in prison for a crime Sonny did not commit is not far fetched.

And really I can't feel sorry for him because Sonny retaliated in this fashion. He was warned to leave the children and Brenda out of the custody hearing. Jax didn't. Then he went and had the mediator paint Michael short of being psychotic (spoiled as hell, yes, angry psychotic no). So Sonny finds out that he paid the mediator and he takes it a step further. Whereas some see this as a 'poor Jax' kind of thing, I see it similar to Lucky trying to do a number on Helena and expecting her to just scream and yell at him in retaliation. Like you know that's not going to happen. You know its going to be more messy and that's what Jax should have known when messing with Sonny.

The only thing I truly want out of this is really on a Sonny aspect. I want Sonny to finally open his eyes when it comes to Carly. I've been waiting for it to sink in Sonny's brain how the same thing Jax is doing to Carly is the same thing she did to him with Morgan. I want Sonny to finally realize that he needs to let Carly clean up her own messes and see how she does in fact manipulate both Jason and him with her kids. And I truly want the unhealthy relationship that is Jason/Sonny/Carly to either dissolve or have SaSon say to Carly, STFU and sit down.

I guess if you're a Sonny fan, it's all good. However, seeing as GH is in last place, it doesn't look like there are too many left.

The only thing I'm interested in from a 'Sonny aspect' is his death.If Cujo decides to throw herself on his rotting corpse, even better.

Sonny's pitiful, pathetic little life has been examined inside and out, backwards and fowards for the past decade. The endless fascination with a cowardly, misogynist thug played by a stuttering, stammering Dan Hedaya look alike baffles me no end.

If you want to know why there's no heart and soul left to GH, look no further than the pig they chose as their leading character.

LOL donna.

I wish that the writers were interested in telling compelling, intelligent drama. The audience knew Jax would lose custody of Josslyn to Carly, so where's the conflict? There's no conflict or reason to watch if we know who is going to win all of the time. Better story would have been for Carly to lose custody.

I like Jax and I do not appreciate him being degraded and destroyed for The Unholy Trinity to win, sorry. The writers miss the point and certainly do not heed audience wishes. Can anyone leave Port Charles with a dignified exit? The last meaningful exit I can remember was for Rebecca when she boarded that plane to Paris and sat next to the Xander lookalike. That was satisfying and she was a lame character on the show for what, like less than a year. Jax, played by Ingo Rademacher, on the other-hand was on the show for over fifteen years and shitted on on the way out. Not okay.

Guza could have written a story line where Josselyn needed additional medical care for her kidney transplant that was not available at GH. Carly is ill and can't make the trip, so Jax is left to take their daughter to Boston only for the airplane to crash en route. Everyone "assumes" that Jax and Josselyn died in the crash only for fans to see the duo is living on the other side of the world with Lady Jane and Jerry!

LadyBug, my only problem with this scenario woudl be that AGAIN we would see how it's not mob that's dangerous, it's the OTHER people nad means of transport. Even Michael's rape in prison is more about Dante being a bad brother for sending him there than about the reality of the life Sonny has chosen. I think everyone would agree that Michael was protecting his mum and sister when he killed Claudia, so for sort of legal. But the cover up was the wrong thing to do and these people will never learn. The law actually IS above them.

All I can say is that no matter how crappy the story and writing is for him, Ingo Rademacher/Jax performs it with all he's got. He certainly conveyed desperation in that police room, when he begged Ronnie Domestico to help him. I'm not a big Jax fan, since I didn't watch the show when he was younger and cuter, but ever since I saw him in that scene after Sonny and Brenda's wedding, when he thought she'd been blown up in a car bomb, I've felt that the actor could've done so much more if only the writing had been there for him. He was great in that scene. Too bad an enemy of Sonny's is pushed out the door.

Ingo Rademacher is certainly doing an excellent job with this horrible story, and I hope he's able to use this performance to land a new role. I can see him doing well in some of USA's series. This episode, however, is the last straw for me as a viewer. When the heroes are criminals and/or idiots, why watch? I'll check back in if I hear that the new headwriter has made some changes. This makes me sad--I've kept up with GH since the early days of Audrey, Steve, Jessie, and Phil--but the current show is so bad that I can't even make fun of it.

Sharon, I agree with you. Horrible story, Ingo's nailed it, and he's got lots of material to buff up his demo reel.

Sonny deserves to lose Brenda. He deserves to serve time in prison for risking Jax's life just to rescue Carly from her own choices.

I'm glad Brenda dumps Sonny. He's treated her like dirt.

Jax and Brenda running off together is the only good thing about any of this.

"The only thing I'm interested in from a 'Sonny aspect' is his death.If Cujo decides to throw herself on his rotting corpse, even better.

Sonny's pitiful, pathetic little life has been examined inside and out, backwards and fowards for the past decade. The endless fascination with a cowardly, misogynist thug played by a stuttering, stammering Dan Hedaya look alike baffles me no end.

If you want to know why there's no heart and soul left to GH, look no further than the pig they chose as their leading character."

I second this Donna. Couldn't have said it better!!!

Well, I watched today and Carly, who exposes her children to thugs and lies like a rug, gets custody of a child over the child's father.

Big surprise.

I am not shocked that Carly got custody, as, according to the show, she is a good mother, never mind the fact that what played out on my screen contradicts that.

Please let Sonny's plane go down in the ocean on Monday. No one will miss him. I'm sure Max and Milo won't either.

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