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July 21, 2011

Second (+) Lives for One Life to Live Characters, Installment #2

Hallelujah. And I mean that.

I'd been wondering where the list of returns was. So far the list was small, just Kim and Langston and Markko (and the last two don't count as they were just there), and that seemed insufficient considering the barrage of announcements we were getting about All My Children returns. But then I realized the timing. The cancellation announcement came just over 3 months ago. OLTL got a three-months-longer lifespan than AMC, meaning right now is when we can start fairly comparing how AMC is wrapping things up with how OLTL plans to do so (this "they'll live on online" business has yet to take any credibly shape, so I'm speaking as if it's full cancellation till we get any real information). Today it begins.

And right on cue? SWEET MERCY SOMEONE UP THERE LOVES ME. Because Cord and Tina are coming back!!! Honestly if that hadn't happened I would've been seriously mystified because it's probably the most obvious return of all, but hey, we soap viewers are used to being mystified by the choices of the showrunners.

Allow me to gush with no shame. OH EM GEE CORD AND TINA.

CordtinaI also feel it's important to go on record and saying if they're reuniting these two, it would be unacceptable for them to come back already reunited. I need to see this onscreen. NEED. (Isn't that picture crazy, y'all? Look behind them, remember when soap weddings used to mean huge budgets and a cast of extras by the droves? Now we're lucky if 1/10th the contract cast is there.)

Now I feel compelled to show you the depths of my shame (or lack thereof), because to me this is hilarious. One of my best friends (who shall remain nameless in case she understandably wants her identity protected) and I have long joked about the days when Cord came back from being held in some pit for over a year and presumed dead and told Tina (while she fell in love with Cain... and was played by a different actress) how the whole time he was being held there, he was able to keep himself alive by basically transferring his love for her to this rock he found in the pit. He loved his Tina rock, he did. Well...


The Tina rock.

My awesome friend (through I believe a simple Google image search) gifted me with a visual. It's actually now her email profile photo (and has been for a while), so every time I email her I am reminded of how much love Cordero had for his Tina rock. And I laugh and laugh and laugh and experience great joy. (Damn it's good to have friend with whom to share the ridiculousness of soaps, isn't it?)



I had heard about Markko, but Langston's showing up too? Not that I really care to see her again, just curious.

I wasn't watching when they were on, but I too am excited about these returns. And I do hope that Tina crosses paths with Kimmie because that could be a match made in heaven.

OMG, I loved Tina back in the day! A lot of it had to do with Andrea Evans, who has chemistry with a rock. (No pun intended.)I like Max better than Cord, but I guess I liked Cord as well. I was complaining that the writers of this show managed to drag Mitch Lawrence back, you remember Mitch, (And IMO, his SLs and acts of villainy kept getting more sordid.), but no Tina or Cord. Well, they did for that Sarah goes over the falls nonsense, but these two had only two scenes. However, that scene they had, they showed that they still have it. I hope TPTB bring CJ and Sarah back.

Louise, Brittany Underwood isn't coming back to OLTL to reprise her Langston character. She couldn't do it because of scheduling conflicts. Only Jason Tam (Markko) is coming back to the show to reprise his Markko character to attend the "Vicker Man" movie priemere.

I too am ridiculously excited about Cord and Tina coming back. I agree that they need to reunite onscreen because as a couple they were always hilarious. They truly put the fun in dysfunction for me and I've missed them so much.

I look forward to having them around to distract me from the skeevy nastiness of Jessica and her abuser "falling in love" and to keep me awake when Nat & John's umpteenth reunion threatens to put me into a boredom coma.

I love Tina and Cord. I thee Tina, take thee "Cord" instead of "Max" was all kinds of awesome.

I loved Tina and Maria's cat fights over Cord.

I loved Tina interrupting Cord and Kate's wedding with baby Al Holden..

I loved Tina Lord and she is what introduced me to OLTL. Gabrielle Medina and Megan Gordon kept me hooked though! Can't wait to see Tina and Cord but hope the writing is good for them. I really want OLTL to go out with a bang and not a whimper! Episodes like today's hinder my hopes.

"Dear OLTL writers, you do not have to wait until the last three months to make any improvements in OLTL's writing. Any day now...pretty please."



I can't wait for Tina and Cord. I wasn't watching when they were a couple, but I've seen enough clips to know this can only be a good thing. And after what we were forced to see with Fudd and Jessica today, we need good things to look forward to.

I never thought it would happen. I never thought it COULD happen. But it did, and I don't think my psyche can ever fully recover.

Today, when those two useless brats of Vicki's were arguing, when the schizoid was laying into the overly-abundant ditzoid, Fudd came into the room and defended Jessica against Flubbette. And.....for one brief, terrifying second, I was on Flubbette's side. It only lasted a split second, but still, it was brutal.

Now how do I live with that?

Even worse, how can they WRITE that? So Bobby Fudd is now Bubby Fudd, the six-pack ab Grandma of Llanview, full of love and popsicles and overflowing with maternal and paternal love?


Any news about Kevin? I really miss my Dan Gauthier. And yes, I'm delusional.

@Ron, snap out of it! Not even for a millisecond are ever to side with Ford! Never! When he walked into Llanfair, unannounced, I went into rage and could not believe he chastised these women. WTF? Today's whole episode was a complete WTF? I wished Natalie would have slapped Ford but no such luck. Can Terd just go off and die somewhere? I do not wish to be subjected to this offense in trying to watch the show as it concludes. I just know a Terd wedding (probably a double wedding with Natalie and John) will occur before January. Ugh,

@soapbaby: I think Ron is freaking out because Ford is so bad he made Ron take Natalie's side.

I like Nat, but for people who hate her I can see how that would be traumatic.

I'm POed at Ford for existing, but also for making me basically hate Jessica. I really wanted to slap the ever-loving crap out of her today when she was whining about how crazy it makes her to see Nat & Brody & Brody's son, while totally ignoring the little unit she's got going with Ford and her Ford's son.

The son that exists as a result of what Jess now says was consensual sex. If Jessica was sane enough to consent to sex then she was sane enough to be held responsible for her actions. Not just responsible to Ford, but to everyone else. That means that Jessica cheated on Brody just like he cheated on her.

I hate this vile story so damn much.

When is Jessica going to woman up about the raunchy sex that she and Fordwhored had right before she blasted Natalie and Brody?

I want to slap the BS out of Jessica and knock Fordwhored out with a lamp and dump his body in Eterna!

Thanks Lorik! Pardon me for not being up on the slang the young people use nowadays! Sorry Ron and I retract my statement because liking Ford would be terrible!

I do like Natalie and totally agreed with her about Jessica being horrible. Gosh, I hate Terd so much.

As Llanview continues to turn on its head, I'm finding myself more sympathetic to Gnat than I ever have been. That's not saying much, since I've never liked her before. But when it comes to her and Jessica, Nat wins hands down. She still made some really boneheaded decisions regarding John and the baby, she was still one mean woman to Marty when Marty still had most of her marbles, but with Jessica, she's basically right. And right to defend herself.
I have always liked Jessica, and I really liked Jessica and Brody. Now, I can hardly stand to see her onscreen, and Brody is obviously heading into crazy waters.

But Fudd, there isn't a character anywhere on daytime - and that includes Ryass on AMC, who is as revolting as this slime. After all he's done - and paid for none of it - for him to dare chastise either of those women is just infuriating.

I guess they think that if they have him lower his voice and keep his shirt on, and change diapers, he's just a household god.


Oh how I loved me some Tina back in the day when she was teamed with Mitch Laurence to get her share of the Lord money and then when she hooked up with Cord and Maria Roberts was all up in her grill about staying away from her son. Damn, those were the days. Peggy O'Shea wrote the hell out of the show back then.

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